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Wood Floor Installation

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Our Floor Fitting Services

Our range of flooring services includes fitting of various types of wooden flooring, subfloor preparation & levelling and finishing works such as skirting boards / beading installation, doors/ door frames trimming, insulation fitting and damp proofing.

Parquet pattern done expertly by FlooringFirstShortly, if we had to make a list of the services carried daily by our wood floor fitters, it would look like this:

  • Supply & fitting of parquet flooring blocks
  • Solid & engineered flooring installations
  • Laying laminate floors
  • Levelling sub-floors, including preparations with plywood, chipboard and battens
  • Damp-proofing and sound-proofing
  • Supply & fit of skirting boards or beading
  • Doors and door frames trimming

All Aspects of Your Floors

One of the most integral aspects of the floor laying is the proper sub-floor preparation. Before getting around to the actual fitting of your new floor, there are steps to be taken to ensure precise and long lasting installation.discount on supply and fitting

Dust Control

Dust can be a major problem in some households and some planning will be handy before the floor laying begins. On one hand, properly cleaned floors will help better adhesion. On the other, adjacent rooms and their contents will be protected and sealed off. Our wood sawing equipment can capture only part of the dust, so taking the right spot around your property can help our work and reduce yours after the service.

Checking The Level of Moisture in Air & Sub-floors

checking the level of moisture in air and sub-floorMoisture is the major reason for wooden floor failures. We will make sure it is in acceptable levels to prevent risks of causing expanding or cupping of the new flooring.

For the same reason, we recommend acclimatisation of the flooring to the humidity and temperature in your premises, during autumn and winter seasons.

We do take the same type of measurements from flooring planks, to assure fitting of products that have been properly manufactured and stored.

Sub-floor Preparation

The sub-floor should be clean, levelled, solid and dry. All dust and debris will be removed to avoid unevenness and improve bonding of the adhesives. Underlay can be of great benefit, especially with floating installations, as it helps even up the surface and reduces sound transmission.

hardwood floor fitted after door frames trimmingThe liquid damp-proofing membrane will be applied on installation of hardwood floors on top of concrete. It will help protect the new flooring from any rising damp.

Doors / Door Frames Trimming

Due to the change of the floor height with laying new floors, door trimming is often required. In addition, we use special trimmers to adjust the drop of the door frames, so your the boards can nicely fit below, resulting in perfect finish around.

Flooring Accessories

sideview of a click systemFlooringFirst supplies a wide range of mouldings and edgings and we can match any colour.

Methods of Wood Floor Installation


Click: This is a glueless method, typical for installations for thinner engineered floors and laminates. Each plank connects to the neighbouring ones through a locking profile, which secures the planks in place without the need of adhesives. As the planks are not bonded directly to the sub-floor, laying an underlay for additional sound insulation or damp-proofing can be of extra great benefit.

sideview of a tongue and groove system for installationTongue & Groove: Each plank connects to the others through grooves and tongues, much like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. This method allows installation of flooring planks with a thickness of 18 mm and over.


Using professional adhesives can sometimes be the only way of laying wooden flooring. FlooringFirst uses high-quality flexible glues for application on concrete or in areas where pipes can be present below. This method is appropriate for parquet blocks fitting or mosaics, and patterned panels.


The name says it all. What it does not mention is that there is no trace of any nails visible for the eye, as they are placed below the surface of the plank in an angle of 45 degrees, pushing the plank down and backwards to the previous row. Using nails to fasten the planks is advisable for hardwood with a thickness of 18 mm and over.

Junckers installation system

An alternative method is using special tongue screws, invisible to the eye as well.

The Junckers Way

This type of installation is typical for Junckers flooring only. It has been invented by the company as an alternative, which allows damp-proofing or sound-proofing insulations to be placed below the flooring, regardless of the subfloor structure - concrete, battens or wooden flooring. It uses metal clip, which holds each 2 planks in a pair.

Please, see "Flooring types and how to choose?" section and read more about laying different type of products.


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