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Wood Floor Waxing Made Easy: Step-by-Step Tutorial
With our comprehensive guide on wood floor waxing, we will take you through every step of the process to achieve stunning and long-lasting results for your beloved wood floors. Wood floor waxing is an age-old technique that has stood the test of time, known for its ability to enhance the natural beauty of the wood while providing a protective layer against wear and tear. Whether you are a homeowner or a wood flooring enthusiast, understanding the importance of waxing and learning the proper techniques will empower you to maintain the timeless charm and durability of your floors.
Avoid These Habits to Keep Your Hardwood Floor Pristine
We are sure that as an owner of a beautiful and expensive hardwood floor, the last thing you want to do is ruin it. However, the truth is that we are all ruining our wooden floors little by little and without even realising it. Just everyday use is enough in the long run to cause some slight damage on the floor's surface such as micro-scratches and marks.
6 Unpopular But Very Effective Wood Floor Maintenance Hacks
Wood floors are among the most popular interior asset for centuries already. Even beyond that, wood floors are so popular and sought after these days that even the average customer is a wood flooring pro. There are so many sources of endless information both online and offline that provide you with a wide spectrum of inspiration, ideas, tips and tricks about wood floor fitting, how to choose the right wood floor, sanding, refinishing, and all the rest.
Reasons Why Your Hardwood Floor Looks Dull
Everyone enjoys the amazing beauty and elegance of a newly installed or newly refinished hardwood floor. All the shine, gloss, style, sophisticated look, and beauty. However, over time, no matter how good and regular you are in maintaining and cleaning your floor, you will notice that this initial glory and beauty start fading and in the end your favourite wooden floor becomes dull, aged, and tired burden.
How to Properly Take Care of Antique Wood Flooring
You are a proud and lucky owner of antique wood flooring.   Antique wood flooring is extremely beautiful and brings a lot of character, style, elegance and charm to every space where the floor is installed. However, owning an antique wood flooring is not only flowers and roses since it requires a specific upkeep approach and a good and regular cleaning and maintenance routine.
Can You Steam Clean a Hardwood Floor?
Owning a wooden floor means you want to ensure perfect upkeep and maintenance for it so you can make sure you enjoy your favourite floor for decades and still in the perfect condition and appearance it was installed with years ago. Now, real wood floors are definitely an investment, therefore it is understandable why you want to ensure the best for your floor. Of course, a big part of the wood floor maintenance is the good, proper, regular, and thorough cleaning of the floor.
What Vacuum Cleaner to use for Your Hardwood Floor?
Cleaning hardwood flooring is among the most important aspects of proper maintenance. As you probably already know, proper and regular maintenance can help your favourite wooden floor last for decades, designed to survive up to a whole century and even longer. In order to help the durability and lasting power of your hardwood floor, you should definitely adopt an efficient yet easy and time-saving cleaning routine.
When Is It Time For Hardwood Floor Repair?
Owning a beautiful wooden floor means you want to preserve it in that top-notch initial condition and appearance for as long as possible. Of course, in order to do so, you need good prevention and thorough and regular upkeep. However, how well do you know your wooden floor and its needs? Are you sure you are doing everything as good as possible to preserve its initial beauty and glory? Do you understand when your hardwood floor actually is in need of repair? Today we will discuss more what are the signs that your favourite wooden floor is in need of wood floor repair and what are details you should pay attention to.
Pros and Cons of Staining Hardwood Floors
Wood floors are a great addition to every home. They bring elegance, style, cosiness, warmth, beauty, durability and functionality to every house. No matter if you have a wood floor installation project in mind, or you move into a new home with already installed wooden flooring – this is just the tip of the iceberg.
How to Avoid Underfloor Heating Issues with Wooden Floors
Are you considering the installation of an underfloor heating system in your home? This is a great option that can help you keep your feet toasty warm in wintertime and don’t break the bank when it comes to paying those heating bills. In addition, an underfloor heating system works with the majority of real wood flooring types and you can enjoy the timeless beauty and durability of real wood flooring along with a warm and cosy home. However, there are always potential issues that you may find yourself dealing with soon or later The good news are that all of these issues can be avoided.
How to Protect Hardwood Floors During a Move
Moving out and into a new home is a very exciting, still very overwhelming and stressful process, indeed. There is the excitement and the joy for the new beginning, the positive change. However, there is also the overwhelming thought process for so many things you need to think of, consider, and do.
Repair Or Replace Water-Damaged Wood Floors?
Is your hardwood floor showing signs of swelling and ballooning? Excessive moisture is likely the culprit behind these issues. This phenomenon, known as water damage, is a common problem that can affect any homeowner. While superficial water damage, characterised by minor stains and surface-level issues, can often be addressed with simple household remedies, more serious water damage requires careful consideration.
