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Practical Wood Flooring Guide

When investing in a wooden floor, most of the homeowners want to get a floor that looks attractive, appealing, elegant. However, aesthetics is not the only aspect you have to consider when you are planning to spend money. Functionality and comfort are essential when it comes to choosing such an important element of interior design.

How to Protect Your Wood Floor from Damages Over Time

Real wood flooring is not something you take for granted, because hardwood floors are usually a serious investment and you want to enjoy them for as long as possible and get value for your money. Real wood floors are designed to be used for a century and still be in good condition. This is only when the floor is properly and regularly maintained and cared for.

Janka Test and Hardwood Floor Hardness Explained

It is a topic not many people are familiar with, however, we cannot blame them. The fact that different wood species vary in hardness is something mainly wood floor experts or just wood floor enthusiasts are familiar with. However, this does not mean you cannot inform yourself more in-depth on this topic since wood floor hardness is an important aspect you would like to consider when purchasing a hardwood floor or simply to know your existing floor better.

How To Make Your Floor Look More Expensive

Whenever you are looking for ways to increase the value of your home and put in on the real estate market, or you simply want to bring some fresh updates to your interior and enjoy a more luxurious and put-together look, a few simple updates of your wooden floor can make a lot of difference and contribute to achieving these goals. In general, it is fair to say that real wood flooring is already associated with prestige, luxury, professionalism. It gives the house not only a cosy and welcoming atmosphere but also increases its value and makes it look more “expensive”.

How to Protect Your Wooden Floor During a Home Refurbishment Project

Right now, in this second, dozens and dozens of people in the country are planning or already realizing a home refurbishment and renovation project. And as you can expect from a project dedicated to upgrading, improve, repair, and renovate a home, there are at least thousands of things and details you have to think of and consider. Indeed, a home renovation project can be a lot of hassle and stress and here is one more thing we add to the list of things you need to think of – how to protect and take care of your wooden floor.

The Ultimate Guide to Wood Floor Finishes

When it comes to designing a unique, custom wooden floor for your home or office, without breaking the bank with exotic wood species and complex floor treatments, wood floor finishes can be the way to go. However, wood floor finishes are much more than simply adding aesthetics and a unique look to your favourite wooden floor. They ensure the preservation of wood’s natural colour and texture, they ensure long-lasting and hard-wearing protection, the create an invisible protective barrier on top of your floor and penetrate through wood’s texture to make the whole flooring construction stronger and more durable.

How Important Are Skirting Boards For Wood Flooring

We pay a lot of attention to the way our wooden floors look and feel, to the way we maintain them in perfect condition and how often we re-coat the finish for durable protection, how we look after them and how we clean them. In fact, wood floors are an expensive investment and we want to keep it intact for the longest time possible to make this investment pay off. However, we often tend to neglect or forget some of the details related to wood flooring.

How to Keep the Natural Beauty of Your Parquet for Many Years

Originally made famous by Louis XIV, parquet flooring, from classic herringbone to modern geometric patterns, adds a distinctive elegance to the home. Parquet never goes out of fashion – it combines well both with traditional design and contemporary home decoration. That is why if you have parquet flooring in your home, you have a real treasure.

Can Cheap Wooden Floor Can Cost You More Than The Expected

Real wood floors can cost a lot. Wood floors can cost that much that they can’t cut it off with the tight budget you are working with. Well, maybe not, because wood floors come in different options, forms, and shapes these days.

The Best Winter Flooring Options

Your bare feet accidentally touch the floor and the cold sensation immediately freezes your entire body. Well, this is a common feeling when the temperatures outside drop in wintertime. Floors tend to get very cold during the colder months and there is nothing you can do to prevent that.

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