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How To Make Your Floor Look More Expensive

Whenever you are looking for ways to increase the value of your home and put in on the real estate market, or you simply want to bring some fresh updates to your interior and enjoy a more luxurious and put-together look, a few simple updates of your wooden floor can make a lot of difference and contribute to achieving these goals. In general, it is fair to say that real wood flooring is already associated with prestige, luxury, professionalism. It gives the house not only a cosy and welcoming atmosphere but also increases its value and makes it look more “expensive”. Given that, there are ways to make your real wood floor look even more expensive, sleek, and luxurious, which we are about to discuss today in this article. You don’t have to invest a fortune to get big results that will satisfy your requirements and desires. Let’s explore some of the hottest ways to update your wooden floor! 

Colour choice


Colour is very important and can contribute a lot to the interior design of a house or office space. Colour is so important there is a whole science behind it and how it affects people, the mental effect it has. This is why, when choosing colours for your interior, it is very important to consider all the options you have and decide for yourself what you want to achieve as an atmosphere.

Therefore, you can choose the right colour to make your floor look more expensive and luxurious than it is without investing a lot of money. Generally, there are some wood species (mostly exotic) that are considered as the most expensive and luxurious ones in the industry. Some examples are mahogany and cherry. Usually, these wood species are praised for their dramatic and artistic look, the deep colours with beautiful undertones. However, such real wood floors come on a pretty higher price and if you don’t want to spend it, you can simply go and have your wooden floor stained to achieve the look. Wood floor staining is a process that involves the application of pigments on the surface of the floor that can change its colour or make its natural colour pop up even more. With dark stains, it is easy to achieve great results and uniform coverage.

Maintenance and Renewal 

As simple and straightforward as it is, many people neglect the fact that regular and proper maintenance is the best thing you can do for the condition of your floor and also its appearance. Regular cleaning and in-depth maintenance are important to keep the wooden floor durable and hard-wearing for as long as possible. In-depth maintenance that includes sanding and refinishing every few years, depending on the amount of wear and tear the floor experiences, can make the floor look like brand new. Indeed, the transforming power of refinishing and renovation treatments is amazing and if you want your floor to look expensive and also last for many decades to come, make sure to take advantage of such professional services.

Moulding and Accessories 

No wooden floor, even the most expensive and high-quality one, will not look beautiful, sleek, and put-together without the right floor accessories. Mouldings and other floor accessories can make the floor look expensive with an inexpensive price tag, which is a great option to achieve a “luxurious” look and atmosphere without spending a fortune. You can choose from many styles and designs of floor accessories and choose the ones that blend with the existing floor or create an intriguing contrast. Wooden flooring luxury look


If you want a wooden floor that looks expensive, you should also consider the grade of wood. Now, the grade has nothing to do with wood’s quality and durability, it shows how much the floorboards are naturally patterned with swirls, knots, sap, etc. While many people prefer the rustic grade with the most of natural pattern that contributes to a unique floor with a lot of character, an “expensive” look can be achieved thanks to the grade from the other side of the spectrum.

Choose clean and simple lines with an as less natural pattern as possible. It looks simple and very elegant and it gives the entire floor a more “luxurious” appearance. Such wood floor grade has one more advantage – it will visually make any room look bigger, more spacious.

A Custom Look 

There is no doubt that the tailored, custom look is usually associated with designer pieces, which are associated with an expensive price tag and luxury. The same applied for your wooden floor – the more unique and one-of-a-kind it is, the more expensive and “designer” it will look. And you don’t have to spend a fortune to achieve the unique appearance too! All you need is a bit of professional help and to choose from the many amazing wood floor treatments available for real wood floors. From wire brushing, through processes designed to create a vintage, rustic look, to some unexpected colours and eye-catching finishes, with wood flooring you can unleash your creativity and imagination and create something that will attract all eyes and work as the statement piece of the room, a true piece of art under your feet!

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