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Wood Floor Sanding & Restoration Of Parquet and Hardwood

With over a decade of hard work in everyday wood floor sanding and restoration services, we can confidently claim our prime position as a leading London flooring company. During these years, we have renovated the floors of thousands of homes, and many businesses have relied on us with expectations for no compromise to durability and quality. Wood floor sanding - best quotes guaranteed

Sanding floors is a tricky craft that takes time to master. There's a sense of excitement brought to us every time we see any transformation of worn out 100 years old parquet into an elegant, new feature. As craftsmen that take great pride in their work, the satisfaction written all over our clients' faces after a successful job is our biggest reward.

Hardwood & Floorboards Sanding

Wood floor sanding - sanding hardwood flooring with Bona belt machine

Our specialists utilise the latest dust-capturing sanding equipment. The sawdust produced by the restoration process of the timber surface is collected and will be disposed of [1] after the service is done.

Some floor repairs may be necessary in case there's damage due to excessive moisture or wear and tear. The possibility exists that a thinner, cracked board or a loose parquet block may need to be re-fitted or entirely replaced.

Our methods and machinery are an amalgamation of modern and traditional, to provide our clients with the best possible results - uniform, smooth, and authentic finishes.

We have a wide range of ready-to-use stain colours and to help you choose the best look for your floors, our sealants are available in a few sheens - extra-matt, matt, satin, and gloss. The best method when it comes to getting the colour job done right is to showcase samples on your floor. The process consists of using wood floor staining agents on small areas of the floor, before the final sanding, to let the clients see how it will look afterwards. The area is then sanded anew, eliminating any chance of residual colouring, then stained with the chosen agent, and then it gets sealed with a sealant. Fear not, we will give you enough time to take the right decision.

Parquet Floor Restoration

All of the parquet blocks require our floor men's undivided attention. The parquet is laid in various patterns, such as the very popular in recent years herringbone style, and the flow of the wood grain will have a different direction. Refinishing a parquet is a bigger challenge than refinishing engineered flooring, for example.

This is where our passion for wood comes in handy. We love restoring parquet floors as much as we love laying them and we're grateful that these classics will never go out of fashion.

Our service offers you the choice of finishing your floors with either lacquer or oil. There are a plethora of colours we can provide you with. A small part of them includes the popular dark, medium and light shades, as well as the renowned greys and whites.

Renovation of Engineered Floors

Wood floor sanding - refinished Merbau engineered floors

Engineered flooring is amongst the most popular flooring choices today - its strengths lie in the ability to give us the feeling of natural real wood, but without any of the disadvantages accompanying having a hardwood floor. One of the main selling points is that it allows for contracting and expanding, which can otherwise be damaging in certain environments.

The years we've spent in the business have taught us all about the variety and the structure of this type of flooring, as well as what is the best approach to sanding it.

The top layer of the engineered floors can vary between 2.5 to 6 mm. Anything less than that can and will be classified as veneered products. The thickness of the real wood's topmost layer defines how many times the floors can be sanded and refinished.

Choosing our sanding service for your engineered floor will assure you that the flooring in your property will add a natural look to your home atmosphere. Our floor fitters have years of experience and multiple relevant tools under their belts. They will use the type of abrasive that will focus on removing only the sealant layer, ensuring that the floors will retain their top layer as much as possible. If the condition of the floors is poor, as well as if there are signs of extensive wearing accompanied by an insufficient thickness of the top layer, we will advise you before any work is done in the area.

  • DID YOU KNOW? Planks with a 3 mm top layer can be sanded only once.
  • DID YOU KNOW? Planks with 2 or 3 strips usually indicate engineered flooring with a top layer of 3 mm.
  • DID YOU KNOW? Hardwood floors can be sanded up to the tongue & groove, which is a sandable depth of approximately 7 mm on a standard 18 mm thick plank. This is almost as much as a 6 mm engineered flooring.

Suitable to New and Old Wooden Floors

You already know that wood floor sanding is an efficient service designed to restore the initial beauty and durability of older and worn wooden floors that have seen better times. The professional sanding and restoration service we carry our features a strict list of necessary and time-proven practices and treatments we perform in order to ensure no little imperfection has the chance to grow bigger and turn into a more serious problem. Besides minimising the risk of major issues and improving the overall condition of older wooden floors, floor sanding also contributes to beautifying your favourite wooden floor, removing the dirt build-ups on the surface, stripping off the old finish, and creating a smooth and sleek surface that works as a blank canvas for you to unleash your creativity and imagination and play around with different colours and finishes to suit your interior the best.

However, wood floor sanding is not only recommended for older floors that have experienced some wear and tear but also for newly installed ones too. An unfinished wooden floor provides you with the opportunity to choose your own unique look for your floor. Without a factory-applied finish and stain, unfinished wood floors allow you to create an outstanding piece of art in your living room, bedroom, or wherever you choose. However, before you continue creating a floor that will become the statement piece of your home, make sure to have us treat the brand new floor with a professional wood floor sanding service. This will prepare wood's porous structure for better and more even absorption of all finishing and staining products used afterwards.

From A to Z, working with our wood flooring company committed to success means you will be able to enjoy the full package of premium quality services available to you. From wood floor installation to renovation and sanding, we take care of your favourite wooden floors in all stages of their lifetime.

[1] Did you know that some of the finer sawdust, collected during the sanding, will be used to fill the gaps between the boards, as well as knots and cracks? It is mixed with a clear resin to produce a putty, which will be the same colour as your floor, and is a great way to get the smooth finish right.

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