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Bamboo vs Laminate Flooring
With countless materials and styles available, making an informed decision is key to achieving both aesthetic appeal and practical functionality in your home or business. From hardwoods to tiles, carpets to vinyl, the choices can be overwhelming. However, by delving into the unique characteristics and benefits of each flooring type, you can navigate this decision-making process with confidence.
Guide to Choosing the Right Finish for Your Floors
In the vast realm of wood finishing, the choice of stains plays a pivotal role in defining the aesthetic appeal and durability of the final product. Each type of wood floor stain brings forth a unique set of characteristics, from deep-penetrating oil-based stains that enrich the natural grain to eco-friendly water-based options with quick drying times. Gel stains offer meticulous control of intricate woodwork, while water-pop stains and penetrating stains address specific needs like even colour absorption and accentuation of wood beauty.
Key Factors for Your Wood Floor Stain Decision
Choosing the right wood floor stain is a pivotal decision that can significantly influence the overall look and feel of a space. The multitude of options available can be both exciting and overwhelming, making it crucial for individuals to navigate the selection process with a clear understanding of the key factors at play. From understanding how different wood species react to stains to delving into the nuances of colour and finish options, this article aims to provide valuable insights for anyone embarking on a wood floor staining project.
The Art of Test Staining for Stunning Floors
In the realm of interior design, wood floor staining stands out as a transformative technique that elevates the aesthetic appeal of spaces. The importance of floor staining extends beyond the surface, as it not only enhances the natural beauty of wood but also adds a layer of protection against wear and tear. The journey begins with a discussion on why floor staining is a crucial element in the design repertoire, emphasizing its role in bringing out the richness of wood grains and colours.
Wood Floor Stain Application Explored
Embarking on the journey of wood floor staining requires a mastery of expert techniques to achieve optimal results. In this article, we delve into the crucial aspects of surface preparation, application techniques, and considerations for different wood types. From the initial step of surface preparation, including thorough cleaning, precise wood floor sanding, and the removal of existing finishes or sealants, to the final touches of applying multiple coats for depth and richness, we guide you through each stage of the process.
Unveiling the Secrets of Wood Floor Stains Care
Wood floors can add warmth and character to any home, but over time, they can start to show signs of wear and tear. Stained wood floors are a popular choice for homeowners, but they require regular maintenance to keep them looking their best. Understanding the recoating requirements, cleaning and maintenance best practices, and addressing wear and tear are all essential aspects of wood floor stain maintenance.
Difference Between Softwood and Hardwood Flooring
Choosing the ideal flooring material is a decision of paramount importance, with the softwood versus hardwood debate often taking centre stage. This blog post is dedicated to deciphering the nuanced differences between these options, providing you with the insights needed to confidently determine the perfect fit for your upcoming flooring project. Material Composition Softwood flooring is derived from coniferous trees such as pine, spruce, and cedar.
Bamboo Flooring Pros and Cons
When it comes to choosing the perfect flooring option for your space, bamboo has gained popularity for its eco-friendly appeal and unique aesthetics. However, like any flooring material, bamboo comes with its own set of advantages and drawbacks. In this blog post, we'll delve into the pros and cons of bamboo flooring to help you make an informed decision for your home.
Comparing Wood Floor Adhesives: Pros and Cons
When it comes to wood flooring installations, selecting the right adhesive is crucial for a successful and long-lasting result. With a multitude of adhesive options available, making the best choice for your specific project can be overwhelming. Are you seeking an adhesive that can withstand high-traffic areas? Or perhaps you need one that can handle moisture effectively? We will explore the pros and cons of different types of wood floor adhesives, empowering you to make an informed decision and ensure a flawless wood flooring installation.
