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Measures We Take To Protect Your Home During Sanding

A professional floor sanding company would take responsibility for the safety and cleanliness of your home. The real experts undertake several measures, which assure the customers’ piece of mind for the well being of their home while the floor restoration takes place. Some of the preparation services are discussed below:

Once the floor men come to the property they will make sure that the areas for restoration are free of any furniture. They would help you move heavy pieces and empty the room as much as possible. If some pieces of furniture need to stay in the room while floor restoration takes place, the floor will be divided and sanded in parts and the furniture moved from one part of the room to another.

Dust Sheets

Polythene dust sheets will be used for maximum dust protection of any valuable pieces of furniture, painting, walls, doors, etc. while sanding is done. Those can be used to seal entrances or stairs to prevent completely any dust moving to areas outside of the service.

Please note, although our main floor restoration is dust free there are processes and services, which can produce some amount of dust and these include: stairs sanding and banister restoration; manually re-finishing corners and uneven or vertical wooden panels.

Advance Precision Masking TapeMasking Taped

Masking tapes prevent your skirting boards, beadings, walls, doors, door frames and fireplaces from being damaged, scratched or coloured while our experts are sanding, staining and finishing the wooden installation. The standard masking tape usually used for these purposes is made of paper. When working with this type of material, one should be prepared for some risks being taken. During the finishing process, when lacquer or stain is applied, the surface under the tape can get affected. Another disadvantage of this type masking tape is that sometimes it may have too strong tack adhesion. This can cause residue of the adhesive to remain on the surface or damage freshly finished skirting boards or walls.

In FlooringFirst! we prevent those issues by using Advanced Ultra Low Tack Masking Tape. This product is made from synthetic material and guarantees that sealants will not penetrate to the painted surface. The low tack adhesion of the tape guarantees no residue on the surface after removal and your paint will stay untouched.

dust remains after sanding, masking tape on the beadings

Dust Control

Our sanding can achieve 100% dust-control on certain occasions using latest dust-free equipment. This would apply for larger areas where we can employ the Bona DCS system. In general, for any other size of the project, there is no need for worries about dust, because our operators rely on a professional vacuum cleaner, which will remove any excess of dust after the sanding.

All those measures being taken beforehand would keep your home well protected from damages and dust. Wood floor restoration should be a stress-free experience and this is the benefit you get while using well-trusted and reliable floor sanding company.

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