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Floor Sanding & Finishing

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Wood Floor Sanding & Restoration

With over a decade of dedicated work in the field of wood floor sanding and restoration services in London, we proudly hold our position as a leading flooring company in the city. Over the years, we have revitalised thousands of homes and businesses, committed to delivering uncompromising durability and top-notch quality. Our expertise lies in floor sanding - we offer the best quotes guaranteed.
Wood floor sanding - best quotes guaranteed

Sanding wooden floors is a skilled craft that requires time and mastery. Witnessing the transformation of a worn-out, century-old parquet into a stunning, rejuvenated feature fills us with excitement. As craftsmen who take immense pride in our work, the ultimate reward is the satisfaction expressed on our clients' faces after a successful job.

Hardwood & Floorboards Sanding

Wood floor sanding - sanding hardwood flooring with Bona belt machine

Our London-based floor sanding specialists utilize cutting-edge equipment designed to efficiently capture dust. We handle sawdust responsibly, ensuring proper disposal after completing the service, leaving your space clean and tidy [1] 

In addition to sanding, we offer floor repair solutions to address damage caused by moisture or wear and tear. Our skilled craftsmen can re-fit or replace cracked boards and loose parquet blocks, restoring the floor to its former glory.

To ensure exceptional results, we combine modern techniques with traditional craftsmanship, delivering uniform, smooth, and authentic finishes.

We offer a wide range of pre-mixed stain colours, and our sealants are available in various sheens, including extra-matt, matt, satin, and gloss. The most effective way to achieve the desired colour is by showcasing samples on your floor.

This process involves applying wood floor staining agents to small areas of the floor before the final sanding, allowing clients to preview the outcome. The area is then re-sanded to eliminate any residual colour, stained with the chosen agent, and sealed for a flawless finish.

Contact our team at 020 88309782 or email us at info@flooringfirst.co.uk to book a free site visit and consultation for wood floor sanding in London.

Parquet Floor Restoration Specialists

Restoring parquet floors requires the undivided attention of our skilled craftsmen. We specialise in different parquet patterns, including herringbone, chevron, and brick wave, showcasing our passion for wood and dedication to the art of restoration.

Choose from a wide selection of lacquer or oil finishes, including popular dark, medium, and light shades, as well as renowned greys and whites, to give your parquet floors a refreshed look.

Renovation of Engineered Wood Floors

Wood floor sanding - refinished Merbau engineered floors

Engineered wood flooring offers the beauty of real wood with added flexibility, making it a popular choice among London homeowners. Our experienced floor sanders possess in-depth knowledge of the variety and structure of engineered wood flooring.

With years of experience, we have gained in-depth knowledge about the variety and structure of engineered wood flooring and the best approach to sanding it.

The top layer of engineered floors can range from 2.5 to 6 mm. Anything less is considered veneered products. The thickness of the real wood's top layer determines how many times the floors can be sanded and refinished.

By choosing our floor sanding service in London for your engineered wood flooring, you can trust that your property will exude a natural, welcoming ambience. Our experienced floor fitters possess the necessary tools and expertise to focus on removing only the sealant layer, preserving the integrity of the top layer as much as possible. If the floors are in poor condition or the top layer is insufficiently thick, we will advise you before proceeding with any work.

  • DID YOU KNOW? Planks with a 3 mm top layer can be sanded only once.
  • DID YOU KNOW? Planks with 2 or 3 strips usually indicate engineered flooring with a top layer of 3 mm.
  • DID YOU KNOW? Hardwood floors can be sanded up to the tongue & groove, which is a sandable depth of approximately 7 mm on a standard 18 mm thick plank. This is almost as much as a 6 mm engineered flooring.

Wood Floor Sanding for New and Old Floors

Wood floor sanding is recommended not only for older floors but also for newly installed ones. Treating your new floor with professional wood floor sanding ensures better absorption of finishing and staining products, enhancing the beauty and longevity of the wood.

From A to Z, our wood flooring company is committed to delivering premium quality services throughout the lifetime of your beloved wooden floors. Whether it's installation, renovation, or sanding, we take care of every stage.

[1] Did you know that some of the finer sawdust, collected during the sanding, will be used to fill the gaps between the boards, as well as knots and cracks? It is mixed with a clear resin to produce a putty, which will be the same colour as your floor, and is a great way to get the smooth finish right.

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