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The Products Used in Our Floor Sanding and Installation Services

During the years of experience, we have established a range of professional wood floor installation and restoration products, which we recommend for use in our floor sanding and wood floor fitting services. Please find below more information and specifications about the products and equipment we utilise, including their Safety Data Sheets.

Bona Mega Lacquer


Bona Mega

Bona Mega Varnish is a one-component, waterborne, 100% polyurethane finish for the surface treatment of timber floors in commercial and domestic areas subject to heavy wear. As crosslinking is achieved using oxygen in the air, Mega has the performance of a two-component finish without requiring a separate catalyst. It has all the advantages of a waterborne system, but still gives a deep, rich colouration similar to a solvent based finish.

Bona Mega comes in extra-matt, matt, satin and gloss sheens.

bona traffic hd varnishBona Traffic HD

Bona Traffic HD Varnish is a two-component, waterborne, 100% polyurethane finish for the surface treatment of timber floors in commercial premises or wherever a high resistance to wear is required. It is also suitable for overcoating compatible factory pre-finished timber and cork floors. Traffic provides a clear, natural appearance, giving almost invisible protection when the IP (Matt) version is used. However, unlike oil, it offers a simple level of maintenance. Traffic is Bona's most hard-wearing lacquer. Available in IP (Matt) or Silkmatt versions. Where there is a risk of sidebonding, Bona Prime Classic is recommended for the initial coat on bare wood.

Bona Traffic comes in extra-matt, matt and satin sheens.

Bona Classic Primer 5 Litres

Bona Classic Primer

Bona Classic Primer is a primer for light wood colouration which produces a high-elasticity and well-bodies surface, thanks to its solid content. With a low viscosity and forgiving application properties, it's suitable for all types of wood. This is a single component primer for water-based Bona lacquers, serving to increase bonding time while reducing the drying time of Bona Mega, Bona Traffic and Bona Novia.



Bona D501 Primer 5 Litres

Bona D501

Bona D501 is a one-component primer, used to prepare the substrates prior to the use of silan-based Bona adhesives - such as Bona R844, R845, R850/850T, R860 and R870. It's suitable for both absorbent and non-absorbent substrates (without magnesium industrial floors), as well as chipboards and panels. It's ready to use, solvent-free, fast-drying and it's suitable for all Bona silan based adhesives.



Bona Primer Amberseal 5 Litres


Bona Prime Amberseal


A truly innovative waterbourne primer, the new Bona Prime Amberseal brings intense, rich, and warm colours to your wooden floors. With a low VOC and fast drying time, it's a natural and safe alternative for all of your furniture.


Bona Prime Deep 1 LitreBona Prime Deep


Bona Prime Deep is an oil-based primer designed to produce an enriched grain pattern and colour, previously only possible by using a product with a high solvent content. This Bona product is easy to apply, there's no risk of overlapping, and it contains less than 10% VOC. It provides the wood with the same colour and depth as the old, traditional solvent-based finishes.  This product is designed to be used with Bona's waterborne finish system.


Bona Prime Intense 5 LitresBona Prime Intense


Bona Prime Intense is a waterborne primer for untreated wooden floors, producing a medium to rich wood colouration. The risk of uneven colouration is reduced to a minimum, while the product retains its strength and remains easy to abrade, thus bringing out the beauty in your wooden floor.



Bona Mega NaturalBona Mega & Traffic Natural

Bona Naturale comes as single and two-component varnish and it offers architects and designers a way of achieving a completely natural looking wooden floor with the durability and protection essential for commercial, retail or public spaces. Bona Naturale two-component gives a floor sealing protection comparable to Bona's most wear-resistant finish. Waterborne Bona Naturale two-component should be combined with Bona Naturale Base. Slip resistance is also a feature of this finish, making it suitable for public areas, restaurants etc. Bona Naturale has also been tested for resistance to fire in accordance with EN 13501-1:2004.

Please note, Bona Naturale is not usually included as a standard finish in FlooringFirst quotations, but it will be recommended for certain floor works.

Junckers strong varnish

Bona Natural Range comes only in extra-matt sheen.


Junckers Strong Varnish

Strong is the name of the water-based, low odour polyurethane lacquer with a hard-wearing quality, which the world leader of commercial wooden flooring Junckers has chosen for their single component floor sealant. This extremely durable product we will apply followed by a priming coat with Junckers Prelak.

Junckers Strong comes in matt, satin and gloss sheens. Junckers BasePrime Primer 5 Litres

Junckers BasePrime Primer

Junckers BasePrime is a quick-drying primer, which in combination with a Junckers' solvent-based or water-based lacquer, is a perfect fit for most sanded and untreated parquet floor, even counting the more expensive exotic woods. It provides a light gold appearance to any light-coloured wood floors.



Junckers PreLak PrimerJunckers PreLak Primer 5 Litres

Junckers' PreLak Primer is a fast drying, water-based primer, designed to be used alongside any water-based floor finishing products. It provides a water-based solution to priming floors from wood species which are sensitive to any and all humidity changes.


Junckers PreLak White PrimerJunckers PreLak Primer White 5 Litres

Junckers' PreLak White Primer is a water-based, fast-drying primer that adds a whitewash shade to the floor's finish. It can be overcoated with other Junckers products - such as Junckers Strong, Junckers HP Commercial, or any other water-based finish. Like the ordinary version, PreLak White also helps prime floors made from moisture-sensitive wood.



Junckers HP commercial lacquer

Junckers HP Commercial

Junckers HP Commercial is a low-odour, hard-wearing water-based polyurethane lacquer for sealing prefinished or untreated wooden floors with intended commercial use. Two coats of the product will be applied after 1 coat of Junckers Prelak primer.

FlooringFirst also offers Junckers HP Friction+, which is the slip resistant version of HP Commercial lacquer.

Juncker HP Commercial comes in ultra-matt, satin and gloss sheens.

parquet blocks fitting with adhesive

Bona R850 & R848 Wood Floor Adhesive

R850 is an elastic single component silane-based adhesive for parquet floors fitting. The hardened adhesive is similar to conventional adhesives - able to withhold thrust during expansion, while the resistance against shrinkage is very low. Tensions to the sub floor are therefore reduced. The use of a primer is in general not necessary. The adhesive hardens by a chemical reaction with moisture.

Bona R580 Moisture Barier

Unique, single coat, fast setting, silane-based moisture barrier. Water and solvent-free, Bona R580 is designed to treat damp sub floors prior to the installation of wood flooring using Bona silane-based adhesives. Bona R580 can be used as a two-component system with water to gain an even shorter setting time.
Bona R580 is also compatible with Bona H650 levelling compound. Quartz sand must be broadcast into wet Bona R580 before the application of the levelling compound.

Bona R580 is fully compatible with Bona adhesives R850, R845 and R860 which can be applied directly to the moisture barrier.

Jenkins filler mixed with saw dust remains

Jenkins & Blanchon Resin Joint Fillers

Jenkins Resin Wood Floor Filler is a quality compound which is used mixed with the dust collected during the finer floor  sanding stages of the restoration process. The wood dust is mixed with the filler and applied into the gaps, cracks and scratches of the floor. The wood filler hardens quickly becoming a solid matter, which will require re-sanding of the floors again. In most cases, the procedure has to be repeated two or three times.

An important step in wood floor gap filling, especially when working with pine floor boards, is fixing the floors prior to the gap filling. Please note, most companies will not guarantee the durability of the gap filling, as sometimes the solidness of the floor depends on the subfloor base.


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