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How to Choose Between Domestic and Exotic Hardwood Flooring
One of the best things about real wood flooring is that it is available in a bunch of options and designs and even the pickiest client can find the right style that meets their expectations and fits their interior. However, this great variety of options could also be a challenge – it is an overwhelming experience to go through all options you have with real wood flooring and pick the right one for you out of so many beautiful and wonderful options. Besides the type, colour, texture, and design of wood flooring, you also need to consider wood species.
How to Sand Floorboards Like a Pro
If you're looking to renovate your house, sanding floorboards can be a great way to achieve a new look.  Floorboards that have been heavily stained can be stripped back and treated in a way that suits your new scheme while retaining their natural charm.  It can be a rewarding process, but it's important to be prepared for the noise, dust and effort involved.
Tigerwood Flooring - Pros and Cons
Tigerwood is a beautiful, exotic hardwood that will add value and beauty to your home. Tigerwood is incredibly durable and can last for generations. Tigerwood flooring will make your home feel like a luxurious oasis that you can be proud of.
Glue-Down Wood Floor Installation
You want to have a new wooden floor installed in your home or office space. Wonderful, however, you are maybe wondering what would be the best installation method for your project. In today’s article, we will share more about the glue-down wood floor installation method and when to pick the most efficient one for you.
How to Properly Take Care of Antique Wood Flooring
You are a proud and lucky owner of an antique wood flooring.   Antique wood flooring is extremely beautiful and brings a lot of character, style, elegance and charm to every space where the floor is installed. However, owning an antique wood flooring is not only flowers and roses since it requires a specific upkeep approach and a good and regular cleaning and maintenance routine.
Engineered Wood Flooring Guide: Pros and Cons
Before you decide to invest in an engineered wood floor, you want to consider all the pros and cons of this type of flooring and see how it will fit into your home improvement project. It is a fact that cannot be denied by anyone that engineered wood flooring comes with a bunch of benefits and can contribute a lot to the attractiveness, functionality and cosiness of your home. This type of flooring comes with a long custom and tradition in durability, high quality, and stylish and elegant appearance.
Can You Steam Clean a Hardwood Floor?
Owning a wooden floor means you want to ensure perfect upkeep and maintenance for it so you can make sure you enjoy your favourite floor for decades and still in the perfect condition and appearance it was installed with years ago. Now, real wood floors are definitely an investment, therefore it is understandable why you want to ensure the best for your floor. Of course, a big part of the wood floor maintenance is the good, proper, regular, and thorough cleaning of the floor.
Choose the Best Flooring for a Hotel
Choosing the right flooring for a hotel is not always an easy mission. You may even find it challenging, especially considering the overwhelming choice you have with so many different types of flooring available on the market nowadays. You need to choose carefully, take your time, and consider every aspect, in order to make sure you are making the best choice.
Nail-Down Floor Installation Explained
For many, nailing down or also stapling down your wooden floor is the best way to have your wooden floor installed. However, is this the case for all wood floor installation projects? Let’s find out in today’s article. Nailing or stapling down your wooden floor is among the most popular and a very classic way of hardwood floor installation.
Repairing or Replacing Your Hardwood Floor?
You own a beautiful hardwood floor. However, over time you start noticing some changes in its look. First, it all starts with an overall worn and tired look.

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