Benefits of Real Wood Flooring
Are you thinking about improving the floors in your house? Solid hardwood flooring is the answer you're looking for! Characterised by its irresistible appeal and robustness, hardwood floors have been a favourite pick for house owners for many years. In the follow-up of this article, we will delve into the top 10 advantages of solid hardwood flooring, and reasons why investing in this evergreen flooring choice is a wise move. Durability Hardwood flooring is renowned for its exceptional durability.
Effects of Moisture on Real Wood Flooring
Real wood flooring, as the name suggests, is an entirely natural product. Even when cut into floorboards, wood remains to have its natural response to changes in its environment. Among the major aspects that can provoke this natural response from wood are temperature and humidity fluctuations, and changes in the indoor moisture content.
Choosing Dark Wood Flooring For Your Kitchen
Selecting the perfect dark wood flooring for your kitchen can be a challenging task. There are several factors to consider, including the type of wood species used, the stain and finish, and the overall design of your kitchen. When exploring different dark wood species, it is essential to pay close attention to their individual characteristics.
Best Wood Flooring Options
Hardwood flooring is a highly sought-after flooring option that has captivated individuals for generations. This type of flooring exudes a timeless appeal thanks to its unique characteristics and durability. Some of the factors that offer this durability include its hard surface and resistance to wear and tear, as well as its natural waterproof properties.
Choose the Right Floor for the Basement
Turning your basement into extra living or storage space is a great project many homeowners would consider and invest in. Of course, who would be against enjoying extra space in their house? There are many purposes you can use the basement for. You can turn it into an additional storage space where you can store seasonal stuff and items you don’t use on an everyday basis.
How to Choose Between Wood Flooring and Carpet
If the time came to replace your old carpet, you may find yourself in a dilemma – whether to opt for a carpet again, or choose real wood flooring. We can see why you may be wondering. You are already used to having a carpet and you know its advantages.
Benefits of Tigerwood Flooring
Tigerwood flooring is a popular choice for homeowners looking to add warmth and beauty to their homes. With its unique graining, dark golden-brown hues, and durability, tigerwood flooring has many advantages that make it an attractive option for homes of all styles. In this article, we’ll take a look at the benefits of tigerwood flooring and how it can enhance your home.
Click Lock Floating vs Tongue and Groove Flooring - How to Choose Part 2
In part 1 - Click Lock Floating vs Tongue and Groove Flooring - How to Choose, we have already discussed more about the difference between click lock floating and tongue and groove wood flooring. These two different but also similar wood floor types are very popular nowadays among thousands of homeowners. We have already provided you with an inside look at the main pros and cons of the modern and innovative click lock wood flooring.
Click Lock Floating vs Tongue and Groove Flooring - How to Choose
Wooden floors come in different shapes and forms and require different installation methods or provide different opportunities to have the floor fitted under specific circumstances. Although almost all real wood floors appeal to look the same, when installed, some of them will come with a specific design of the floorboards that determines the exact installation method that should be utilised for flawless results. You may be wondering whether or not this specific installation design means the floor is of higher or lower quality when compared to the other similar options.
Vinyl Flooring For Your Kitchen - Pros & Cons
When it comes to redoing your kitchen floors, there are a wide variety of options available. One such option is vinyl flooring - a type of resilient flooring that has seen an increase in popularity over the years due to its many advantages. Vinyl flooring is a great choice for kitchens due to its appealing look and ability to withstand everyday wear and tear.
How to Make the Most of Your Room with Wood Flooring
Wood flooring has timeless beauty and elegance. It has been around for centuries and it will still be around for many more years because people simply cannot resist its natural beauty and the atmosphere of cosiness and warmth it creates wherever it is installed. Indeed, everyone enjoys a good wooden floor and many are lucky to own one.
Types of Floors that Will Help You Sell Your House
You already know that the right interior choices can help you sell your property faster. One of the most important elements of the interior of a home is the flooring. The right choice of flooring will give the house or property an appealing look that attracts a lot of clients along with the promise of great quality, durability, comfort, and functionality.
