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Sanding & Maintenance of Dinesen Solid Wood Flooring

Dinesen floor sanding and maintenanceFor more than a century Dinesen is establishing a name for itself in the wood flooring industry. With the main goal of utilising the synergy between classic craftsmanship and advanced technology when it comes to solid wood and engineered wood flooring, Dinesen is a company with deeply-rooted traditions in the manufacturing and maintenance of your favourite real wood floors. The company is highly involved in supporting sustainable forestry and sources all lumber material for the manufacturing of blue-chip quality wood flooring from European forests.

Paying close attention to the diversity and uniqueness of all wood species used in the wood flooring industry, Dinesen is creating bespoke wood floors that can be the pride and joy of every household or commercial and public space. Dinesen’s hardwood floors are always passionately working towards the concept of bringing the beauty of nature in the home. Following their core concept, the company is creating wooden floors that are reflecting the magical beauty of European nature along with the functionality, comfort, and durability required for every home.

Dinesen Hardwood Floors – For the Love of Nature and Beauty

Everything about wood floors by Dinesen reflects the company’s philosophy for respect to nature, high-quality materials, and goods craftsmanship and it has been like that for already four generations. With such great flooring products, it is safe to say that Dinesen hardwood floors are created to last for decades and be enjoyed by many generations thanks to great durability, hard-wearing, and long-lasting power. Wood floors by Dinesen are distinctive for their unique character and personality because every wooden plank is carefully selected and exceptional. With such an attitude towards their products, Dinesen is a company focusing on really high standards and great quality. Having such naturally beautiful and unique solid wood flooring installed at your property, you definitely want to take proper care and regular maintenance and ensure the beauty and durability will last forever.

Take Care of Dinesen Real Wood Flooring

Dinesen hardwood floor maintenanceThe whole concept behind Dinesen’s wood flooring products is bringing the serenity and tranquillity of nature and forests into the home. With such attention to detail, wood floors are durable, hard-wearing, and long-lasting. However, you should always make sure you are taking the proper care and regularly clean and maintain your wooden flooring. In fact, solid wood floors are designed to exist for a whole century and still look and feel amazing. In order to ensure you will enjoy your hardwood flooring for many decades, maintenance is important. Regular and proper cleaning is the fundamental basis of basic wood floor maintenance.

It involves an effortless and simple yet very effective cleaning routine focused on a gentle and tender approach that preserves the beauty and good condition of the wooden floor while effectively removing all dust, dirt, allergens, and bacteria. Wood floors are naturally hygienic and easy to maintain. Choose the right floor cleaning products and follow a regular routine to ensure the topnotch condition of your floor. Furthermore, make sure to invest your time in coming up with effective ways of preventing scratches, stains, and other surface imperfections as much as possible. Remember to pick hard-wearing and high-quality finishes and maintenance products that will further protect bare wood and its colour, texture, beauty. Following these effective maintenance tips will help you enjoy your floor for a long time. Next, you have to consider more in-depth maintenance and care every now and then.

Dinesen Solid Wood Flooring – Sanding and Refinishing

One of the main reasons why people pick solid wood flooring for both domestic and commercial settings is the opportunity to have the floor looking brand-new and in perfect condition for a very long time. The secret behind this everlasting beauty and durability is wood floor sanding. Thanks to the high quality and extreme durability, solid wood floors by Dinesen can be sanded a few times in their lifespan. It is all because of the thickness of the floorboards and the quality of wood materials used that allow re-sanding and refinishing throughout the years.

The whole concept of the wood floor sanding service consists of removing the top layer of the wooden floor. When it comes to older and worn floors, the top layer consists of the worn finish along with all imperfections on the surface, including stains, scratches, dents, marks, dirt build-ups, etc. The result of sanding the floor is a smooth and even surface. Sanding helps Dinesen’s floors to look as good and charming as on the first day of their installation even after long years of everyday use and high traffic. Furthermore, sanding is recommended even for newly installed Dinesen floors, when they are unfinished. The process will open the pores of the wood structure and ensure great penetration and even surface coverage of all staining and finishing products used afterwards.

A Synergy of Professionalism and High Quality

In case your goal is achieving perfect results when it comes to wood floor sanding and maintenance of the beautiful Dinesen solid wood floors, always make sure you leave all sanding and refinishing work in the reliable and experienced hands of professionals. Only a reputable and professional wood floor service contractor can approach every sanding and refinishing project with the high standard of craftsmanship, dedication, attention to details a Dinesen floor deserves and should be approached with.

Thanks to their extensive and advanced training, solid wood floor sanding professionals have the right skills and expertise to take good care of Dinesen’s solid wood floors and achieve outstanding outcomes. No matter if it comes to your everyday floor cleaning routine, or you are hiring a professional maintenance service for your Dinesen floor, you can rely on a wide variety of care, cleaning, and finishing products designed by the brand for their own floors. Knowing the needs of specifics of the floors they create, Dinesen design wood floor oils and finishes and cleaning solutions and soaps that are focused on enhancing the natural beauty of the floors and preserving their unique textures, colours, undertones.

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