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Recommended Commercial Floor Lacquers

In order to match the high standard of each wood floor sanding, renovation and refinishing service delivered by our experienced and professional teams at FlooringFirst!, we make sure to use finishes and lacquers we supply from leading companies in the wood flooring industry. This is the best way to make sure that your floor will get the best level of protection and the exact appearance you want.

Fortunately, nowadays even the wooden floors that get the highest traffic can be protected from the impact of high traffic and heavy footfall. This is achieved thanks to the usage of high-quality commercial-grade wood floor lacquers that are designed and tailored to the specific needs of a commercial floor installed at public and commercial premises. Since commercial wood floors will experience a lot more high traffic compared to domestic floors, a higher level of protection against wear and tear and damages is required. These high-quality commercial-grade wood floor lacquers not only improve the appearance of a wooden floor but also ensure long-lasting and hard-wearing protection against wear and tear and a floor that is easy to maintain and keep clean, plus additional resistance to impact, stress, moisture damage, and UV impact.

As a result of the application of high-quality commercial-grade lacquer, the wooden floor looks brand-new even after years of extensive use, the surface is sleek and uniform, the condition is improved and additional durability is ensured, the floor is protected from fading its natural colour, scratches, stains, marks, dents, and a number of other imperfections.

Bona Traffic HDBona Traffic HD and Junckers HT700 Floor Lacquer are the perfect finishes when it comes to sanding and resealing wooden floors in commercial premises like offices, schools, educational establishments, museums and galleries, restaurants, retail units, public offices and gyms.

Bona Traffic HD

It is a waterborne, commercial and residential hardwood floor finish. It is the industry's premium finish for durability and beauty.  It is designed specifically for the unique demands of heavy-traffic commercial and residential hardwood floors, Bona Traffic's advanced formula provides the ultimate in durability, outperforming any finish in the industry - moisture cure, solvent-based, oil-modified or other waterborne finishes. 

The clear and natural appearance of Bona Traffic HD enhances the natural beauty of the wood species' colour, grain, and texture. However, unlike any oil finish that will achieve a very natural look for the wooden floor, Bona Traffic HD is a powerful lacquer with amazing protective properties and long-lasting wear resistance. Bona Traffic HD is available in extra-matt, matt, and a satin sheen.

Bona Traffic Natural

In case you are looking for the powerful protection of an advanced wood floor lacquer formula, however, the glossy look is not your cup of tea and you are keen on the natural appearance of an oil finish, Bona Traffic Natural is right up your alley. The product provides every floor with superior protection against wear and surface issues, which makes it the perfect choice for real wood floors installed in commercial and public areas and being a subject of high traffic. Thanks to its innovative formula, Bona Traffic Natural preserves the natural colour and texture of the wood species, which provides you with the feel of pure and untreated wood. Bona Traffic Natural is your guarantee for long-term durability and reliable results.

Junckers HT700

Junckers HT700A low-odour, hard-wearing water-based polyurethane lacquer for sealing prefinished or untreated wooden floors with intended commercial use. Untreated and sanded boards should be primed with Junckers WB Primer to reduce the glueing effect. Junckers HT700 Floor Lacquer should be mixed with Junckers HT700 Floor Hardener before use, coming together with the package. As a Junckers product, it is easy to apply and dries relatively quickly.

For commercial flooring, the main battle between products comes to Bona Traffic and Junckers HT700. They are the best products on the market, the only difference comes down to the price, where Junckers HT700 is slightly cheaper than Bona Traffic, but both products are equally good performance-wise.

However, when it comes to commercial-grade finishes by these reliable brands in the industry, you still can choose from a diverse range of products worth checking out. Here are some more high-quality wood floor lacquers suitable for commercial floors and high-traffic areas.

Bona Mega

The one-component, waterborne Bona Mega Lacquer is a polyurethane finish designed for application onto the surfaces of real wood floors both in domestic settings and at commercial premises that are subject to a lot of high traffic and heavy footfall. A great choice for heavy-wear wood floors, Bona Mega comes with an advanced and innovative formula that ensures the product has the advantages and protective power of a two-component finish thanks to crosslinking with the oxygen in the air but without the required usage of a separate catalyst.

Bona Mega ensures all the advantages you can get from a waterborne finish, however, it provides you with the opportunity to enjoy a deep, intensive colour and sleek coverage just like a solvent-based finish. Bona Mega Lacquer is available in extra-matt, matt, satin, and gloss sheen, which means you can have your wooden floor looking exactly the way you want it to.

Bona Mega Natural

Benefit from the long-lasting and powerful protective effect of Bona Mega Natural but with the simple appearance of pure and untreated wood thanks to the product's unique formula that enhances the natural beauty of wood without giving it an unauthentic appearance. Bona Mega Natural is a one-component lacquer finish suitable for both domestic and commercial wooden floors. Bona Mega Natural produces a subtle tone that is more visible with light wood species or wooden floors that have been already treated with light stains or whitening primers.

Junckers MT500

Junckers MT500 is a water-based, low-odour wood floor lacquer that provides every real wood floor with long-lasting and hard-wearing protection. The long-term protective properties of the finish make it a perfect choice for busy high-traffic areas and commercial floors. This one-component wood floor lacquer ensures extreme durability and preservation of the wood's natural colour, texture, and overall condition. Junckers MT500 is available in matt, satin, and glossy sheen.

Loba WS 2K Fusion

Loba WS 2K Fusion

Loba WS 2K Fusion has become recently very popular with the flooring trade - Waterborne 2-component polyurethane finish for wooden floors. For extremely heavy wear. Elastic, with excellent chemical and abrasion resistance, it incorporates all properties of Bona Traffic HD and Junckers HT700 Floor Lacquer combined with easiness to work with.

Loba WS Viva

Loba Viva is a one-component waterborne wood floor lacquer suitable for all types of real wood flooring. Thanks to its impressive protective power and long-lasting effect, Loba WS Viva is suitable for commercial wood floors and floors that are subject to high traffic, wear and tear. This wear-resistant wood floor lacquer is elastic and delivers amazing chemical and abrasion resistance with an easy, quick, and safe application.

For more information on wood floor sanding and to get advice on wood floor finishes, contact one of our team members and they will be happy to provide you with tips and help.

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