Sound Insulation for Hardwood Floors
One thing is for sure, real wood floors are not just beauty and look. Despite the fact that hardwood flooring brings a lot of charm, character, style, and elegance to your home, we all know that we are opting for a hardwood floor being installed in our homes mainly because the durability, functionality, and comfort this type of flooring offers and provides. In addition, real wood flooring can be further improved by professionals in order to ensure even more convenience and benefits.
Classic or Contemporary Wood Flooring How to Choose?
If you are currently in front of a big dilemma – what type of flooring to choose for your next home improvement project? There are many factors that will determine this choice. First of all, you need to consider the specifics of the premises and what will best suit the lifestyle of the household and everybody living in the house. In addition, it is important to consider the look and appearance that will best fit into the overall atmosphere and interior of the house and will bring you joy.
Walnut Flooring Pros and Cons
When it comes to flooring, walnut is a popular option for many homeowners. There are pros and cons to every type of flooring, and walnut is no exception. In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of walnut flooring so that you can make an informed choice about whether or not it is the right type of flooring for your home.
Choose the Best Wooden Floor for Your Living Room
A beautiful hardwood floor can complement every living room and open a window of opportunities of achieving creating different styles and interiors as well as an atmosphere of elegance, cosiness, and warmth. Floors that are made out of real wood are not only durable and long-lasting, but they also contribute to creating an atmosphere of comfort and enjoying a lot of functionality and beauty. Since real wood flooring is available in a really impressive variety of wood species, colours, styles, designs, patterns, textures, and types, you are really spoilt for choice when you are choosing a wooden floor for your living room.
Best Flooring Choice for Making a Home Sale
It is not a secret that the interior of a property can make the deal and sell the house. There are a lot of aspects to think of and be aware of when thinking of what assets and interior design details can make a house sell faster, for a higher price, and get you a successful deal. The floor is an essential part of the interior of every property.
How to Choose Between Solid Wood and Engineered Wood Flooring
Real wood floors are all so wonderful and having one installed in your home is a great idea. However, the market nowadays offers a plethora of options and types of real wood flooring. Naturally, the main consideration and dilemma will be between solid wood flooring and engineered wood flooring as two of the most popular and well-loved types of flooring nowadays.
How to Choose Between Domestic and Exotic Hardwood Flooring
One of the best things about real wood flooring is that it is available in a bunch of options and designs and even the pickiest client can find the right style that meets their expectations and fits their interior. However, this great variety of options could also be a challenge – it is an overwhelming experience to go through all options you have with real wood flooring and pick the right one for you out of so many beautiful and wonderful options. Besides the type, colour, texture, and design of wood flooring, you also need to consider wood species.
Tigerwood Flooring - Pros and Cons
Tigerwood is a beautiful, exotic hardwood that will add value and beauty to your home. Tigerwood is incredibly durable and can last for generations. Tigerwood flooring will make your home feel like a luxurious oasis that you can be proud of.
Engineered Wood Flooring Guide: Pros and Cons
Before you decide to invest in an engineered wood floor, you want to consider all the pros and cons of this type of flooring and see how it will fit into your home improvement project. It is a fact that cannot be denied by anyone that engineered wood flooring comes with a bunch of benefits and can contribute a lot to the attractiveness, functionality and cosiness of your home. This type of flooring comes with a long custom and tradition in durability, high quality, and stylish and elegant appearance.
Hottest Interior Design Ideas for Your Living Room
The living room is probably the heart of your home and the busiest area of it. Considering how much of the time is spent in the living room of a home, there is no doubt that everyone is dreaming of a beautiful, cosy, functional, and easy-to-maintain living room. In addition, the living room is this unique area of the house that usually serves a lot of purposes – a play zone for the kids and lounge area for the parents, a place where you can welcome guests, the room where you watch TV, listen to music, read a book, have a conversation with family and friends, and so much more.
