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Is Floor Sanding Noisy?

floor sanding as a service can be a noisy experienceSanding can be a very noisy process, especially when professional sanding equipment and machinery are used. Sanding belts and sanding edgers have powerful electronic motors which create more noise than ordinary electronic tools. That is why the men wear ear defenders during the restoration process to comply with the safety and health regulations.
How can you cope with the noise during the floor sanding?

  • You and your family can go out of the house while the floor restoration takes place.
  • You can advise your neighbours about the noise due to the procedures in your property, as well as the duration of the job. You can agree with them on reasonable working hours and days. If given further notice your neighbours will be much willing to cooperate with your intentions. Neighbours with young children will be more sensitive to the noise. Neighbours living downstairs in a block of flats would be more vulnerable to the noise created by the equipment.
  • You can advise the contractors on your property to do the job during reasonable hours. Even though there is no standard definition of ‘reasonable hours’, most of the people assume that those are the hours between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm. Also, floor restoration during the weekend is not recommended, especially on Sundays.

Remember, a reliable company will take into consideration all your requests and show understanding in dealing with your neighbours. They would work in the requested hours from you and accommodate your needs.

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