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Wood Floor Repairs

At FlooringFirst! we aim to take a good care of each corner of your floors. Sometimes we may find pieces of your floor boards suffering physical damage and they can be repaired by fixing the parts back together or replacing detached pieces of your parquet or another type of flooring.

Repair and refinishing parquet floor after fireplace heart removalYes, we can help with floor repairs as well!

FlooringFirst! works with suppliers of reclaimed wood materials and in many cases we can find for you the same or some similar hardwood floor material which has been used in your floors. However, if that is not possible we may be able to find some new material to replace the damaged areas. Afterwards, we will make sure the new and old floor boards blend unnoticeably into each other, usually by adjusting the colour of the boards / blocks or by staining the area with a colour by your choice or a colour close to the original wood floor.
The repair might look really easy but we assure you that it's better left up to professionals. We plan all the stages of the project carefully, provide all the necessary floorboards, machinery and materials, rest assured our floor men are skilled, experienced and fully licensed.

What does Wood Floor Repair Include?

Floor repair may involve a wide variety of activities, from replacing a wood block and gap filling, to staining, sanding or sealing. Also using professionally developed materials unavailable over the counter in high street shops and machinery that is on the cutting edge of technology. Save yourself all the hassle and let FlooringFirst help you. No matter the condition of your floor or what you have in mind, FlooringFirst can be of assistance and has been around for years. We can fix any type of floor, be it residential or commercial, softwood, hardwood, natural, engineered or laminated.

Why Choose Us?

FlooringFirst will carefully repair any damaged flooring. Please, take a look below to see what a typical repair project includes but keep in mind certain steps might not be needed:

  • Securing any loose floorboards and replacing the damaged beyond repair
  • Gap filling - depending on the size of each gap, they can be either filled with a mix of wood dust and resin or wood sliver
  • Sanding, stripping, buffing - many companies have embarked on the policy to sand, strip and buff flooring a certain number of times, irrelevant on the floor in question. We believe this should be contextual, i.e. as many times as necessary depending on your particular case. We never cut corners or try to cut down on costs putting the entire project at risk.
  • local repairs to the finish of lacquered engineered floorStaining - above all, having your floor stained is a matter of a personal preference and may be a good idea if you feel tired of the colour and look of your floor. A properly applied stain makes the stained wood look authentic and gives your room a vastly different look
  • Sealing - we can seal the floor by applying oil, wax or lacquer. We use only professional products, but it´s you who decides which one we use. All these have distinguished advantages and shortcomings, plus each gives your floor a different look.


With years of experience providing floor repair and installation services, handling residential and commercial projects of any scale throughout London and surroundings, we know we bring along tested products and techniques that have been proven with time.

Accidents do happen. It doesn't matter if you are having a wall taken down, a fireplace installed, a major leak burst out or something totally unexpected, things happen all the time. FlooringFirst! Wood Floor teams of professionals have the necessary skills, experience, technology and determination to help out and fix any type of hardwood mishap.

Reclaimed floorboards are cheaper and eco-friendly solution

Tailored Solutions to Meet Your Needs

FlooringFirst! experts provide easy, step-by-step guidance and find the best solution to your individual concerns. We take pride in our ability to help customers save time and money while providing a top quality, lasting solutions.

Our skilled floormen could be able to replace the damaged boards of your floor using the same grade and type of wood, fill all gaps and cracks with customised colour-mixed fillers tailored to flawlessly match your own floor. They will help you get your floor back to its former beauty, sand, stain, and varnish it and deliver excellent results lasting for decades

Damaged Boards or Missing Pieces?

No problem at all. We partner with suppliers of reclaimed floor boards, solid wood and parquet as well, so we would not just restore your floor but achieve the perfect match, so you may not even notice where the damaged parts used to be. 



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