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Engineered Wood Floor Installation - Supply & Fit

Engineered floor fitting serviceEngineered wood is the most popular choice of wooden flooring nowadays. The variety of finishes, colours and thicknesses makes this the choice people should be always advised to go for. You can install engineered flooring the same way as the solid wood without any problems but you can use less stronger adhesives for example – Bona R848, Mapei S948, Stauff Hybrid, etc.

The difference with solid wood is that engineered can also be installed on top of an underlay and also used on subfloors with underfloor heating.

Engineered wood flooring offers the beauty of real wood at a more affordable price point. By constructing floors out of multiple layers of plywood topped with a veneer of solid wood, engineered floors provide the look and feel of traditional hardwood with added durability and stability.

The plywood core makes engineered flooring more resistant to moisture damage, easier to install, and lower maintenance than solid wood options. Engineered floors can be installed in almost any room, even over concrete, though bathrooms are still best avoided. With a top layer of real wood, engineered flooring complements any decor that would work with traditional hardwood. The multilayer construction also makes engineered floors quieter, warmer underfoot, and kinder to dropped dishes or active pets.

We provide a large variety of engineered wood flooring with different thicknesses of the natural wood top layer. Our flooring comes with the option for professional engineered floor fitting service, offering a complete package comprising of:

  • Your Preferred Choice of Engineered Flooring
  • Professional Floor Fitting Service
  • Suitable Wood Floor Moisture and Sound Insulation Underlay.
  • Door & Door Frames Trimming
  • Supply and Installation of Matching Wood Floor Accessories
  • Supply and Installation of Skirting Boards to Your Preference

How Does It Work?

The planks normally come in two different joining options – Tongue & Grove or Click. Click is available always in 15mm options and below, compared to T&G which is the common option for 20mm flooring.

When deciding on the thickness of the flooring the subfloor level comes first to consider, the thinner floor will require a much better level or the risk of areas feeling bouncy under your feet will be very very real. There are options to improve the level situation for example – levelling with plywood on the whole subfloor, or using a self-levelling compound to smooth out the difference in level. There are options for self-levelling compounds which are fibre enhanced and can be used even on top of floorboards with gaps as the fibres do not allow the mixture to floor through the gaps. Thicker underlays also can absorb small issues with the subfloor.

For situations with bowed or subsided floorboards due to structural movement of the house then the best option might be removing parts of the floorboards and building joists supports in some areas before installing the floorboards back and then fitting the new floor, these services might be costly as they require extra days of work. One of the easiest ways to spot that the house has suffered some movement is if you see a large section of exposed floorboards to be much lighter in colour signalling that the old boards have been removed and replaced with new ones due to some reason.

Once selecting click engineered flooring it is also very important to go for a good quality click system – for example, Uniclc or the systems of Boen or Kahrs as not good quality click systems might not be able to be locked properly during installation.

The choice of underlays is large and might vary depending on circumstances -  whether soundproofing is required or a membrane to protect from moisture is installed on concrete. Engineered wood is not recommended to be installed on top of foam underlay or thinner than 2mm, also is not good to be installed on fibreboard underlay.

Some brands offer watertight solutions for engineered flooring – like Quickstep Wood for Life range which is manufactured in a way so no moisture can penetrate the joint between the planks.

If installing on top of staircases, try always to use one plank size on a single step and avoid joints on steps. Also, the starting point of the installation should be the stair nosing if the flooring continues on a new level. Always try to use stair nosings and other profiles provided by the manufacturer to avoid issues with the installation.

Supply and fit Kahrs engineered floorSimply give us a call and arrange a viewing of your floors in a convenient for you time. Let us know your preferences regarding the engineered floor fitting and we will provide you with samples of our flooring free of any charge. Whether it is lacquered walnut, brushed & oiled oak, smoked oak or even brushed & lacquered engineered flooring - we have them all. Following a site visit, we will provide a full works specification quotation including references to all engineered wood floorings, accessories, subfloor preparation materials, finishing products required as well as a recommendation for your wood floor maintenance products.

All our floor fitters are highly skilled, friendly and experienced in what they do on a daily basis - engineered wood floor fitting. They come prepared to the specification provided in your quote. Subfloor preparation, skirting installation, edgings, trimming, underlay and insulation fitting - these are all provided by our Supply & Fit Engineered Flooring Service.

*Advice to customers with underfloor heating:

Heating should not be switched on rapidly to a high temperature but should be gradually warmed up for a few days until the desired temperature is achieved. This is especially risky when the family is going on a long holiday during the winter period and the heating is off and once they are back they try to warm up the house quickly.

Tailored Finish for Engineered Flooring

Well, yes! Such a term exists and we can make your interior ideas come true. FlooringFirst! provides off-site refinishing services of engineered flooring in almost any colour you may want. We will provide you with samples of the flooring and its finish and after your choice has been confirmed we will refinish the floors up to the colour spec provided in hard-wearing oiled finished engineered flooring.

 Our solid wood floor fitting options are limited in terms of timing - we can only finish your floors once fitted.

Some Of The Brands We Supply and Fit

Boen engineered flooring BOEN offers a wide variety of engineered hardwood floors in more than 50 countries. Continuously growing up and improving the quality of their stylish products, today their floors can fit any space and interior. The majority of the flooring product made by Boen include 14 mm click system planks.
Kahrs flooring Kahrs is a brand dedicated to the manufacturing of high-quality wooden floors since 1857. As one of the most popular brands for engineered flooring, most of their products are well-known to our fitters and the installation will be completed precisely. Kahrs is renowned for its 14 mm click system planks, many of which offer handmade and authentic finishes.
Quick Step flooringQuickstep floors offer lively colour variations of natural wood types, all with the finest surface effects. Looking for a warm and authentic interior? Only the natural charm of wood flooring will be able to enchant you. With a wide variety of designs and styles, Quickstep wood floors will grant all your wishes.
Elka flooring Elka provides a great selection of wooden floors, that have the potential to bring warmth and beauty to every home. Their engineered products ensure excellent thermal and acoustic properties. The carefully selected flooring products include some great colours and a popular, high-quality selection of 20 mm thick oak and walnut flooring.


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