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How to Keep Your Wooden Floor Clean During The Holiday Season

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Nope, we are not talking about the white fluffy snow outside, the delicious Christmas dinner, all the presents under the sparkling Christmas tree, or the Christmas carols the radio is bursting. Not this Christmas. We actually mean all the dirt and muddy water you bring inside the house once the weather outside goes rainy and dark. All the red wine and oily stains on the floor from the food dropped and beverages spilt during dinner. All the needle and confetti mess on the floor while you put up the Christmas tree and wrap up the presents.

All the scratches and dents on the floor that the enthusiastic kids of the family are leaving when playing with their toys directly on your newly renovated parquet. Yep, we don’t want to be the party poopers, but the reality is reality and facts are facts. Christmas season is the most wonderful time of the year except that wintertime can be the worst time for your real wood floor. Not necessarily, if you know how to take proper care, have a really working yet simple and effortless maintenance routine, and you take the right precautions to help your beautiful wooden floor survive this holiday season and make it alive and still as beautiful and clean. So if you want to learn more about how to keep your real wood floor clean and pristine this holiday season, make sure to keep reading. How to keep your wooden floor clean during the holiday season

It doesn’t matter if you are planning to have a lot of guests and gatherings this holiday season, or it will be just you and the family lounging in the house, your floor needs some attention and care and it will pay off for all your love. It doesn’t have to be time-consuming, complex, or expensive to be done right. Just a simple, quick, and effortless, yet very effective cleaning and maintenance routine will do the job. So without going overboard, but still help you keep track of the most important aspects of cleaning and taking care of your wooden floor this holiday season, here is what a good maintenance routine will include. 

Routine Cleaning

With all the hassle and stress of the holiday season, sweeping and vacuuming your floor daily may not be on top of the priority list. But it should. Because regular maintenance and care are very beneficial for your real wood floor, even if cleaning is not in-depth. So even if there is not a holiday party happening at your home, make sure you are not forgetting about the daily or weekly cleaning, hoover the floor to remove the dust and dirt, mop with a damp mop to remove the trapped dirt and soil. By doing all this, you have a good and well-maintained base to step into the holiday season and enjoy a clean, cosy home. By removing all the debris, dust, and dirt that may enter the house from outside, you are not simply preventing and getting rid of germs and allergens, but you are also preventing fine scratches and dents occurring due to high traffic.

Remove Spills Quickly 

Spills happen during every family gathering. And if a spill happens on your wooden floor, there is a risk of leaving a permanent stain that can be removed only with sanding and refinishing the floor. Therefore, it is important to remove spills and stains as soon as you notice them. Use a dry cloth and blot the spill carefully without spreading it around. You can also use a damp mop to quickly remove spills. And remember, houses with kids and pets are more prone to have spills and such little accidents, therefore you need to be more careful.

Use Rugs and Mats Strategically

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By this we mean you have to placemats and rugs strategically around the house. Usually, the commonplace for a mat is by the front door. By placing a mat there, you will make sure it will catch the majority of the dirt and debris from outside the house-entering it. This is especially important considering the number of guests and visitors entering the house during the holiday season. The more high traffic there are, the higher the risk of scratches and dents on your floor’s finish and you want to prevent that.

Don’t Wear High Heels At Home

High heels can be one of the most common reasons due to which the wood floor’s finish gets scratched and damaged. Therefore, we recommend you this holiday season to welcome guests at home offering them fluffy slippers instead of wearing their shoes inside the house. In addition, create a family policy of no one wearing shoes inside the house.

Vacuum Christmas Tree Needles and Confetti

Indeed, no holiday season will be the same without decorating the whole house and enjoying the Christmas spirit. However, even something as simple as Christmas decoration can scratch your floor. Therefore, we recommend you to vacuum daily around the Christmas tree, where needles may fell off along with confetti and other pieces of broken Christmas decoration and ornaments with their pointy edges scratching the wood floor’s finish.

Protect Your Wood Floor from Furniture

Imagine a gathering of the entire family or a laidback evening with friends at home. Everything is great, but chairs are being dragged around the table. It is not simply annoying because it is noisy, because dragging chairs and other furniture pieces can definitely scratch the finish of the wooden floor. In order to prevent that happening, make sure to place protective felt pads on the legs of all chairs and tables. They will work as a cushion and prevent scratches.

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