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Repairing and replacing damaged floorboardsWe know accidents happen and that wood flooring, like many other things, do not last forever. So, what are you supposed to do when your floor gets damaged? Is there a way you fix it yourself or you should call in a professional service to do it for you? Whatever you decide to do, do not panic. Depending on the scope of the damage, you may be able to repair the floor yourself, but we would rather you call FlooringFirst! - professional flooring company in London.

People without proper training, skills, equipment and professional products using an online "how-to" guide tend to make costly mistakes. So, why not call FlooringFirst and save yourself all the hassle? We have been around for many years now and know what to do and how to do it. And even better, we provide the most affordable service, so you will not have to break the bank in order to afford our services and have your floor repaired professionally by our experienced, knowledgeable, and skilled wood floor renovation specialists.

Floorboard Replacement - When and Why?

There is no doubt that real wood floors are one of the most durable, hard-wearing, solid, and long-lasting flooring options available on the market. People love real wood floors not only for their attractiveness and the variety of styles and designs you can enjoy, but mostly because of their strength, sturdiness, and durability that last for decades.

However, in some cases, even a high-quality wooden floor could become a subject of serious issues. While the majority of the common wood floor issues like stains, minor water damage, dents, gaps, scratches, other surface imperfections, etc are easily fixed with the help of sanding and refinishing, in some cases, the damage or imperfection is way too serious to be removed by the sanding machine only. In cases like broken floorboards, serious moisture damage, deep dents, and more, you wouldn't be a way to sand the issue away and enjoy your floor in perfect condition. Therefore, a professional floorboard replacement service is available whenever you want to bring your floor back to its initial glory, durability, quality, and beauty.

A professional floorboard replacement is a very beneficial service that allows you to enjoy your floor being fixed by reliable and experienced specialists for just a fraction of the cost of actually lifting and replacing the whole floor with a new one. Therefore, just because your floor is struggling with damage in a certain area, it does not mean you have to get rid of it and purchase a new floor. Professional floorboard replacement is a spot wood floor repair treatment that involves the damaged areas of the floor, the damaged and distressed floorboards more specifically. The treatment will not affect the structural integrity of your floor, but it can definitely improve it once the new and strong floorboards are installed. The service is also dedicated to visually improving the floor, often making it look like a new one.

Floorboards replacing

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The damaged area of your floor does not equate to forever covering it with a rug, nor that you have to have your floor fully lifted and removed and new wooden flooring installed. When it comes to replacing floorboards, we know it takes patience and proper materials, including replacement boards. We will find the best ones that fit your own floor and use machinery on the cutting edge of technology.

Our FlooringFirst! professionals will determine which planks need to be removed and damaged portions cut out, pull them out, install the best replacement boards to fit your flooring, make sure there are no floor gaps, sand, stain if needed then sand and finish the floor.

Ultimately, you would need a professional to have your damaged flooring replaced if you need the job done perfectly. It´s not just because of the job itself and all the things you need to know and allow for, but to have the perfect match in terms of wood type, colour, age and installation so everything blends seamlessly.

What to Expect?

Floorboards after replacing damaged planks, sanding and sealing

Normally, a floorboard replacement service causes minimal disruption and hassle. However, keep in mind that each project is different and some may require more work, respectively, longer to be finished and until perfect results are achieved. Hiring our professional wood floor renovation team means you will have your floor and its condition first inspected. In case the damages could be fixed any other way, our specialists will discuss your options and the opportunities you have, they will tell you if floorboard replacement is not necessary.

However, if after the assessment of the floor's condition, it is still necessary to have some floorboards replaced, then our professional will continue with lifting the damaged floorboards and removing them. Depending on the type of installation of the floor as well as other factors, this step may take longer or be done within an hour or less. Now, once the damaged floorboards are lifted, it is time to replace them with new floorboards.

Our specialists do their best in order to find the perfect match. Normally, reclaimed wood materials will be chosen, since this type of wood has also changed over time and is affected by wear and use just like your floor. This means that once the new floorboards are installed, the floor's surface will look uniform and even. Next, sanding the surface and application of a finish are required as final touches for achieving the best results.

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