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Our 100% Dust Free Floor Restoration Services

Dust Free SandingAll contemporary floor sanders come equipped with dust capturing bags, which comes quite useful and reduces by a large percentage of the dust released in the air. However, the floor sander is just part of the equipment used during the floor finishing process. Usually, a larger amount of dust is released during the buffing of the floors and some dust is also left uncaptured from the smaller tools used for finishing corners and difficult to reach areas.

Now, 100% Dust Free - Is It Possible?

Yes, and we have the solution. Our 100% dust-free service is available to areas for floor repairs larger than 30 sqm and comes with all the restoration equipment we use. Our innovative solution uses a powerful extraction unit with two-step cyclonic coarse and HEPA separation filters, which connected to our equipment, allows a cleaner and faster sanding.

The dust extracted from the surface immediately during the sanding process and collected within an easy to change, well vacuum protected containers, which prevents the escape of dust into the working environment. The extractors linked to our sanding equipment will leave no dust at all in your fingers, if you touch the floors, just after the refinishing

Dust Free Floor Sanding is Ideal for:

  • Dust-sensitive areas such as museums and galleries
  • Educational establishments such as schools and universities, as well as any public areas with a short maintenance opening time
  • Restaurants and hotels
  • Residential properties with larger premises

What we like to say about our solution, due to its results and the HEPA filters installed in our equipment is "we leave the air in your property, cleaner than before".

Bona Dust Free Sanding Machines

Dust & Regular Sanding

With our regular floor restoration service, we aim to minimise the dust released in the air. However, a partial amount of the dust remains in the air and it will settle down within 4 - 8 hours after the completion of the service. This amount of dust is invisible for the human eye and it is usually removed by the next maintenance service of the floors.

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