What Wood to Choose When Installing a Wooden Deck
The patio serves as an extension of our living space, a sanctuary where comfort and warmth reign supreme. For those considering the construction of a wooden deck, envisioning a space that is not only inviting but also reflective of our personal style is paramount. Wood emerges as the quintessential choice, exuding an unparalleled warmth and authenticity that seamlessly integrates with our outdoor ambience.
Seven Fundamental Elements of Scandinavian Style
The Scandinavian trend in the interior design field gains more and more popularity in recent years. People are going mad for the minimalistic, simple and sophisticated yet very distinctive and unique atmosphere and beauty of this interior style. A Scandinavian interior will be all about organic and natural beauty, earthy tones, sleek and clean lines, simplicity, comfort and functionality.
5 Contemporary Hardwood Flooring Ideas For 2022
There are many kinds of flooring to choose from but few are as durable as hardwood floors. Its classic appeal makes it suitable for all types of commercial and residential purposes. When it comes to adding warmth and natural beauty to any interior – wood has always been up there at the top of the ladder.
Why Quarter Sawn Wood Flooring is Great for Over Underfloor Heating
A home renovation project in line or even something bigger – building a new house? Well, this is the perfect time to consider and think of the best flooring that will fit your space and ensure enough comfort, functionality, and attractiveness. Indeed, wood flooring is a great choice for most rooms of the house, most styles of interior and whatever your requirements and needs are. No matter if you want to renovate your floor together with the home improvement project or opt for a new floor, this is the best time to consider all improvements, one of them being the installation of an underfloor heating system.
Why to Choose Custom Wood Flooring for Your Home
Custom hardwood flooring is the best option that allows you to add a lot of elegance and create a unique style for your home or office. Custom hardwood flooring is a choice that ensures you will add a lot of character to your home and enjoy a floor no one else has. A custom wood floor is a hardwood floor that is installed and then sanded and finished on site.
5 Things to Know When Shopping for Sustainable Wood Flooring
Many homeowners underestimate the transformative power of investing in high-quality wood flooring. While some opt for cheaper alternatives, they overlook the long-term benefits and aesthetic enhancement that a new wooden floor can bring to their homes. Fortunately, an increasing number of homeowners are recognising the value of investing in real wood flooring that not only offers a great return on investment but also aligns with their commitment to sustainability.
Vinyl Flooring for Commercial Use – Is It a Good Idea?
Vinyl flooring is getting more and more popular in recent years. This is a modern flooring option with many advantages that it can offer for a domestic setting, therefore, many homeowners choose vinyl flooring for the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and even bathroom. However, we cannot help but wonder, is vinyl flooring a great option for residential projects only, or it is also a great idea for commercial use? Clearly, when it comes to a floor installed in a commercial setting, there are many aspects that have to be taken into account.
Engineered Wood Flooring Compared to Other Types of Wood Flooring
The flooring world is definitely spoiling you of choice. Even besides the great variety of different types of flooring, including carpet, stone, or ceramic and porcelain tiles, even if you are focused on wood flooring only and this is what you are looking for, you still have a lot of choices and different options to consider. Wood flooring and wood mimicking flooring are available in a really impressive variety of options and types, different materials, structures, profiles, finishes and what not.
Fumed Oak Flooring Explained
To put things simply, fumed oak flooring is a result of a professional process involving placing the top layer of the wooden floor also known as the veneer in a sealed enclosed chamber when it is treated until its appearance is transformed. Spacers are placed between each layer of the floorboard, which allows air with ammonia to circulate and penetrate every bit of the wood’s structure. Yes, floorboards are exposed to ammonia when sealed in the enclosed chamber.
Pros and Cons of Hardwood Staircases
Hardwood stairs are a great addition to a home with hardwood floors. They enhance the beauty of the wooden flooring and give the place a complete look and timeless elegance and beauty. There are many great reasons why you would like to choose hardwood stairs for your home.
