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Top Tips on Choosing a Practical Wood Flooring Colour

Tips on how to choose wood flooring colourWood floors are preferred for many reasons and so many people opt for this type of flooring because of the many advantages and benefits it comes with. There is no doubt that all the wooden floors are beautiful, elegant, durable, hard-wearing. With such a great variety of wood species, colours, textures, floorboards sizes, parquet patterns, it is easy to find a floor that exactly matches your interior style and help you express your own style the way you want it to. However, when considering wood flooring, appearance is more than just what you like at the moment. In fact, since wood flooring is rather a serious investment, you definitely want to go for an option that can stand out the test of time in terms of style, also a practical option that suits the habits and lifestyle of your household.

Considering the great variety of natural colours wood flooring is available in and adding the fact that thanks to the wood flooring industry and wood floor staining specialists you can have a wooden floor in even the craziest colours and unexpected undertones, it is easy to get tempted to play around and try to work an unusual and more dramatic colour for your flooring. It can turn your floor into the focal point and statement piece of the room, however, more dramatic wood floor colours are definitely more challenging to maintain in good condition and also can affect your cleaning routine, making it more difficult and time-consuming. Here are some of the top tips to help you choose a practical and easy to look after the wood flooring colour.

Avoid dark colours

They look dramatic and add a twist of luxury and a lot of elegance to every space where installed. However, having a dark wooden floor or even a black one means you will see every crumb and every particle of dust, which will make you clean and vacuum all the time. No matter how beautiful they are, dark wood floors are definitely hard to look after, especially if you match them with a glossy finish that makes them the poorest thing at camouflaging even the smallest imperfections such as scratches and marks. You don’t want to spend your whole time vacuuming and mopping? Well, this means that dark wood floors are definitely not your thing.

The natural oak shade is the safest option

Natural oak shade flooringIt is no wonder why so many people opt for natural oak floors. They are not also easy to find, come on a reasonable price, and also durable, great quality, and definitely very classic. Natural oak comes in a medium to a lighter shade of brown that is not only the epitome of wood flooring, which makes it a super classic choice. The medium shade is easy to match to all sorts of interiors and styles and looks great with modern settings and more traditional ones. In addition, this classic medium shade of brown is pretty easy to look after and pretty much camouflages dust and dirt, fine scratches, little marks, small stains. Mid brows and greys, when matched with a matt finish, are really good at camouflaging all sorts of imperfections. Therefore, oak flooring is considered to be a safe choice, an especially good one for areas of high traffic, including kitchen, hallway, living room, and even commercial premises.

Choose natural pattern

Choose natural pattern flooringWood species, when made into flooring, are put in four different categories, depending on their natural pattern, knots, swirls, etc. While the prime grade is the clearest and has the least of a natural pattern, the rustic grade is very characteristic and truly charming with its variety of natural patterns and shapes. When considering a practical wood flooring even for busy households that don’t have the time to clean all the time, definitely a smarter choice would be to choose floorboards that have a natural pattern.

This means that the pattern of the floorboards will easily camouflage and hide dirt build-ups, dust, smaller imperfections on the surface. The more different tones and undertones are incorporated in a single board, the more practical choice it is. As opposite, a flat colour would make it more challenging for you to keep the floor in good condition, especially if the colour is very dark or very light. Flat colours show dirt and imperfections more.

Skip very light colours too

Obviously, a very light or even while the floor will look very modern and stylish, however, it will also turn out to be hard for cleaning and maintaining in good condition. White stains are not that easy to maintain and worn patches of the floor are very visible, which will make you re-sand and refinish the floor more often. In addition, white and very light colours often turn more yellow with time and due to exposure to sun and everyday use. And even when still new and crisp white, just imagine how visible and noticeable every particle of dirt and dust will be on the light surface. Therefore, if you don’t have a lot whole of time for cleaning the floor all the time, or your household has pets and young children, we definitely recommend you reconsidering the white floor, if this is your plan.

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