3 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Parquet Flooring
Besides being an extra beautiful and a very convenient and functional choice, parquet flooring is also known for how lasting and hard-wearing it is. Real wood floors naturally last for a long time. In fact, they are designed to last up to a whole century when maintained properly and regularly.
Water Damaged Wood Floor Restoration
Hardwood flooring is prone to water damage and even something as simple as a spilt glass of water can damage the floor permanently. Not to mention something as serious and leakages or flooding that can seriously damage the floor even beyond repair. Therefore, it is important to prevent water damage or take care of it as soon as possible.
Top Things That Can Damage Your Hardwood Floor
Hardwood floors are, indeed, one of the most desirable features of every home, no matter if it comes to a more traditional and classic style or a contemporary, cutting-edge modern interior. Hardwood floors fit anywhere and complement every interior, adding value to every property. Hardwood floors are really a valuable asset of every house, therefore, you want to keep and maintain yours in perfect condition and appearance.
Mastering Laminate Flooring Cleaning: Your Essential Guide
In recent years the real wood flooring industry has witnessed a serious decline, partially because of the increased price of the natural material, partially because of the progress and improvement of the wood-mimicking flooring industry. Nowadays, more and more people opt for laminate flooring. Laminate floors will not only cost you a fraction of the price of a real wood floor, but they also come with a number of benefits.
How to Prevent Wood Floor Gapping?
We often discuss professional wood floor services like gap filling and strive to help you better understand how these can be very beneficial for the overall condition of every wooden floor. However, today's hot topic is all about what you can do in order to prevent wood floor gaps from appearing in the first place. Gap filling is neither a complex nor time-consuming or expensive professional service.
Top Benefits of Natural Oil Floor Finishes
There are a lot of aspects and factors that go into considering what is the best finish choice for your wooden floor. You should think of the type of floor you have, the wood species it is made of, its texture, etc. You also should consider your lifestyle, whether it comes to a commercial or a domestic floor, the traffic expected, the specific environment of the floor and where it is installed.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Wax Floor Finishes
Real wood flooring is one of the most popular choices among homeowners for many decades already. Wood flooring itself comes with a long list of benefits and advantages. One of the main reasons why so many people opt for real wood is because of the great variety of such floors available.
How to Protect Your Wood Floor from Damages Over Time
Real wood flooring is not something you take for granted, because hardwood floors are usually a serious investment and you want to enjoy them for as long as possible and get value for your money. Real wood floors are designed to be used for a century and still be in good condition. This is only when the floor is properly and regularly maintained and cared for.
How to Protect Your Wooden Floor During a Home Refurbishment Project
Right now, in this second, dozens and dozens of people in the country are planning or already realizing a home refurbishment and renovation project. And as you can expect from a project dedicated to upgrading, improve, repair, and renovate a home, there are at least thousands of things and details you have to think of and consider. Indeed, a home renovation project can be a lot of hassle and stress and here is one more thing we add to the list of things you need to think of – how to protect and take care of your wooden floor.
How to Keep the Natural Beauty of Your Parquet for Many Years
Originally made famous by Louis XIV, parquet flooring, from classic herringbone to modern geometric patterns, adds a distinctive elegance to the home. Parquet never goes out of fashion – it combines well both with traditional design and contemporary home decoration. That is why if you have parquet flooring in your home, you have a real treasure.
How to Keep Your Wooden Floor Clean During The Holiday Season
It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Nope, we are not talking about the white fluffy snow outside, the delicious Christmas dinner, all the presents under the sparkling Christmas tree, or the Christmas carols the radio is bursting. Not this Christmas.
Find Out Effective Ways Of Cleaning Your Parquet Flooring
If you own a beautiful parquet floor you are truly a lucky one! To enjoy it for decades, help your flooring look in perfect condition, and guarantee enough protection and preservation of the initial perfect condition, a proper, regular and thorough cleaning and maintenance routine is essential. The good news is that keeping your parquet pattern in top-notch condition does not require too much of elbow grease, energy, money or time. Professional help might be needed now and then but the future of your wooden floor is generally in your own hands.
How Wood Floors Can Save You Money
A lot of recent campaigns put an emphasis on the role the interior design and its aspects play in environmental issues and improved energy efficiency in every home and working/commercial space. As you can conclude, improved energy efficiency is important not just for financial and comfort reasons for the household, but also in the context of taking ecologically-friendly steps and having a conscious attitude towards the world surrounding us. However, when it comes to the comfort of your own home, being able to save energy while still enjoying convenience is very important.
