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Art Parquet

Old marquetry has unique characterAlthough on its way to oblivion due to the introduction and growing use of modern materials like laminated and terracotta flooring, solid wood remains the best choice for anyone, who loves the unsurpassed beauty that only Nature can create.

Timber has been used as a building material for centuries, but it wasn’t until the Middle Ages when rough planks were first laid across floors and smoothed by being rubbed with stone and metal tools. Timber was first used as an artistic, flooring design element about 4 centuries ago, when what is today known as “parquet” first appeared in castles of the French Royal Family. The tradition to install floors with artistic value stems from the ancient Greek and Crete-Maecenas cultures, where people would have the floor of their properties richly adorned with mosaic and stones of various colours. 

Due to its stunning beauty, the popularity of art parquet rapidly increased and by the end of the 15th century, there was virtually no castle without at least one room sporting art parquet. It´s interesting to know that although the patterns were initially as simple as coloured stars and squares, the pictures quickly gained complexity and rulers would have elaborate scenes showing, most often, heraldic images. We cannot help but gasp in awe at the astounding beauty of the unique art parquet that still exists in the Louvre Palace in France, the Sanssouci Palace in Potsdam, Germany etc. 

Today, anyone can afford art parquet. It comes in different varieties depending on the timber type and the most commonly used are oak, walnut, cherry, beech and ash tree as well as acacia and mahogany. Of course, it’s the picture “message” that grants the art parquet its unique character. Aside from pretty much classic patterns, you can choose images that stick to modern trends or better, go for something unique that would express your personality. No matter the theme, art parquet planks are assembled into larger blocks that are then relatively easy to installed and once fitted, reveal the overall picture. Of course, you can choose from a wide range of catalogue images, but if you would like to accentuate your unique individuality, you better call in an interior designer that would take into account all requirements you might have.

Marquetry Parquet Laying

Having unique art parquet finally installed in place takes time because timber must be carefully picked, depending on its physical, mechanical and aesthetic qualities and their relation to the particular requirements that you have, then every single floor block is individually made and mounted to the larger grid that is to be delivered to your property and assembled there. Keep in mind that the longevity of any parquet depends on the quality of preparation and installation, but this applies even more to art parquet. Despite all modern solutions that have been picking up momentum, solid wood flooring remains the best-looking flooring option that not only brings value to your property but gives it a unique character.

FlooringFirst has been partnering with leading Art Parquet suppliers for a long time and we offer the ultimate solution to your flooring needs. Please, give us a ring to speak with a member of staff and find out more about the flooring options we offer.

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