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Repairing and replacing damaged floorboardsWe know accidents happen and that wood flooring, as many other things does not last forever. So, what are you supposed to do when your floor gets damaged? Is there a way you fix it yourself or you should call in a professional service to do it for you? Whatever you decide to do, do not panic. Depending on the magnitude of the damage, you may be able to repair the floor yourself, but we would rather you called us.

People without proper training, skills, equipment and professional products using an electronic "how-to" guide tend to make costly mistakes. So, why not call FlooringFirst and save yourself all the hassle? We have been around for many years now and know what to do and how to do it. And even better, we provide a most affordable service, so you will not have to take a second mortgage on your home to afford our services and have your floor repaired.

floorboards replacing

Pine Floor Boards & Solid Oak Planks Repairs

The damaged area of your floor does not equates to forever covering it with a rug,  neither is does to having your entire floor pulled up, removed and new wooden flooring installed. When it comes to replacing floorboards, we know it takes patience and proper materials, including replacement boards. We will find the best ones that fit your own floor and use machinery on the cutting edge of technology.

floorboards after replacing damaged planks, sanding and sealing
Our FlooringFirst professionals will determine which planks need to be removed and damaged portions cut out, pull them out, install the best replacement boards to fit your flooring, making sure there are not floor gaps, sand, stain if needed then sand and finish the floor.

Ultimately, you would need a professional to have your damaged flooring replaced if you need the job done perfectly. It´s not just because of the job itself and all the things you need to know and allow for, but to have the perfect match in terms of wood type, color, age and installation so everything blends seamlessly.

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