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Floorboards Sanding

Floorboards sanding in London

A floorboards sanding service comes with a lot of benefits for floors made out of real wood, such as solid wood, engineered wood, and parquet. In general, owning a real wood floor is like hitting the jackpot. Hardwood floors are not only beautiful and attractive but also very durable and sturdy. You can enjoy them for many decades if you make sure you are maintaining them in perfect condition. While cleaning wood flooring requires a fairly simple and time-saving routine, real wood floors can be maintained even more in-depth, part of it being floorboards sanding.

It is one of the main reasons why people opt for this type of flooring. Floorboards sanding has the potential and power to transform even the most worn, aged, and distressed real wood floors and make them look and feel brand-new again and again. On average and depending on the type of wood flooring and its thickness, floorboards sanding can be performed up to four-five times in the lifespan of a floor. This pretty much means that floorboards sanding can provide you with a floor that looks flawless and is free of imperfections over and over again.

What is Floorboards Sanding?

When it comes to wood floor maintenance, floorboards sanding is one of the most popular professional services. Floorboards sanding can also be attempted as a DIY project, however, you have to have the full confidence and the right floorboards sanding equipment, experience, and knowledge to make sure you are performing floorboards sanding the right way. Otherwise, a weekend DIY project can turn into a real nightmare and you will later need the help of not just floorboards sanding professionals but also floor repair specialists.

Therefore, you are always recommended to leave floorboards sanding in the reliable hands of experienced professionals. Floorboards sanding is pretty much a simple and self-explanatory service. Floorboards sanding can differ a bit from one type of real wood floor to another. However, essentially, the whole point of floorboards sanding is removing the top layer of the floor with the help of different grits of sandpaper attached to different sorts of floorboards sanding equipment with a different purpose. The top layer of the board's floorboards sanding includes removing all imperfections on the surface, the old, worn, and damaged layer of finish, also a very thin layer from the surface of the bare wood. The result after floorboards sanding is a very smooth, sleek, and uniform surface that is ready for the application of stains and finishes. Floorboards sanding is essential before the application of any sort of flooring product not simply because it ensures a smooth and even surface, but also because floorboards sanding opens the pores of the wood and the products can soak into the wood’s structure, ensuring an even coverage.

Is Floorboards Sanding Different for the Different Types of Wood Flooring?

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Floorboards sanding in London 2

Essentially, floorboards sanding is removing the worn and distressed top layer from the surface of any type of real wood floor, including engineered wood, solid wood, and parquet. When it comes to a solid wood floor, floorboards sanding can be performed up to five times in its lifecycle. However, for engineered wood floors, floorboards sanding can be performed fewer times, because the top layer of engineered wood called lamella is thinner compared to solid wood. Finally, floorboards sanding of parquet is the service that requires the most experience, knowledge, and craftsmanship. When it comes to parquet flooring, it is installed in a wide variety of patterns and the floorboards are laid in different directions to create a beautiful pattern. Therefore, floorboards sanding should be performed with a lot of attention to detail, otherwise, there is a high risk of floorboards sanding against the grain, which can lead to a number of issues and damage the floorboards.

Floorboards Sanding Makes Floors Look Newer

Wood floors can look aged and worn for so many reasons. Factors such as high traffic, heavy footfall, moisture and humidity issues, stains, scratches, and other imperfections can not only affect the appearance of the floor, but also its condition and long-lasting power. Therefore, floorboards sanding is recommended whenever you start noticing some more significant changes in the way your floor looks and its stability feels. Floorboards sanding will remove the minor imperfections on the surface of the floor along with the worn and weaker finish. The new layer of finish will ensure the protection and preservation of the floor’s texture and colour. Floorboards sanding is a great solution to beautifying real wood floors and also ensuring better durability, lower risk of issues growing into big problems, and stronger protection.

Floorboards Sanding Ensures Easier Maintenance

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Wood floors are naturally hygienic and pretty easy to maintain, requiring a regular yet simple and timely cleaning routine. However, when floorboards sanding has been recently performed and the floorboards are freshly refinished, the cleaning routine becomes even easier and more effortless. Besides the fact that floorboards sanding ensures a better appearance and strong protection for real wood floors, floorboards sanding also guarantees a sleek and uniform surface that is easy to sweep daily, keep dustless, and clean. Thanks to floorboards sanding and refinishing, you can get rid of all stubborn stains and scratches and marks that make the floor appear very aged, distressed, and worn. Furthermore, floorboards sanding guarantees a very smooth surface with great coverage of the finish or stain, which means there will be no gaps and marks where allergens, bacteria, and germs can hide.

Floorboards Sanding Allows Creativity

Let’s say you are tired of the way your floor looks and you want a change, a small one or a twist of excitement added to this old wooden floor. Well, floorboards sanding is the perfect solution to such cases. Floorboards sanding will ideally prepare the floor’s surface for adding a new colour or a new finish that will change the way the floor looks. Floorboards sanding is important for removing all imperfections on the surface, otherwise, the pigments of the floor stain will make them more visible if you don’t get rid of them. Floorboards sanding ensures an even application and coverage of all sorts of floor stains and finishes.

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