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Top Reasons to Choose Herringbone Parquet Pattern

Top reasons to choose herringbone parquet patternThe process of choosing the right floor for your home or office is usually assumed to be a pretty challenging and overwhelming one by the majority of people. And it is easy to see why. With such an abundance of options and flooring types, materials, wood species, colours, textures, finishes, patterns, designs and so much more, it is easy to start feeling confused. However, choosing the right type of flooring should not feel like a challenge. You must take your time and do thorough research, consider all the pros and cons of different types of flooring and make the decision that best meets your requirements and needs.

Another easier way to choose a floor for your home or office space is by checking out what is trendy and hot at the moment. In case you don't have any particular ideas to start with, having a look at the interior magazines can be very helpful and provide you with a bunch of amazing ideas. A quick glance at any popular interior design magazine will show you that a major trend in flooring right now is the comeback of one of the most classic and elegant styles of real wood flooring - the herringbone parquet pattern. As the name of this parquet floor pattern suggests, herringbone is a type of pattern that resembles fishbones.

Describing it that way, the design of the pattern may not be found very appealing by many. However, herringbone parquet pattern is actually the definition of classic and elegant style. It can add a lot of character and charm to every space where installed, coming with a twist of sophistication and a touch of luxury. The herringbone pattern weaves wooden blocks cut into a rectangular shape and with a smaller size than the conventional hardwood flooring that is arranged in a way they create an eye-catching, smoothly flowing mosaic design.

When people tell that herringbone parquet is the epitome of real wood flooring, there is a serious reason proving these words right. In fact, herringbone design would probably be the first image of a floor you envision in your head when you are making an association with the words "wood flooring". This type of wood flooring is actually the first real wood flooring every used in the world. Back in the days, many centuries ago, the first real wood floor installed ever was the one at the Versailles and it was exactly one with a herringbone pattern.

Since this first appearance, herringbone parquet flooring has gone through some ups and downs, being on top of every interior design ranking and then being completely forgotten for years and years. However, this is not that important now, because herringbone floors have recently made their huge comeback and they are here to stay, that is for sure. For many, parquet flooring is a sign of wealth, luxury, prestige, sophistication. In fact, nowadays, the modern flooring industry has made parquet flooring available for everyone and affordable enough for everyone. Therefore, it is easy to bring that elegance and distinctive style into your home or office space without breaking the bank. In case you are wondering whether or not herringbone parquet flooring is the one that will suit you the best, here are three good reasons to consider.


Many consider herringbone parquet to be the epitome of luxurious and sophisticated interior style and they are quite right. This type of real wood flooring brings a lot of character and distinctive elegance to every space where it is installed. In addition, this type of flooring provides you with such a unique design and an appearance that you won't be able to with any other style and type of flooring. Its timeless beauty can fit perfectly in both more traditional and classic interiors and also cutting-edge modern ones.

Despite the fact that the pattern is pretty engaging and when not styled with the right colour scheme, interior elements, furniture and decorative pieces, it can make the place feel cluttered and overwhelming, herringbone parquet pattern can actually create an optical illusion of a more spacious room too. Thanks to the illusion of movement the pattern creates, it is also a good choice for smaller and narrower rooms and can make them look larger and more spacious. Additionally, herringbone parquet flooring is available in a really impressive plethora of colours, wood species, textures, grains, finishes. This pretty much means that you can easily customize your floor and have the floor of your dreams, just the way you have ever wanted it.


Herringbone parquet patternBeing a real wood floor, herringbone parquet flooring is very durable, hard-wearing, and long-lasting. Matched with a high-quality and durable finish, you will be able to enjoy the floor for decades. For up to a whole century, actually, because real wood floors are designed to be functional and beautiful for that long if you maintain them properly. In fact, parquet floor maintenance is not that complex, expensive, or time-consuming at all. Following the right and efficient cleaning and maintenance routine can make a lot of difference and will definitely help you enjoy your beautiful wooden floor in flawless condition for many, many years.

Proper and professional installation is another important thing to consider if you want your floor to last forever. If the installation is done properly, your floor will last practically forever, being strong and ensuring flawless structural integrity and solidness. Finally, don't forget that temperature fluctuations, increased indoors humidity and moisture content are not real wood's best friend as they can cause a number of issues if extreme and excessive. Therefore, reconsider having a herringbone wood floor installed in the bathroom, kitchen, or basement. However, if you still want to enjoy the beauty of the pattern and wood in these areas of the house, simply opt for herringbone parquet floor made out of engineered wood.


Herringbone parquet flooring does not only provide you with great flexibility and choice in terms of design and style, but you can also choose from a great variety of materials used for the manufacturing and creation of the floor. Of course, solid wood is considered to be the most classic choice. However, as we have already mentioned, solid wood is not the best fit for places and area where temperature fluctuations, humidity and moisture could be an issue. In addition, solid wood parquet flooring is considered to be the most expensive in this category.

Alternatively, you can opt for engineered wood herringbone flooring. Engineered wood floorboards and blocks come with an innovative structure of crisscrossed softwood layers that are glued together and form the core of the board. This unique structure makes engineered wood significantly less prone to moisture and humidity related issues. Additionally, engineered wood flooring can also be re-sanded and refinished whenever it is needed, so your floor will look like brand new again and again. Finally, herringbone pattern flooring is also available made out of laminate. This is the most budget-friendly option you have and thanks to the progress of the flooring industry right now, you don't have to make a compromise with appearance, durability, and quality.

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