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Can You Have Pets and Enjoy Parquet Flooring at the Same Time
According to popular opinion, beautiful parquet floors and pets in the house cannot co-exist together. However, is this the truth? Indeed, house pets like dogs and cats can cause some damage to your parquet floor. Our four-pawed friends and furry members of the family are surely going to scratch the surface of the floor, leave some marks, stains, and moisture damage, or find another way to destroy the beautiful and expensive parquet floor… Or not? Let’s find out more in this article.
Top Reasons to Choose Herringbone Parquet Pattern
The process of choosing the right floor for your home or office is usually assumed to be a pretty challenging and overwhelming one by the majority of people. And it is easy to see why. With such an abundance of options and flooring types, materials, wood species, colours, textures, finishes, patterns, designs and so much more, it is easy to start feeling confused.
Parquet Fitting In Large-Scaled Areas Explained
Parquetry has a long history. It is thought to be of Italian origin and it was Queen Marie de Medici who first requested the installation of parquetry in the Luxembourg Palace in the 1620s. Parquets, however, became truly popular after being introduced in the Palace of Versailles in the 17th century.
Art Parquet
Although on its way to oblivion due to the introduction and growing use of modern materials like laminated and terracotta flooring, solid wood remains the best choice for anyone, who loves the unsurpassed beauty that only Nature can create. Timber has been used as a building material for centuries, but it wasn’t until the Middle Ages when rough planks were first laid across floors and smoothed by being rubbed with stone and metal tools. Timber was first used as an artistic, flooring design element about 4 centuries ago, when what is today known as “parquet” first appeared in castles of the French Royal Family.

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