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Parquet Floor Installation

Parquet blocks layed in square basket patternUsing the finest European oak, with our parquet floor fitting service you will get a floor for a lifetime. Parquet flooring comes in blocks, which can be laid in various patterns to create artwork rather than just coverage on the floors. Although classic designs such as herringbone parquet flooring are still an up-to-date fashion, parquet flooring blocks can be laid in many creative ways. Some of them have names such as chevron, basket weave, dutch pattern and others maybe you can create yourself.

FlooringFirst! is one of the largest stockists of oak parquet flooring blocks in the UK with a selection of grades and sizes which are 20 mm thick, 70 mm wide and come in ranges of 230 mm, 250 mm, 280 mm and 350 mm lengths.

That makes us special about parquet flooring - that makes us specialists in parquet floor laying. And here is how we do it...

Subfloor Preparation

Subfloor preparation with plywood before fitting the parquetParquet flooring is sensitive to the subfloor level, therefore prior to fitting the blocks we will make sure we have taken the necessary measures for a smooth and solid subfloor. If you have a concrete subfloor we will make sure the floors are properly screeded and enough time is left for the screed to dry. If the subfloor is wooden we will achieve level improvement with a new layer of plywood or chipboard - the thickness of which is usually advised based on level differences.

Although smaller-sized or narrow-planked hardwood, such as the parquet flooring blocks is not that sensitive to humidity, we will always recommend an application of a liquid damp proofing course over concrete floors prior to the wood floor fitting.

Fitting Parquet Flooring Blocks

Parquet flooring blocks can be laid in various patterns and you will tell us of your preferred design. We will ask as well whether you would like the design to extend from wall to wall or if you would like to have the pattern surrounded by a border of parquet flooring blocks that runs in one (Single Border) or 2 blocks (double border) around the walls and door frames.

Borders can also be fitted with solid wood flooring planks in various widths instead of parquet flooring blocks, which may provide a neater finish and look.

The border can also be fitted with a different wood species, which contrasts in colour with the overall flooring. FlooringFirst! offers 3-strip deco borders in Merbau-ash-Merbau and walnut-ash-walnut timber. We also offer wenge and Merbau single-strip deco borders. Parquet floor fitting in herringbone pattern and border

Parquet floor installation starts with measurements and planning of the mainline(s), around which the patterns will be fitted. These can take time until all is set up, but filling the space on the premises can go relatively quickly.

Unlike solid wood floor fitting the process of parquet flooring fitting goes in stages, most of each will need to happen in separate days. This is due to the fact that the wood floor adhesive has its operational drying time and next operations can only be conducted once the adhesive is completely hardened. This is the reason such a type of installation can be quite lengthy. In fact, it is sometimes a fact that 20 sqm and 40 sqm can be completed in the same number of days.

Sanding, Buffing and Sealing

Parquet floor finishing with commercial lacquerOnce all blocks are fitted, the floors will be ready for finishing. A major part of the parquet floor sanding is the gap filling. Fitting even with the highest care will leave small gaps in the joints of some blocks and it can be resolved by gap-filling the entire area.

Once floors are gap filled, they will be sanded with medium and fine abrasives. FlooringFirst machinery includes the latest floor sanding equipment, including the orbital disc sanders "Lagler Trio" and Bona "FlexiSand", which are the perfect tools for fine finishing of parquet flooring.

Sealing of the parquet flooring blocks can come with lacquer, oil o hard wax oil - it is your own choice. We use the products of the world leaders in floor finishes Bona, Junckers, Osmo and Ciranova.

Staining parquet flooring is another option to consider when finishing your floors, if you'd like to go for unusual colours such as dark brown, black, white-wash or grey-wash - we can provide you with an unlimited choice of colours to suit your needs.

Why We Do Not Encourage Installation of Reclaimed Blocks?

On many occasions when we have been asked to refit reclaimed parquet flooring, we have refused. On those occasions, which we have accepted the works, we have looked into the material in detail before proceeding.

In many cases where blocks have been removed from the site were sold cheaply by the bag, without a clear overview of their condition. While stored and moved around their edges and fittings (T&G) will suffer physical damage. They will not go back in the same place causing grieve to the fitters, but most importantly the hardened adhesive will not allow them to fit perfectly next to each other. After the fitting is completed the overall level of the blocks will not be good and very intense floor sanding will be required. The final result will be seriously gap filled parquet flooring with a significantly reduced wearing layer.


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