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Guide to Removing and Replacing Real Wood Floors
Even the best wood flooring, the highest quality and durable one, would require replacement at some point. Despite the fact that real wood floors are designed to last up to a whole century, over time they will get too worn and often too damaged. Accidents can happen even to the best wood floor owners who ensure proper and regular upkeep for their favourite wooden floor.
Guide to Waterproofing Your Wooden Floor
You are an owner of a wooden floor, so you already know that wood flooring and moisture and water definitely do not run in the same social circle and are not best friends. They are more like enemies, to be honest. Excessive moisture and water could have a pretty serious and negative impact on the condition and appearance of a wooden floor and things can get as worse as your floor being affected so much to the extent of beyond repair.
Fixing Dents in Hardwood Flooring - DIY Guide
Hardwood flooring is known for its durability and hard-wearing power. However, even with such a strong and lasting type of flooring, there is no doubt that accidents can happen and issues can arise as a result. One of the common issues and one type that affects the appearance and overall condition of your hardwood floor are dents.
How To Make Your Floor Look More Expensive
Whenever you are looking for ways to increase the value of your home and put in on the real estate market, or you simply want to bring some fresh updates to your interior and enjoy a more luxurious and put-together look, a few simple updates of your wooden floor can make a lot of difference and contribute to achieving these goals. In general, it is fair to say that real wood flooring is already associated with prestige, luxury, professionalism. It gives the house not only a cosy and welcoming atmosphere but also increases its value and makes it look more “expensive”.
The Most Popular Budget-Friendly DIY Wooden Floor Ideas
Home improvement projects on a budget can be pretty challenging. Especially when it comes to the flooring part because floors can be a pretty serious investment. However, when it comes to floor refurbishment and renovation, no matter the floor type and materials, it is easy to make a mistake and turn the whole project into a total nightmare.
9 Ways to Insulate Your Home
Winter is the time of the year that everyone is looking forward to making their self more comfortable. As the weather gets cold we all want a cosy and warm atmosphere at home so one of the main goals should be to insulate your home. If you have the availability, take the time and do it for your floors.
Restoring Your Parquet Floor - DIY Guide
A parquet floor that is maintained and looked after flawlessly surely will last for generations and many decades. This is some really good news as parquet flooring, no matter the pattern, wood species, finish, colour, texture, never goes out of style and will always be a perfect complement to any interior design and style. So no matter if it comes to the contemporary living room, a farmhouse-style kitchen, or a more elegant bedroom inspired by vintage interiors and influences, a parquet floor is the perfect background to any space and can be the focal point of every room.
9 Secrets for More Efficient DIY Wood Floor Sanding
Sanding is a crucial part of the maintenance and improvement in the condition and appearance of every wooden floor. It gets rid of the tired, aged, distressed, and dull appearance, it removes all sorts of imperfections, flaws, and issues, minor and sometimes major ones. Sanding is recommended for improving the stability, solidness, and durability of real wood flooring.
Common DIY Wood Floor Staining Mistakes
During the many years our professional wood floor sanding and refinishing company is operating in the industry niche, we’ve managed to be involved in the same old conversation over and over again. Maybe at least a hundred times as much as we can remember before we lost the count. The problem is not that we are bored by repeating question.
Laminate Floor Repairs - Fixing Minor Damages
Laminate is a highly versatile alternative to real hardwood flooring but is not necessarily better. It can mimic the appearance of many different natural materials but a more careful look will reveal it is not the real thing. It is easy to maintain as long as it's regularly cleaned.
4 Ways of Why and How to Fix Squeaky Floors
  Hardwood flooring has many advantages and relatively few downsides. One problem you may face as an owner of such floor is the noise. It is annoying during the daytime and can be a literal nightmare during the night because every time someone takes a step your sleep is disturbed.
Do It Yourself or Hire a Professional?
Wood floor installation may be expensive. This makes people who may have never even picked up a screwdriver or hammer to seriously consider installing everything themselves. Floor installation is priced on a square meter basis, although flooring companies (either local or Internet) might offer installation as a part of the purchase on rare occasions.
Treating Scratches on Wooden Floors
Ah scratching on hardwood floors. Scratches can be small and only barely damage the protective coat in which case they are just a minor annoyance. They can also be penetrating the finish and exposing the wood below, at which point they turn into a serious issue that cannot be ignored.
How to Check if Wood Floor is Waxed?
None can deny that floor sanding can help improve both the condition and the appearance of wooden floors. However, it is not the only solution. Sometimes you just don’t have to strip the entire finish and it is enough to simply buff and recoat instead.
Professional Floor Sanding Company vs DIY Floor Restoration
Floor sanding performed by experts can make your flooring installation look like a piece of art. So, there are millions of benefits you can get by using a professional flooring company to make the restoration in your house or flat. The outcome might vary, but if you want guaranteed quality, it is better to make a bit of research.
Gap Filling With Mastic Filler
Gap filling usually takes place as a part of the wood floor restoration process. With time and due to natural expansion and contraction of the timber, gaps may start appearing between the planks of your wooden floor. Sometimes those gaps are very tiny and only a minor effort is enough to fill them.
Floor Sanding Tips
Seems easy, sure I can do it! As it is with every craft, floor restoration requires experience to be performed properly. Sanding a floor is hard not because it involves a lot of mechanical skills but because you must know the limit of your abilities, to possess patience and the will to complete the task you have set in front of yourself. As simple as it sounds, not everyone can do that.
Safety Measures For Floor Sanding
DIY activities are something wonderful. There are some tasks which once accomplished, can bring a sense of joy purely because of the knowledge you did something well with your two bare hands. A spark of positive emotion knowing that you do not have to rely on others to get something done, that you have some hidden talent or ability beyond your current occupation.
Floor Sanding And Abrasive Choice
Floor sanding is not exactly easy. Before attempting such a project consider carefully if you have the skill, patience and dedication to finish such a task once started. This article can provide some information but we generally suggest to call an expert, especially if you lack the experience.
Pine Floorboards Sanding - A Quick DIY Guide
First things first, let us start by reminding you that pine floorboards sanding is a task that is better left to home improvement and floor sanding companies that offer professional floor restoration services. Especially if you are not confident enough in your ability to handle such delicate and complex task and you want to save both your time and effort. Having said that, we can understand if you feel that you would prefer to do it yourself rather than paying for professional floorboards sanding service.

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