Choose Between Maple and Oak Wood Flooring
So, you are planning to have a new floor installed in your home? Great, this is an amazing decision. However, this is just the beginning and there are a lot of decisions you need to make. Naturally, when you are looking for a beautiful and durable wooden floor that also comes at a reasonable price, you will still have a great variety to choose from.
Real Wood Flooring Colour Options You Have
Whenever you are planning the installation of real wood flooring, there will be a lot of things to consider and several choices you would make. One of the main benefits and advantages of real wood flooring is the amazing variety it is offered in. There are different types of real wood flooring, different wood species, colours, grades, textures, designs, installation arrangements and methods, and so much more.
What Is Reactive Hardwood Flooring?
When it comes to hardwood flooring, you are definitely spoilt of choice. It does not only come to the natural colours, textures, and styles of wood flooring, but also the number of different professional methods and techniques dedicated to either enhance the natural beauty of hardwood or completely transform its look and appearance such as wire-brushing, hand-scraping, and more. However, despite the great variety of professional treatments, reactive treatments remain one of the most unique out of them all, being the reason for the creation of truly one-of-a-kind and stunningly beautiful hardwood flooring.
Best Flooring Options for Allergy Sufferers
Allergens are all around us and asthma and allergy sufferers know that very well. Being outside and surrounded by those allergy triggers is bad enough, but it is even worse when you are reminded of your asthma and allergy struggles right in the comfort of your own home. Worry not, because something as simple as changing a few things around your home could significantly improve your condition and make you feel better and help you avoid triggers.
Acacia Wood Flooring – Pros & Cons
You want to get a new wooden floor for your home? However, you are tired of all the classic wood flooring styles and wood species you see around and everyone is already enjoying in their homes. You want to think outside the box and get a floor that is unique and beautiful. A wooden floor that cannot be spotted in every other house.
Why Choose Hickory Wood Flooring for Your Home
It is a dynamic and hectic world we live in, a world dominated by technology and trends. However, we often feel the need for a getaway from this highly modern and highly technical world and everyday life we have, we often dream of travelling back in time at least for a while. In fact, everyone needs their oasis of calmness and tranquillity in the middle of this crazy world.
Choose Between Hardwood and Parquet Flooring
You have made the decision to have a wooden floor installed, which is a great decision. However, now you are in front of another dilemma – what type of real wood flooring to choose? Real wood floors come in solid wood, engineered wood, and parquet options. If you want to go for a more classic choice, you would probably choose between hardwood and parquet flooring.
Colour Variations Between Different Wood Flooring Grades
If you are a fan of real wood flooring you probably already know that hardwood floors are usually divided into four categories of grades that pretty much determine the appearance of the floorboards to an extent. As a natural product, it is expected that wood floorboards will come with some natural colour variations, no matter if it comes to solid wood, engineered wood, or parquet flooring. This specific and natural colour palette and appearance of the floorboards will vary depending on the different wood species used for manufacturing the floors, the grade, the batch, etc.
Guide to Smoked Oak Wood Flooring
Nowadays, it is safe to say we are spoilt of choice when it comes to creative and exciting wood flooring designs and styles. One of the most popular of them right now is smoked or fumed oak flooring, which enjoys a lot of popularity and attention from homeowners and interior designers recently. Indeed, smoked or fumed oak wood flooring is a great style that can make an impression in both domestic and office settings.
Hardwood Flooring Trends - Materials and Styles
Welcome back to the third and final article of the series dedicated to the hottest wood flooring trends of the year. In the previous two articles, we have already discussed what wood flooring colour and finish to choose if you want to enjoy a wooden floor that is totally in style. In this article, we finish the topic by providing you with great ideas of the trendiest hardwood floor materials and styles.
Hardwood Flooring Trends - Finishes
Welcome back to our article series dedicated to exploring the best wood flooring trends of 2021. We have already discussed the trendiest wood flooring colours of the year in our previous blog article. Make sure to check it out and learn more about what colour of wood flooring will complement your home's interior in the upcoming year and what colour to choose if you are considering transforming the look of your existing floor and investing into a new one.
