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Blanchon Presented Floor Finishes On A Workshop

The wood reacts differently to the treatment procedures and products, which is why it’s important for our fitters to understand good these processes. To improve the knowledge of our staff, FlooringFirst! was part of a workshop organized by Blanchon and Flooring Centre Ltd, dedicated to different staining and finishing products. The focus of the meeting was set on the different ways and techniques of wood colour changing.

What Affects The Price of Engineered Wood Flooring?

Engineered wood is, hands down, one of the most popular wood flooring choices in recent years. Thanks to its sleek and modern look and great functionality that make them wood significantly less prone to moisture and other sorts of damages in comparison with traditional wood flooring types, a great number of homeowners and interior designers are showing their preference for the man-made product. There is no doubt why so many people are choosing engineered wood for all areas of their houses (and even commercial premises), bathroom and kitchen including! This type of flooring is, without hesitation, among the most durable, sturdy, hard-wearing and long-lasting wood flooring options on the domestic and international market and it ticks most people’s boxes across the board.

Hardwood Flooring In The Living Room - Is It A Good Choice?

So what is the purpose of the living room in the house? It is the centre of the social activities in any home, the place where people gather to spend some time together. It is also the room where we invite our guests to provide them with a pleasant and comfortable experience during their visit. This is an area of immense importance because it shows the face of our homes, the image we present to the world.

The Different Types Of Flooring Surfaces

There are so many reasons why wood flooring is so popular today. It is long-lasting, easy to clean, hygienic, offers good resale value and last but not least – it brings a certain atmosphere and sense of style in our home. On top of all of this wood, as a flooring material provides the customer with a choice.

What Flooring Type And Finish To Choose For Kids Room

Young children put your home on a test, indeed! All the action and activity means that you have to think functionality before the appearance when planning your home improvement projects when buying furniture pieces when renovating or building your home. If you are a family with a young one, you have to make sure that every feature of your house can stand up to constant use and abuse and look and feel good while doing it! Of course, when speaking of home improvement, furnishing and moving into a new home or changing your old one to be more children-friendly, we have to pay a lot of attention and interest to the question of what type of flooring is the best choice for houses with very young residents and how to choose a flooring that will survive the test and the little Apocalypse your young baby, child or even children will surely put it on! As you probably already know, nothing compares to the unique, elegant and classic style of the good old wood flooring. It's highly durable, hard-wearing and long-lasting, prone to fewer issues and problems that other types of hard and soft flooring struggle with commonly.

What Is Luxury Vinyl? Comparison With Linoleum and Laminate

Vinyl flooring can offer unique benefits to any home. They provide a slightly softer surface than hardwood with a good variety of colours and designs and can resemble both stone tiles or wood planks. They are durable, resistant to dirt, completely waterproof and very easy to clean.

Common Wood Species Used For Flooring

Wood has always been a popular flooring choice. Each tree is unique and has different characteristics. Finding a floor for our home is a big decision and naturally, we want to make the right choice.

Lacquer, Varnish And Polyurethane Finishes Explained

There are two major groups of wood floor finishing products. The first type referred also as penetrating oil finishes, can soak into the wood and protect it from within. The second type, which includes varnishes, lacquers and polyurethane lacquers, is not absorbed but forms a protective film on the surface of the floor.

What You Need to Know About Floor Finishes

Choosing the right type of wood floor finish is as important as choosing the right type of wood species, or wooden floor in general. It all depends on your requirements, aesthetic preferences, lifestyle, needs and desires. As it is pretty individual for every project, the best approach you can do, when deciding on finish application (for unfinished floors) or refinishing is having your floor inspected by an experienced professional and get a recommendation about the best opportunities in terms of wood floor sealing you have.

Staining Your Wood Floor On Need To Know Basis

Staining and Finishing It seems that a lot of people simply confuse the process of staining and the process of finishing. They often call to ask for a service without understanding the nature of the service they want. The purpose of the stain is to change the colour of your floor.

Prefinished or Unfinished Wood Flooring?

Unfinished or Prefinished? This is the Question! For years there have been better discussions - factory or site-finished flooring. The truth is that both have their good and bad sides and we can only talk about personal preferences. If either of the methods was truly superior to the other, it would eventually dominate the competition and drive it out of the market which isn’t the case.

Benefits of The Oil & Hardwax-Oils

Hardwax oils are a relatively new product on the floor finishing market. Naturally, people become curious about them. Are they durable? Are they easy to maintain or repair? How good are they compared to lacquers and penetrating oils? Is there anything that makes them stand out? We want to make one thing clear – Everyone has an opinion.

Lacquered Floors

Maintenance of Lacquered Floors An effective maintenance programme will keep the floor clean and looking as good as possible. The following information is designed to provide a starting point for such a routine and is appropriate for both commercial and domestic floors. However, all floors are unique and will require individual assessment, because the factors affecting them will vary.

Benefits of The Hardwood Floors for Your Home

Wood floor installation is a great home improvement idea. Or if you already have hardwood floors, and they are beginning to show some signs of damage, then it would be better to get professional hardwood floor restoration than replacing them with other types of materials. This is because hardwood has many advantages as a flooring option.

Why Using Bona Sportive System On Sports Halls Sanding

The Bona Sportive System Bona is a big name in the wood floor renovation, maintenance and floor care since 1919. This Swedish company introduced waterborne finishes to the world in the not so distant 1979. Even today they are notorious for their high-quality products and the Sportive system they released does not disappoint.

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