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Gap Filling

Wood floor gap filling is a Gap filling of hardwood floorsprocedure that goes on most of the floors at some stage of their life. This is due to the nature of the wood, which may contract to a certain degree depending on the product type, species and method of installation. There are several different ways available for filling gaps on timber floors.

Gap Filling - Stability and Durability

Gap filling is a popular professional service that is suitable for all real wood floors. Over time and as a result of the impact of moisture, humidity, and temperature fluctuations, wood floorboards start contracting, expanding and shrinking to a certain extent. While in most cases there is nothing to worry about, in some cases the movement is too excessive and causes the occurrence of gaps between the floorboards with different sizes.

If left neglected for a long period of time, these gaps could possibly affect the structural stability of the floor. Even if gaps are not hiding such high risk for the floor's construction, gaps still affect the condition of the floor, as well as its appearance and insulation.

The good news is that gaps can be easily fixed with the help of a professional service. Our professional gap filling service is designed to provide each customer with a high-quality and efficient expert performance that is delivered in a time-saving manner and commitment to success. We pride ourselves in the gap filling service we offer to all clients because we are always able to achieve outstanding results and smooth and even surface of the floor as well as improved stability and solidness.

Improved Insulation For Your Wooden Floor

One of the main advantages of the professional gap filling service is that also improves the insulation properties of the floor. Wood flooring gaps are among the main reasons for weakened insulation. The better the insulation of your floor is, the most cost-effective heating in your home during wintertime you will be able to enjoy. Your feet will be toasty warm while your heating bills won't break the bank thanks to the improved insulation of the floor, which will stop the heated air from inside the room to leave the house and will prevent draughts of cold air to enter the room.

We use high-quality products for filling the gaps of your floor that ensure a long-lasting and hard-wearing effect that won't get worn off by high traffic and everyday use. Choosing a professional gap filling service provided by our hard-working team with great expertise means you investing in the lasting power of your floor and the comfort of your room.

Expansion Gap

Not all wood floor gaps have to be filled. Expansion gaps are intentionally left between the floorboards and the walls along the perimeter of the room by wood floor installation professionals. The purpose of expansion gaps is to ensure enough room for the floorboards to expand in cases of increased moisture without getting damaged.

Resin Mixed with Saw Dust

One of the most widely used methods for gap filling wooden floors is mixing clear resin filler with sawdust collected during the floor sanding process, to create a thick putty with the same colour as the floors, applied with a spatula between the floorboards. This method is mainly used for gaps on parquet floors and floorboards where the gap is less than 5 mm wide.

The advantage of this gap-filling method is that it provides a basis for smooth floor finish, dries quickly and the gap-filling mixture has identical colour to your flooring because the sawdust has been collected from the sanding of your floors.

A perfect solution for floorboards gap filling in actionThe downside of resin gap filling is that it is not suitable for solid and stable planks over solid base/joist support. On non-grooved floors such as the original pine floorboards, is difficult to guarantee its durability as any movement caused by weak, cracked or over-sanded boards as well as movement in the joists will cause displacement of the filling. That is why this method is often more efficient when applied to parquet flooring or lock joint floorboards where the gap-filling putty will not fall through.

To minimise the risk of gap-filling putty falling through, we use exceptionally high quality of resin filler products and our wood floor gap filling service comes including inspection and refitting of the flooring, prior to the restoration.

Wood Strips Filling (Slivers)

Strip filling is a method that is mainly applied on floorboards and involves cutting strips of wood and glueing them into the gap. This method is more effective than the resin gap-filling as the wood strips also sit on the joists, so they cannot fall through.

The advantage of filling the gaps with wood strips is not only the durability but also the visual effect which is natural and nice. All gap-filling methods are always applied before the floor sanding process as the sanding will make the whole surface smooth and ready to be varnished or oiled.

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