Hardwood Flooring Trends - Colours
New year, new wood flooring trends, so let's explore them because this is a topic many people are excited to find out more about. Since hardwood flooring continues to grow in popularity and more and more people are choosing it as a fundamental aspect of the interior design, new flooring trends of the year is a topic any of us await with excitement. Hardwood flooring is, nowadays, probably one of the most common and sought after flooring choices for the majority of households in the country.
How to Choose the Best Underlay for Wood Flooring
Selecting the best underlay for wood flooring is crucial for achieving a stable, solid, and well-insulated floor. A high-quality underlay acts as a protective barrier against moisture, ensuring the wooden floor structure remains unaffected. It also offers insulation and soundproofing benefits, enhancing the comfort and longevity of your flooring.
What to Consider When Choosing a Restaurant Floor
Being a business owner you know the importance of paying attention to each and every detail. When everything is running smooth and you pay attention and take care of everything so each and every element of your business is flawless, this is when your business will resonate with clients and customers the most and the business will experience success and an increase in sells. Being an owner of a restaurant means you have to pay attention and take care not just of the quality of food, creativity, having a distinctive style, and great customer service, but also paying great attention to then the interior.
Your Comprehensive Guide to Tigerwood Flooring
Tigerwood is among the most popular wood flooring choices among homeowners when it comes to exotic woods. Originated and sources from South America, Tigerwood comes with the promise of excellent durability, longevity and impact resistance along with the dramatic look and unique colour. Every home and office space can work as the perfect place for a beautiful Tigerwood floor that is suitable for many interior design contexts.
Three Top Advantages of Matte Wood Flooring
Choosing the right wooden floor for your needs, requirements, and desires is not an easy job. There are many factors to keep in mind and many aspects to consider. Once you choose the right type of wood flooring, the right wood species, and the right colour, the next thing you would like to take your time and consider is choosing the right finish.
Main Purposes of Skirting Boards
Skirting boards, also popular as baseboards, have been around for a long time and are among the most popular flooring accessories that come with a lot of benefits to the whole wood flooring structure. Skirting boards are not only important for the overall appearance of the floor, ensuring a put-together and sleek look. Skirting boards are also important for the overall functionality and sturdiness of the flooring structure.
Hardwood Flooring vs Luxury Vinyl – Choose the Right One for You
When it comes to choosing the right type floor for your newly built home or for a home refurbishment and renovation project, the task may be overwhelming and too stressful. With such an impressive variety of different natural and man-made floors and so many aspects to think of, including your lifestyle, habits, requirements and needs, interior design, budget, and all that jazz, narrowing down all the options and opportunities you have to the right floor is really a challenging task. Then you may decide to do it tactically and go for what is trendy at the moment, or you bet on the beaten path and go for a classic that has to withstand the test of time in terms of style and quality.
Wood Flooring’s Benefits and Advantages
For many people, real wood flooring is a dream come true. Statistics and a quick overview of the real estate market show that real wood floors significantly increase the value of every property. But what is that thing that makes real wood floors so well-perceived and well-loved? There is something special, a lot of charm and elegance in real wood flooring that is hard to explain, but almost all people resonate with this asset of the interior design.
Top Tips on Choosing a Practical Wood Flooring Colour
Wood floors are preferred for many reasons and so many people opt for this type of flooring because of the many advantages and benefits it comes with. There is no doubt that all the wooden floors are beautiful, elegant, durable, hard-wearing. With such a great variety of wood species, colours, textures, floorboards sizes, parquet patterns, it is easy to find a floor that exactly matches your interior style and help you express your own style the way you want it to.
