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Why to Choose Custom Wood Flooring for Your Home
Custom hardwood flooring is the best option that allows you to add a lot of elegance and create a unique style for your home or office. Custom hardwood flooring is a choice that ensures you will add a lot of character to your home and enjoy a floor no one else has. A custom wood floor is a hardwood floor that is installed and then sanded and finished on site.
Hardwood Floor Spot Repair
Hardwood floors are durable, sturdy, and solid. However, even the highest quality hardwood floor is not designed to resist every cause of damage, every scrape, and every accident that comes its way. Therefore, even the best hardwood floors are prone to a number of issues and imperfections.
5 Things to Know When Shopping for Sustainable Wood Flooring
One of the most common misconceptions related to every home improvement project is that you better invest your money in a few more affordable projects rather than investing them in just one and more costly like investing in high-quality wood flooring. It is a misconception because people still don’t understand the dramatic transformation and positive impact a new wooden floor can ensure for your home. Once you get a new wooden floor, you will understand what we mean by that.
The Most Beautiful Styles of Parquet Flooring
Parquet flooring is the most beautiful type of flooring. It comes in a really impressive variety of designs known as patterns. Parquet patterns are the different arrangements the wooden floorboards or blocks are installed into.
When Is It Time For Hardwood Floor Repair?
Owning a beautiful wooden floor means you want to preserve it in that top-notch initial condition and appearance for as long as possible. Of course, in order to do so, you need good prevention and thorough and regular upkeep. However, how well do you know your wooden floor and its needs? Are you sure you are doing everything as good as possible to preserve its initial beauty and glory? Do you understand when your hardwood floor actually is in need of repair? Today we will discuss more what are the signs that your favourite wooden floor is in need of wood floor repair and what are details you should pay attention to.
Wood Floor Restoration Guide
Wooden floors are designed to last many decades, actually up to a whole century. How long you will be able to enjoy your wooden floor depends on how well and regularly you look after it. Part of the good and regular upkeep for real wood flooring, including solid wood, engineered wood and parquet floors, is professional wood floor renovation.
Wood Floor Refinish Guide
Even premium quality wooden floors that get the best, regular and proper upkeep, experience some degree of wear and tear eventually. Young children and pets contribute a lot to the worn and distressed look of hardwood flooring, high-traffic areas get the most scratches and stains and, overall, wooden floors are extremely durable and long-lasting, but minor imperfections will appear on the surface soon or later. This is when a professional wood floor refinish is much needed.
Laminate Flooring Installation Guide
Laminate flooring is a great and budget-friendly alternative to real wood flooring. Thanks to modern-day technologies, nowadays laminate flooring mimics real wood floorboards down to a tee. In addition, laminate flooring is significantly less prone to moisture damage, therefore, laminate installation is often selected for areas of the house where humidity and temperature fluctuations could be an issue for real wood flooring, such as the kitchen, bathroom, basement.
Vinyl Flooring for Commercial Use – Is It a Good Idea?
Vinyl flooring is getting more and more popular in recent years. This is a modern flooring option with many advantages that it can offer for a domestic setting, therefore, many homeowners choose vinyl flooring for the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and even bathroom. However, we cannot help but wonder, is vinyl flooring a great option for residential projects only, or it is also a great idea for commercial use? Clearly, when it comes to a floor installed in a commercial setting, there are many aspects that have to be taken into account.
Trowel Filling: Repairing Wood Floor Cracks
You love your hardwood floor. You take care of it, you ensure proper maintenance, you make sure your upkeep is regular and as instructed. And then everything changes – you notice cracks in your hardwood flooring.

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