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Wood Floor Staining

Wood floor staining allows us a window of many opportunities to customise our own wood flooring and transform it completely, achieving a look that is unique, creating a certain atmosphere, standing out, and adding a lot of character to each room and space of the house. In fact, wood floor staining can transform your favourite wooden floor and make it the statement piece of the room, attracting all the attention and making your guests gaze in awe. However, if too dramatic and artistic looks are not your cup of tea, you can still take advantage of the staining process and create a wooden floor that perfectly blends with the rest of your interior. No matter if you want to completely change the look of your wooden floor or you simply desire to enhance its natural beauty, colour, and texture, wood floor staining is the perfect service for you.

The staining of wooden floors helps us match our floors with the rest of the interior ideas without the need of replacing the floor. There are various ways of changing the colour of wooden floors and certain limitations, depending on the timber and type of flooring we have.

FlooringFirst uses mainly light fast Morrell's stains and Bona's oil-based Create a palette of colours. Our whitewash and grey wash effects are achieved by stains applied onto bare wood and colourants mixed with the sealant. Both types of colour effects have their own advantages and that is why your choice of wood floor staining comes with our guidance. We are trained specialists with years of experience in the field and a lot of projects part of our portfolio. We would be happy to inspect the condition of your wooden floor and determine the best wood floor staining method, keeping in mind the specifics of the wood species and the effect you want to be achieved. 

Wood floor staining

Light Fast Colours (Above, Left » Right):
Jacobean Oak • Dark Oak • Natural Mahogany • Rosewood • Teak • Golden Oak • Medium Oak • Light Oak • Antique Pine

Staining Pine Floor Boards

Pine wood species are among the most challenging to stain evenly and beautifully among the common domestic floors. Pine is softwood, which means it has a more flexible structure that makes different treatments like wood floor sanding and screening smoother and easier. However, when it comes to the absorption abilities of pine and staining this type of wood, here is when you need a truly professional approach and an expert with experience and knowledge. Since pine wood naturally has a dense structure of smaller pores, wood floor staining and finishing products are not that evenly absorbed and as a result you can get a patchy surface and weakened colour intensity of the stain.

When it comes to pine wood staining, most people are going for the deep, mellow brown of antique pine. Unfortunately, if not done properly and by experienced staining professionals, staining new pine to achieve that beautiful look of antique wood is disappointing, to say the least. One of the biggest issues with the wood species is the peculiar "grain reversal" effect, when only the porous earlywood is coloured, forming super-absorbent pockets and causing a megablotchy and unnatural surface. However, left in the hands of a knowledgeable specialist, wood floor staining can give pine the rich-looking colour you are going for.

Bona Create Wood Floor StainsStaining Solid Oak Flooring

Oak wood flooring is definitely one of the most popular wood flooring options on the market, this is why you can stop it in the majority of European households. Oak wood species come in two categories from two types of trees - red oak and white oak. As the names suggest, materials sourced from the different tree species come with different natural colouring. While white wood comes with a lighter natural colour and it is perfect for wood floor staining in light or mid-brown colours, red oak has distinctive pinkish undertones, which allows staining in brownish and reddish shades.

No matter if it comes to white or red oak, both wood species are great for staining and their structure allows for different types of products to be absorbed evenly and create intensive colour and uniform covering. An oak wood flooring allows a lot of great opportunities for wood floor staining, a wide choice of shades that can be achieved and different staining products that can be used. 

Staining Engineered Oak Flooring

Engineered flooring comes with the thickness of a real wood top layer from 3 to 6 mm. Restoration of engineered flooring with a 3 mm top layer is not recommended. Due to refinishing of the floors with a machine, unevenness in the level of the floors or the planks may cause in some areas the top layer to be sanded deeper than other areas. Applying the lightfast stain and sealing the floors may result in a patchy effect on the floors.

Therefore, it is recommended engineered floors with a 3-mm top layer be sealed with clear sealant only, or use of hardwax-oil colours instead.

Staining Maple Flooring

Unfinished maple timber has a creamy colour, lighter than oak and pine. This is one of the reasons that type of flooring will absorb stain colours in a lighter shade than other species, being a bit unpredictable. Maple is also very sensitive to abrasives used in the floor sanding, to get a smooth finish - the finest abrasives would need to be used. Experienced fitters, however, know that the finer the surface remains, the less absorbent becomes the stain/grain.

What Colours You Will See With Our Service?

The following standard set of wood stain colours we keep available in our vans at all times:

  • Light-Fast Stains:
    • Antique Pine
    • Antique Yew
    • Light Oak
    • Medium Oak
    • Dark Oak
    • Teak
    • Walnut
    • Rosewood
    • Natural Mahogany
    • Jacobean Oak
    • Black
  • Bona Create
    • Antique Pine
    • Antique Yew
    • Light Oak
  • Osmo Transparent
    • Oak Antique
    • Walnut
    • Ebony
    • White


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