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Wood Floor Restoration Guide
Wooden floors are designed to last many decades, actually up to a whole century. How long you will be able to enjoy your wooden floor depends on how well and regularly you look after it. Part of the good and regular upkeep for real wood flooring, including solid wood, engineered wood and parquet floors, is professional wood floor renovation.
Wood Floor Refinish Guide
Even premium quality wooden floors that get the best, regular and proper upkeep, experience some degree of wear and tear eventually. Young children and pets contribute a lot to the worn and distressed look of hardwood flooring, high-traffic areas get the most scratches and stains and, overall, wooden floors are extremely durable and long-lasting, but minor imperfections will appear on the surface soon or later. This is when a professional wood floor refinish is much needed.
Laminate Flooring Installation Guide
Laminate flooring is a great and budget-friendly alternative to real wood flooring. Thanks to modern-day technologies, nowadays laminate flooring mimics real wood floorboards down to a tee. In addition, laminate flooring is significantly less prone to moisture damage, therefore, laminate installation is often selected for areas of the house where humidity and temperature fluctuations could be an issue for real wood flooring, such as the kitchen, bathroom, basement.
Vinyl Flooring for Commercial Use – Is It a Good Idea?
Vinyl flooring is getting more and more popular in recent years. This is a modern flooring option with many advantages that it can offer for a domestic setting, therefore, many homeowners choose vinyl flooring for the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and even bathroom. However, we cannot help but wonder, is vinyl flooring a great option for residential projects only, or it is also a great idea for commercial use? Clearly, when it comes to a floor installed in a commercial setting, there are many aspects that have to be taken into account.
Trowel Filling: Repairing Wood Floor Cracks
You love your hardwood floor. You take care of it, you ensure proper maintenance, you make sure your upkeep is regular and as instructed. And then everything changes – you notice cracks in your hardwood flooring.
Engineered Wood Flooring Compared to Other Types of Wood Flooring
The flooring world is definitely spoiling you of choice. Even besides the great variety of different types of flooring, including carpet, stone, or ceramic and porcelain tiles, even if you are focused on wood flooring only and this is what you are looking for, you still have a lot of choices and different options to consider. Wood flooring and wood mimicking flooring are available in a really impressive variety of options and types, different materials, structures, profiles, finishes and what not.
Pros and Cons of Staining Hardwood Floors
Wood floors are a great addition to every home. They bring elegance, style, cosiness, warmth, beauty, durability and functionality to every house. No matter if you have a wood floor installation project in mind, or you move into a new home with already installed wooden flooring – this is just the tip of the iceberg.
Fumed Oak Flooring Explained
To put things simply, fumed oak flooring is a result of a professional process involving placing the top layer of the wooden floor also known as the veneer in a sealed enclosed chamber when it is treated until its appearance is transformed. Spacers are placed between each layer of the floorboard, which allows air with ammonia to circulate and penetrate every bit of the wood’s structure. Yes, floorboards are exposed to ammonia when sealed in the enclosed chamber.
How to Avoid Underfloor Heating Issues with Wooden Floors
Are you considering the installation of an underfloor heating system in your home? This is a great option that can help you keep your feet toasty warm in wintertime and don’t break the bank when it comes to paying those heating bills. In addition, an underfloor heating system works with the majority of real wood flooring types and you can enjoy the timeless beauty and durability of real wood flooring along with a warm and cosy home. However, there are always potential issues that you may find yourself dealing with soon or later The good news are that all of these issues can be avoided.
How to Choose Reclaimed Wood Flooring
Materials and products sourced from old buildings have a story to tell, they can add so much character and charm, so much thrill and excitement whenever incorporated into modern and contemporary interiors. This is the main reason why more and more people are interested in older and recycled materials for their homes, as well as furniture pieces, decorations, all sorts of knick-knacks. Naturally, reclaimed wood is gaining so much traction nowadays, mainly because it is one of those sorts of materials that comes with a story and character, however, even after decades of use, it still looks great and is extra durable.

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