Best Wood Flooring For Pubs and Coffee Shops
When it comes to commercial settings used and visited by many people on a daily basis, such as pubs and coffee shops, real wood flooring is, without a doubt, among the best interior choices. Real wood flooring comes with a bunch of benefits and advantages, especially for commercial settings. Commercial places such as pubs and coffee shops have their specific requirements, which makes choosing the right elements of the interior extremely important, First things first, such establishments have to look great and attract clients and customers.
Spring Flooring Trends
Spring is just around the corner and here is the urge to declutter, renew, and update our homes. So it is safe to say that it is about time to consider what you want to accomplish for your home this season and what improvements you want to introduce to the place you live in. Of course, most of the people will satisfy the spring urge with a few new decorations, maybe a new sofa, or something similar.
Practical Wood Flooring Guide
When investing in a wooden floor, most homeowners want to get a floor that looks attractive, appealing, elegant. However, aesthetics is not the only aspect you have to consider when you are planning to spend money. Functionality and comfort are essential when it comes to choosing such an important element of interior design.
Janka Test and Hardwood Floor Hardness Explained
Understanding the hardness of wood may seem like a specialised topic, but it's crucial for anyone considering or evaluating hardwood floors. This guide will help you learn more about wood floor hardness and the popular Janka hardness scale. Whether you're a flooring novice or an enthusiast, this resource equips you with the knowledge to make informed decisions about timber hardness with ease.
The Ultimate Guide to Wood Floor Finishes
When it comes to designing a unique, custom wooden floor for your home or office, without breaking the bank with exotic wood species and complex floor treatments, wood floor finishes can be the way to go. However, wood floor finishes are much more than simply adding aesthetics and a unique look to your favourite wooden floor. They ensure the preservation of wood’s natural colour and texture, ensure long-lasting and hard-wearing protection, create an invisible protective barrier on top of your floor and penetrate through wood’s texture to make the whole flooring construction stronger and more durable.
The Hidden Costs of Cheap Flooring
Real wood floors can cost a lot. Wood floors can cost so much that they can’t cut it off with the tight budget you are working with. Well, maybe not, because wood floors come in different options, forms, and shapes these days.
The Best Winter Flooring Options
Your bare feet accidentally touch the floor and the cold sensation immediately freezes your entire body. Well, this is a common feeling when the temperatures outside drop in wintertime. Floors tend to get very cold during the colder months and there is nothing you can do to prevent that.
Blanchon Presented Floor Finishes On A Workshop
The wood reacts differently to the treatment procedures and products, which is why it’s important for our fitters to understand good these processes. To improve the knowledge of our staff, FlooringFirst! was part of a workshop organised by Blanchon and Flooring Centre Ltd, dedicated to different staining and finishing products. The focus of the meeting was set on the different ways and techniques of wood colour changing.
What Affects The Price of Engineered Wood Flooring?
Engineered wood is, hands down, one of the most popular wood flooring choices in recent years. Thanks to its sleek and modern look and great functionality that make them wood significantly less prone to moisture and other sorts of damages in comparison with traditional wood flooring types, a great number of homeowners and interior designers are showing their preference for the man-made product. There is no doubt why so many people are choosing engineered wood for all areas of their houses (and even commercial premises), bathroom and kitchen including! This type of flooring is, without hesitation, among the most durable, sturdy, hard-wearing and long-lasting wood flooring options on the domestic and international market and it ticks most people’s boxes across the board.
Hardwood Flooring In The Living Room - Is It A Good Choice?
So what is the purpose of the living room in the house? It is the centre of the social activities in any home, the place where people gather to spend some time together. It is also the room where we invite our guests to provide them with a pleasant and comfortable experience during their visit. This is an area of immense importance because it shows the face of our homes, the image we present to the world.
The Different Types Of Flooring Surfaces
There are so many reasons why wood flooring is so popular today. It is long-lasting, easy to clean, hygienic, offers good resale value and last but not least – it brings a certain atmosphere and sense of style in our home. On top of all of this wood, as a flooring material provides the customer with a choice.
