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Light Floor Sanding

Light floor sanding

Among the main advantages of a real wood floor, you can enjoy the fact that classic timber floor, modern engineered wood ones, and elegant parquet can all look brand-new and be extra durable and hard-wearing even after years of everyday use. In fact, wear and tear also affect real wood flooring. Add to this the handful of other factors within and outside our control that can leave traces of wear and distress on the favourite wooden floorboards. Even an iron floor will be left scratched, distressed, and stained once it is used on a daily basis and affected by changes in its environment such as increased humidity and moisture content, temperature fluctuations, etc. However, what makes a real wood floor extra special is the fact it can be sanded and refinished a few times in its lifecycle and look like it has been just installed even after decades.

Now, real wood floors are designed to last you a whole century if you make sure you take proper care and ensure regular maintenance. An in-depth part of the maintenance routine for a wooden floor is definitely the role of sanding and refinishing. Unfortunately, sanding services tend to get a bad reputation for being a lot of stress, hassle, and mess. Do they cause so much disruption even nowadays considering the innovations and progress made by the wood flooring industry in the last few decades? Here is some good news for you - wood floor sanding is no more stress and mess, especially if it comes to light floor sanding.

What is Light Floor Sanding?

As the name of the service suggests, at its core this is a classic sanding process, however, in the case of light floor sanding, the process is done partially. Light floor sanding treats only the surface of the floor. The service works by removing only the uppermost layer of the floor that usually consists of the finish and does not strip off a layer of the bare wood beneath.

By stripping off the old layer of finish, light floor sanding also removes all smaller and finer imperfections and issues on the surface of the floor, including all scratches, marks, stains, fading colour, dulling the worn appearance. Once the light floor sanding is finished, the surface is left smooth and sleek. The service is delivered with the help of special sanding machinery and equipment that is designed to only lightly treat the surface of the floor without sanding deeper than the surface of the bare wood underneath the finish. It is a daintier and finer process that requires mastership, attention to detail, caution.

Why Choose Light Floor Sanding?

Light wood floor sandingLight floor sanding is definitely the better choice for wood floors that do not show signs of excessive wear and tear. In case your floor is affected just by a slight usage and the finish is slightly scratched, light floor sanding will ensure this instant boost of refreshment. Think of light floor sanding as a facelift for your floor - it will just beauty it and make it look younger and fresher, enhancing its natural beauty. In addition, light floor sanding contributes to improving the overall condition of the floor by removing all smaller imperfections on the surface that can eventually grow bigger and more serious over time and when left completely neglected.

Light floor sanding is often preferred just because it is significantly less messy than a classic, heavy-duty wood floor sanding service. The amount of sawdust is decreased to the minimum, it takes significantly less time, the results are still very impressive. Light floor sanding also prepares the surface for the application of a fresh new layer of finishing product or a stain. By removing the surface imperfections, the colour pigments won't highlight all issues which will happen if you decide to stain the floor without sanding, and you will enjoy a flawless surface and sleek coverage of the product.

Light floor sanding is also a great choice for wooden floors that cannot be re-sanded anymore due to the floorboards getting too thin. Even if the boards of your floor are thick enough to be sanded the classic way, light floor sanding is still a great alternative that will reduce the loss of floorboard thickness.

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