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Stairs Sanding

Oak Stairs RenovationThe staircase is often the most neglected area of the house. However, your stairs do not deserve to be just the carpet-covered connection between different floors of the house. Especially if you are a lucky owner of wooden stairs, you want to step up your game and take proper care of the wooden surface, in order to make sure your stairs will last forever, look amazing, and ensure perfect comfort and safety.
Far beyond just purely functional your staircase has the potential to become a central piece of your home.

At the end of the day, the staircase is usually one of the first elements of interior design spotted upon entering your home. It can either leave a positive and lasting first impression on everyone visiting your property or it can become a red flag, making people question how you look after your home every time they are welcomed by a poorly-maintained, sad-looking staircase. In order to avoid the latter, you definitely want to take proper care and ensure the best upkeep for your wooden stairs. A professional wood stair sanding service provided by our professional and experienced wood renovation team in London is all you need.

Restoration of stairs is a relatively time-consuming and labour-intensive process since only smaller sanding tools can be used and most of the work needs to be done by hand. However, once restored, the stairs can become a stunning centrepiece in any home.

Like any wooden flooring, stairs can be sanded several times to restore the beautiful natural look. It is a shame to cover the stunning appearance of any wooden floor with other coverings like carpets or rugs, as nothing really will be able to compete with the beauty of natural wood.

Stairs Sanding and Restoration

Stairs sanding is often considered a challenging project. Indeed, sanding each stair and all the wooden elements of the staircase step by step is a tricky thing and takes some time. Awkward shapes and fiddly corners make wood floor sanding a test for the patience even of the calmest person or the most experienced wood floor sanding specialist. However, this does not have to stop you from wanting the best upkeep for your beautiful wooden staircase. All you need is to find the right company that will approach the project with attention to detail and ensure the best performance and results possible. FlooringFirst! is this kind of company for you.

In case the stairs have been previously painted, every wood stairs sanding service starts with stripping the old paint first. This is essential so a perfectly smooth and even surface of the stairs can be achieved later on. Next, the stairs sanding process itself is labour-intensive too. Unlike sanding a large surface of a floor, stairs are smaller and oddly shaped, which requires the usage of daintier equipment only and often involves sanding by hand for reaching all the nooks and corners of the space.

The main areas of your stairs that need to be sanded are the treads, which are the areas you step on, and the risers, which are the vertical backings of every tread. Due to the more specific work, stairs sanding requires a high level of craftsmanship only wood floor professionals with a fair share of expertise and experience can offer. Therefore, always make sure to leave the job in the reliable hands of professionals like the members of FlooringFirst's team.

Stairs Refinishing and Staining

Once sanded, stairs can be stained with your desired colour or just sealed with clear varnish or oil for a striking effect that enhances the natural beauty of wood's grain and colour. There are extremely hard-wearing wood floor sealants available today for areas like stairs where a high level of foot traffic is expected, so you should not worry about the durability of the floor finish.

Our standard service includes refinishing treads and risers only as bannisters is something we normally do not tackle. Occasionally we can undertake the restoration of sideboards as well, but in many cases, during the period of their existence, they have been painted sometimes. During this time imperfections, joints and cracks have been filled with paint and fillers, which will be difficult to completely remove. This can spoil the uniform appearance expected after the restoration.

Staircase repairs and replacement of nosings which have been damaged is also included in our service. This may be required to extend the safety and life of your stairs. Professional stairs sanding service in London can make a lot of difference for even worn and old wooden staircases as well as stairs that have been covered by a carpet for years and years.

While sanding brings wood back to its initial glory and beauty, the following finishing and staining services provide the finishing touches that will make your stairs looking like brand-new and stunning. Improved durability, stability, and comfort are the main reasons to choose and invest in stairs sanding and renovation treatment performed by reliable and reputable sanding experts at FlooringFirst!.

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