What Flooring Type And Finish To Choose For Kids Room
Young children put your home on a test, indeed! All the action and activity means that you have to think functionality before the appearance when planning your home improvement projects when buying furniture pieces when renovating or building your home. If you are a family with a young one, you have to make sure that every feature of your house can stand up to constant use and abuse and look and feel good while doing it! Of course, when speaking of home improvement, furnishing and moving into a new home or changing your old one to be more children-friendly, we have to pay a lot of attention and interest to the question of what type of flooring is the best choice for houses with very young residents and how to choose a flooring that will survive the test and the little Apocalypse your young baby, child or even children will surely put it on! As you probably already know, nothing compares to the unique, elegant and classic style of the good old wood flooring. It's highly durable, hard-wearing and long-lasting, prone to fewer issues and problems that other types of hard and soft flooring struggle with commonly.
What Is Luxury Vinyl? Comparison With Linoleum and Laminate
Luxury vinyl flooring can offer unique benefits to any home. They provide a slightly softer surface than hardwood with a good variety of colours and designs and can resemble both stone tiles or wood planks. They are durable, resistant to dirt, completely waterproof and very easy to clean.
Common Wood Species Used For Flooring
Wood has always been a popular flooring choice. Each tree is unique and has different characteristics. Finding a floor for our home is a big decision and naturally, we want to make the right choice.
Lacquer, Varnish And Polyurethane Finishes Explained
There are two major groups of wood floor finishing products. The first type referred also as penetrating oil finishes, can soak into the wood and protect it from within. The second type, which includes varnishes, lacquers and polyurethane lacquers, is not absorbed but forms a protective film on the surface of the floor.
Unlocking the Secrets of Floor Finishes: Your Essential Guide
Choosing the right type of wood floor finish is as important as choosing the right type of wood species, or wooden floor in general. It all depends on your requirements, aesthetic preferences, lifestyle, needs and desires. As it is pretty individual for every project, the best approach you can do, when deciding on finish application (for unfinished floors) or refinishing is having your floor inspected by an experienced professional and get a recommendation about the best opportunities in terms of wood floor sealing you have.
Staining Your Wood Floor On Need To Know Basis
Staining and Finishing It seems that a lot of people simply confuse the process of wood floor staining and the process of finishing. They often call to ask for a service without understanding the nature of the service they want. The purpose of the stain is to change the colour of your floor.
Why Using Bona Sportive System On Sports Halls Sanding
The Bona Sportive System Bona is a big name in the wood floor renovation, maintenance and floor care since 1919. This Swedish company introduced waterborne finishes to the world in the not so distant 1979. Even today they are notorious for their high-quality products and the Sportive system they released does not disappoint.
Benefits of The Hardwood Floors for Your Home
Wood floor installation is a great home improvement idea. Or if you already have hardwood floors, and they are beginning to show some signs of damage, then it would be better to get professional wood floor sanding than replacing them with other types of materials. This is because hardwood has many advantages as a flooring option.
Lacquered Floors Maintenance
An effective maintenance programme will keep the floor clean and looking as good as possible. The following information is designed to provide a starting point for such a routine and is appropriate for both commercial and domestic floors. However, all floors are unique and will require individual assessment, because the factors affecting them will vary.
Benefits of The Oil & Hardwax-Oils
Hardwax oils are a relatively new product on the floor finishing market. Naturally, people become curious about them. Are they durable? Are they easy to maintain or repair? How good are they compared to lacquers and penetrating oils? Is there anything that makes them stand out? We want to make one thing clear – Everyone has an opinion.
Prefinished or Unfinished Wood Flooring?
Unfinished or Prefinished? This is the Question! For years there have been better discussions - factory or site-finished flooring. The truth is that both have their good and bad sides and we can only talk about personal preferences. If either of the methods was truly superior to the other, it would eventually dominate the competition and drive it out of the market which isn’t the case.

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