Cleaning Wooden Floors While Pregnant
With hectic and stressful life, we all have to handle a lot of everyday tasks and chores. For most of us cleaning the floor probably is not a number one priority of the day. To be honest – quite often we end up in the situation of quickly vacuuming and mopping the floor.
Mastering Winter Wood Flooring Maintenance
The winter season is here with all its charms and amazing surprises. The change in the weather means a change in the environment of the real wood flooring. This requires some precautions and extra preparation, which also applies to your floor care and maintenance routine.
14 Important Ways in Which Your Wood Floor is Trying to Tell You Something
Have you ever found yourself exasperated, just like dealing with a crying baby, trying to decipher what your wood floors are trying to tell you? Wood floors, just like babies, communicate through signs, and it's important to pay attention to these signs to identify any potential problems with your hardwood floor installation. In this comprehensive guide, we will equip you with the knowledge to address common issues that may arise with your wood flooring installation. So, get ready to tackle these challenges and impress your friends with your newfound expertise on solid wood floors.
How to Reduce the Colour Changing of Your Wood Floor
As a natural product wood is expected at some point to experience changes. What kind of changes can occur would depend on many factors including the type of wood, the finish and stain, the atmospheric conditions, and something quite important, the amount of care the floor has been given. Colour changes should also be expected because time affects everything.
6 Myths About Wood Flooring and Its Maintenance
1. 'Wood Floors Are Expensive' Well, they cost more than pretty much any other alternative on the market, no questions about it. But let’s distinguish between cost and cost-effectiveness.
Pets and Wood Floor Damage
Pets and wood floors can be a challenging combination. Dog and cat nails can easily scratch wooden surfaces, while shedding hair and occasional "accidents" further add to the potential damage. So, how do you protect your beloved floors from your furry companions? Regular nail trimming is essential to minimise scratching, as scratches can penetrate the protective coating of the floor, leading to long-term damage.
Protecting Your Floors from Furniture
Hardwood flooring is popular, attractive, kind of expensive and therefore - very valuable. People don't spend hefty amounts of money to simply neglect their wood flooring at some point in the future. No, this would be like throwing your money up into the air on a windy day.
Daily & Regular Wood Floor Care
The elegance, versatility and inherent beauty of natural wood flooring make it one of the most popular options for today’s homeowners and a good reason! In addition to the high aesthetic value, the real wood is hypoallergic, doesn't have the unfaltering love for dust and other debris that carpets do and doesn't feel "cold" and artificial like tiles.  Moreover, natural wood never goes out of fashion and fits perfectly no matter the home interior. It should come as no surprise that wood has overwhelming popularity over all other flooring options.
Protecting Floors with Doormats and Rugs
There are various reasons why the surface of hardwood flooring becomes worn and distressed - stains, spills, dents, scratches, etc. However, all of those things are the result of a single thing –  floor traffic. Naturally, as the floor suffers increased amounts of movement, its condition slowly worsens until we eventually have to sand it.
Can High Heels Damage My Wood Floor?
High heeled shoes are considered impractical, uncomfortable and even painful to use. However, despite all those disadvantages women continue to use them because fashion forced it on them. Funny enough, high heels were first worn by men but for far more practical reasons.
Having Plants on Wooden Floor
In our busy everyday lives, we are constantly running around, we are constantly under pressure – about the course of our lives, our career or our families. A long time ago people knew how to find respite and relaxation in nature. In modern times this is not the case.
Solid Wood After Care
With the correct care, your floors will stay beautiful for many years to come. Common sense and a few preventative steps can lengthen the life of your floors. A regular wood floor cleaning routine will simplify your floor care.
Cleaning Stains in Waxed Floors
If the scratches or stains are in the wood, the finish is probably a penetrating stain and wax. Scratches: Repair by waxing the area. Dried milk or food stains: Gently rub with a damp cloth.
Cleaning Stains & Scratches on Varnished Floors
Beautiful, attractive and very desirable – these three words can easily describe hardwood flooring today. As great as it, though, wood is not as resilient as some other flooring types and needs a certain amount of maintenance to preserve its fine appearance and healthy condition. One of the most annoying and frequently encountered problems are related to stains and scratches.
Treating Stains & Scratches on Waxed Floors
If the scratches or stains are in the wood, the finish is probably a penetrating stain and wax. Scratches: Repair by rubbing hard wax-oil to the area. Products such as Osmo Polyx Oil, Woca, Fiddes or Blanchon will come handy.
Preventative Floor Maintenance
Wooden floors are a natural product associated with style and even luxury. Floors, however, can and will get worn, distressed and damaged over time. This brings up the question, what can you do to preserve them in their current state? How to keep them in good health? There is a lot you do to make sure your floor is well maintained.

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