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Wood Floor Sealing

Wood floor sealing

One of the biggest advantages of owning a real wood floor is the fact it can go through a wood floor sealing and renovation treatment over and over again so the floor looks brand new and feels stable, solid, and durable even after years of extensive use and high traffic. The results of every wood floor sealing service are truly dramatic when done by experienced and knowledgeable professionals, so even the most worn and aged wooden floor that seems to struggle with issues beyond repair has the chance to be brought back to its initial beauty and glory.

Reliable wood floor sealing experts take care of your real wood floor and approach each project with individual approach and attention to detail, so only the most necessary treatments and services are performed and only the best is done for your wooden floor and for a smooth-running and stress-free wood floor sealing and renovation project.

Wood Floor Sealing - The Necessary Upkeep

The importance of renovating and taking care of your wooden floor is undoubtful. If maintained properly and regularly, most real wood floors are designed to last up to a whole century and even beyond. This pretty much means that real wood flooring is an investment worth every penny and they definitely provide you with the return of investment thanks to their durability, sturdiness, and stunning appearance. However, in order to maintain and improve the floor's durability and attractiveness, wood floor sealing and sanding play a pretty essential key role.

Both professional services are designed to take care of the service of the floor, remove and handle all sorts of imperfections by making the floor look new and minimising the risk of more serious and major problems and issues. While wood floor sanding is the more aggressive, heavy-duty part of the maintenance service, wood floor sealing provides the finishing touches that make the floor look sleek and stunning and at the same time ensures lasting and hard-wearing protection which makes your wood flooring resistant to moisture, impact, high traffic, and more.

Wood Floor Sealing - Beauty and Protection

Wood floor sealing - floor sealed with dark colour finish

Once the floor has undergone the necessary process of sanding and all imperfections on the surface are removed along with any dirt build-up plus the old and worn layers of finishing product, now the pores of the wooden structure are opened and ready for efficient absorption of the protective layers of finishing product. Right after the last round of sanding the floor's surface is the perfect time for wood floor sealing.

Before the wood floor professionals continue with wood floor sealing, your favourite floor should be first sanded, repaired, gap-filled and stained, if necessary and if you opt for changing the colour and enhancing the natural shade of the wood species. Once these beneficial treatments are finished, our experienced and reliable specialists will get down to the last touches of the job and seal the bare wood surface.

Wood floor sealing while using either a high-quality lacquer finish or an oil finish is a crucial part of the procedure. It may sound like a pretty straightforward and simple stage of the whole project, however, do not underestimate the advantage of professionally done wood floor sealing and how much of a difference it can make. So if you are aiming towards nothing less than perfect results, a specialist service is always the key. All of our expert wood floor renovation specialists use professional-grade products created by leading companies in the flooring industry such as Bona, Osmo, and Junckers.

Professional Wood Floor Sealing and Products Worth Considering

The range of the floor finishes we work with encompasses everything from water-based single component clear lacquers, designed for domestic settings, through two-component commercial-grade lacquers, and the newest range of natural lacquers that tint the colour of the bare wood to a minimum, leaving the floors with an unfinished timber look as natural as possible. We endorse the usage of hard wax-oil products such as Osmo and Bona, however, upon the client's request, we will have no qualms about using Blanchon products.

Each of Bona and Juncker's water-based lacquers is classified as a low VOC product. All of Osmo products contain natural components and ingredients. We choose to work with leading brands and manufacturers on the wood flooring market with products that have passed the test of time and proved their long-lasting and hard-wearing power as well as their harmless list of contents. All of the wood floor sealing and finishing products we use when delivering professional services to your home are absolutely safe, non-toxic, and eco-friendly, which makes them the perfect choice even for households with young children and toddlers as well as pets.

Floor Finishes Used During Our Sanding Services

The complete range of products used for wood floor sealing by FlooringFirst! is available here ».

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