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Commercial Floor Sanding - Offices, Pubs, Restaurants & Retail

The hardwood flooring in a church after sanding and sealingWhat is commercial floor sanding and how does it differ from sanding a domestic floor? The answer is simple for the professionals who have experience with various business projects - the timescale of the service and attention to detail!

When it comes to a commercial sanding business, professionals' attention is not focused on the service and the process of stripping off the worn layer of the floor but also on the specific demands and requirements of a business project. Every business relies on its customers, image and the less they are affected in moments of refurbishments, the better for the business and its customers.

Minimal disruption to the working process of a commercial establishment is a priority when it comes to a commercial sanding service being delivered to your retail store, restaurant, pub, hotel, or office space. On one hand, you definitely want to take care of the premises where your business is operating, including proper upkeep for the wooden floor. At the end of the day, creating a positive and good first impression is important and will attract clients back. A well-maintained and clean wood floor will always be associated with the overall image of your business.

Paying attention to details such as ensuring all aspects of the interior of your business premise or workplace are in perfect condition and well-maintained also showcases your professional approach and attention to detail in all aspects of the business and your company. However, justifying the fact you may need to temporarily put a pause on the working process in order to allow the renovation job to be done, including commercial floor sanding to be delivered, is definitely challenging for every business owner. Every minute in the business world is worth money and the more you waste, the higher the chance you lose clients.

However, it should not happen that way at all. All you need is a reliable and reputable commercial floor sanding company like FlooringFirst! to be worthwhile with. As professionals who understand not just the rules of wood floor sanding but also the fundamentals of operating a successful business, we are ready to provide you with a customised service tailored to the requirements and specifics of your business project.

This includes that we are focusing on causing minimal disruption to the working process, providing high-quality service in a timely manner without making compromises with the quality of our performance, providing the best service for the budget you are willing to invest, and, of course, providing you with the beneficial opportunity of a flexible working schedule tailored to your project individually and including working overtime, outside business hours, and during the weekends and holidays.

Sanding Floors for Retail Units

Retail floor sanding, like other business premises, will require a quick and efficient service, which will create minimum disruption to the business. Our sanding service for retail provides you with the opportunity of working outside business hours and in the evenings as well and will be supervised by an experienced and dedicated project manager, who will plan every detail.

Excellent looking hardwood flooring in a pub

Sanding Floors for Restaurants & Pubs

Our sanding service for restaurants and pubs comes with the same attention to detail in planning but at a cost-effective rate as well. Our services are available for night and weekend work.

Sanding Floors for Hotels

Hotel wood floor restoration is probably the most difficult to plan for minimum disruption as hotels are the type of business that does not have strict working hours and operates non-stop, while the flow of customers never stops.

Because of this, the choice of finish is very important and often professional advice and site visits may provide the best solution for the specific areas. Since hotels are businesses serving a lot of people, hotel floors have their fair share of wear and tear and high traffic. Therefore, the wood floor finish of choice has to be commercial-grade and really high-quality in order to provide enough durability and hard-wearing power. 

Sanding Floors for Offices

Office floor sanding process with dustless equipmentOffice floor sanding is usually done within a weekend and requires precise timing and hard work when it involves furniture and office equipment moving. As a client of FlooringFirst!, you will get a dedicated and experienced project manager, who will be planning every stage of the process and supervising until completion.

What is the Daily Volume of Our Commercial Floor Sanding

There are 2 stages of the wood floor restoration process - sanding and sealing. On large areas, they can go together covering smaller stages of the floors or one after another covering the entire area. Whether we would choose the first or the second approach depends on the specifics of the project and what will work better. 

The more equipment and manpower are deployed on a project, the larger areas are finished in one day. FlooringFirst! is a strong partner in larger projects due to the technical and skilled human resources it relies on. Our daily capacity of sanded floors can go up to 250 sqm for unfinished and approx. 120 sqm for finished floors with primer and water-based lacquer.

Business & Office Premises Restrictions

FlooringFirst! services operate 7 days a week and can be booked as overnight works as well. The same, however, does not apply to all businesses, so please mind your neighbours when planning wood floor restoration works for your business.

Like other maintenance works, wood floor sanding can create noise pollution and although your business may be closed for the day or night, others may need to serve their clients.

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