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Hardwood Floor Installation

Hardwood floor laying as a professional serviceOur teams of professionals have long experience in hardwood floor installation. While solid wood floors look beautiful and are relatively easy to install, having a perfect floor means you might want to leave wood floor fitting to professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge, experience, equipment and materials.

It is not rocket science, but you must have patience, get the proper materials and machines and prepare accordingly. It is of crucial importance that you control humidity levels throughout the rooms and before you get the flooring delivered, make sure the floors are dry and the relative humidity is optimal for solid wood - between 50% and 60% and the temperature is about 18 degrees.

Remember that you should let the planks acclimatise within the rooms where the hardwood floor installation is going to be for at least 7-8 days, never store your flooring outdoors and all doors, windows etc. should be closed. Finally, you should check the pipes throughout the property and make sure it is in good condition. So, here are some tips:Dark hardwood flooring installed by FlooringFirst!

  • Make sure you are about to use materials of good quality
  • Make sure the subfloor is ready and is getting the proper underlayment (floating floor installation)
  • Make sure you have all the equipment and tools ready and at hand
  • Make sure the floorboards have been allowed enough time to acclimatise
  • Make sure all the furniture has been cleared out of the room

How we Install Solid Wood Flooring

Nailing down hardwood flooring

Solid wood can be installed over a dry, concrete subfloor, but the latter should be covered with an underlay. If you have a chipboard or plywood subfloor, planks can be fitted on top of them. Floorboards can also be installed directly to joists, but these should be treated with a moisture barrier before hardwood floor installation. Proper subfloor preparation is essential, failing on it in most cases means squeaky joints, warped and buckled floor, loose blocks etc.

What does subfloor preparation involve? Its surface must be level, dry and clean. On the other hand, the manufacturer's instructions will tell you about all relevant floorboard tolerances and installation requirements. Remember to check, fix if necessary and test all pipework and think about applying a damp proof membrane (in the case of concrete floors) before hardwood floor installation, no matter the installation method of your choice - floating, glueing down, nailing down, fitting on joists etc.

Wood is a natural material which means that it is prone to expanding and contracting as the temperature and relative humidity change. If you are going to use nails, the floorboards should be laid by secret nailing to the wooden subfloor, plywood or battens. In the case of plywood, it's recommended that you use a strong adhesive to ensure proper holding strength of the floor.

Leave at least a 4-inch gap around the perimeter and do not worry, it gets covered by skirting boards. Remember that the first row of floorboards must be perfectly straight from one end of the room to the other and use the best planks for the first three rows. Once they have been installed, allow for the recommended drying time before going on with the hardwood floor installation.

At FlooringFirst!, we understand that wood floor installation can be a tricky endeavour and choosing the right method is essential. Generally, there are three main methods of installation - floating floor installation, nailing down and glueing down. Though oftentimes it comes down to personal preference, the existing flooring, subfloor and other aspects may dictate which one is the most suitable.

Fortunately, our experienced team at FlooringFirst! has years of experience in this field of hardwood floor installation, so you can rely on us to provide the best advice and tailor our services to meet your needs. Our experts will take all relevant factors into account, like your existing floors and subfloors, the type of wood used for the new floor etc., before deciding on which method is best suited for your project. Additionally, we only use top-quality materials and professional tools to ensure a perfect finish every time.

From floor sanding to staining and from fitting to finishing - our knowledgeable team has done it all! So why risk it? Let us make sure everything works out smoothly for you by giving us a call today! With our extensive knowledge and experience in wood floor installation, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands.

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