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Gray, White Or Dark – What Are The Trendy Colours For Wooden Floors?

Staining a floor is not just some straightforward mechanical task. It requires planning and the ability to express your personality through the colour and overall design. To truly ensure that everything fits together perfectly within the interior of the room.

Common Wood Species Used For Flooring

Wood has always been a popular flooring choice. Each tree is unique and has different characteristics. Finding a floor for our home is a big decision and naturally, we want to make the right choice.

Floor Sanding Service Adapted For Care And Nursing Homes

In British residential care and nursing homes, where the main priority is the comfort and personalised care for adults with a variety of requirements and needs, initiating, considering and undergoing a wood floor sanding service might not sound like the best idea. Gone are the days when stripping off the surface of a wooden floor was a messy process that causes a lot of disruption to the day-to-day life of families, individuals and people engaged in commercial activities. Today’s floor sanding services and treatments are nothing they were before and there is no trace left of the messiness, untidiness, noise and inconvenience there used to be a couple of decades back, before the technical and professional improvement we can witness and enjoy to this date.

Laminate Floor Repairs - Fixing Minor Damages

Laminate is a highly versatile alternative to a real hardwood flooring but is not necessarily better. It can mimic the appearance of many different natural materials but a more careful look will reveal it is not the real thing. It is easy to maintain as long as it's regularly cleaned.

Moisture And Humidity - Important Factors Before Floor Fitting

The majority of the problems plaguing a wooden floor are related to moisture. Wood is a hygroscopic material. During the different seasons, when exposed to certain atmospheric conditions it will shrink or expand regularly.

Lacquer, Varnish And Polyurethane Finishes Explained

There are two major groups of wood floor finishing products. The first type referred also as penetrating oil finishes, can soak into the wood and protect it from within. The second type, which includes varnishes, lacquers and polyurethane lacquers, is not absorbed but forms a protective film on the surface of the floor.

Important Facts About The Wood Floor Restoration Process

Let’s be clear. This isn’t a guide how to sand your floor. It is more about giving a general idea of the risks and dangers it may involve to a person who has never attempted it.

Parquet Floor Sanding - Effective Methods And Tips

Parquetry certainly has its charm. It is a bit different from any other kind of hardwood flooring. Why it is so, you ask? Even today, wooden floors are associated with luxury.

Parquet Restoration Thorough Guide - Step By Step

Old Parquet Floors, What Makes Them So Great? Parquetry has long been a symbol of style and beauty. In the past, having such a floor was considered to be a sign of wealth and opulence which only the upper classes could afford. When approaching the task of restoring your old parquet, you must be aware of its value.

Parquet Fitting In Large-Scaled Areas Explained

Parquetry has a long history. It is thought to be of Italian origin and it was Queen Marie de Medici which first requested the installation of parquetry in the Luxembourg palace in the 1620s. Parquets, however, became truly popular after being introduced in the Palace of Versailles in the 17th century.

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