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Light Floor Sanding

Light floor sanding

Among the main advantages of real wood floors, enjoy the fact that classic timber floors, modern engineered wood options, and elegant parquet can all look brand-new and remain durable even after years of use. However, wear and tear can still affect real wood flooring, leaving traces of distress on your beloved floorboards. But here's the good news - real wood floors can be sanded and refinished multiple times, looking like they've just been installed even after decades.

Proper care and regular maintenance can make your real wood floors last a whole century. A crucial part of the maintenance routine is sanding and refinishing. Fortunately, light floor sanding offers a stress-free and mess-free solution, especially when it comes to FlooringFirst!'s services in London.

What is Light Floor Sanding?

Light floor sanding is a classic sanding process that treats only the surface of the floor. It involves removing the uppermost layer of finish while leaving the bare wood beneath untouched. By removing the old layer of finish, light floor sanding eliminates scratches, marks, stains, fading colour, and the worn appearance of the surface. The result is a smooth and sleek floor. Our skilled craftsmen utilise special sanding machinery and equipment designed to lightly treat the surface without sanding deeper than the surface of the bare wood. This delicate process requires mastery, attention to detail, and caution.

Why Choose Light Floor Sanding?

Light wood floor sandingLight floor sanding is the ideal choice for wood floors that don't show signs of excessive wear and tear. If your floor is slightly scratched and affected by light usage, light floor sanding will give it an instant refreshment, making it look younger and enhancing its natural beauty. Additionally, this process improves the overall condition of the floor by removing smaller imperfections that could become more serious over time if neglected.

Light floor sanding is preferred for its minimal mess compared to traditional heavy-duty sanding. It takes less time but still delivers impressive results. Moreover, light floor sanding prepares the surface for a fresh layer of finishing product or stain. By removing surface imperfections, the colour pigments won't highlight any issues, ensuring flawless and sleek coverage. If your wooden floors can't undergo traditional sanding due to thin floorboards, light floor sanding is an excellent alternative that minimises the loss of floorboard thickness while rejuvenating the appearance.

Trust FlooringFirst! to deliver exceptional craftsmanship and revive your floors to perfection with our light floor sanding services in London. Experience flawless results that bring back the natural beauty of your floors. Contact us today for outstanding service and a floor transformation that will leave a lasting impression.

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