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The Most Beautiful Styles of Parquet Flooring

Parquet flooring is the most beautiful type of flooring. It comes in a really impressive variety of designs known as patterns. Parquet patterns are the different arrangements the wooden floorboards or blocks are installed into. There are some very popular parquet patterns and some that are custom made and for a specific project. No matter what pattern you are going to choose, you will surely be able to enjoy a floor that looks like a masterpiece and can be the statement piece of the room.

Choosing the right parquet patterns for a room means you can also visually make the place look more spacious and larger or narrower. Besides the optical illusions, with the help of parquet patterns, you can create different atmospheres in the room – a formal one, a more laid-back one, traditional and classic, modern and contemporary, and more. Finally, parquet floors, just like any other type of real wood flooring, are available in a wide selection of wood species, colours, textures and finishes. Real wood floors including parquet can be refinished and stained in a way that their natural colour and texture are completely transformed to meet your requirements or enhanced.

With all that said, it is safe to say that there is the right parquet floor for every customer and client out there. No matter what the rest of your interior looks like, a beautiful parquet floor can always fit into it like a glove and complement it or become the focal point aspect of the interior.

Today we will have a more in-depth look at six of the most popular and beautiful parquet floor styles and patterns. Knowing more about parquetry and parquet patterns you will be able to easily choose the right one for your project or at least narrow down your choice to the styles you like the most.

Herringbone Parquet Pattern

Herringbone parquet patternAs the name suggests, this parquet pattern is inspired by the shape of the middle bone of a herring fish. Herringbone is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most popular and well-loved parquet patterns and it is considered a classic one, very elegant, beautiful and versatile. The herringbone pattern comprises several rows or parallel and perpendicular floorboards and creates a zig-zag effect. However, the herringbone pattern is not the only thing adding a distinctive beauty and style to your interior.

If you want a more simple and airy look, you can go for wooden floorboards in the same colour and shade with as minimal variation in the grade as possible. This will help the parquet floor blend smoothly with the rest of the interior. However, if you want something more exciting that stands out, you can opt for choosing parquet floorboards in different shades or with a more noticeable colour and grade variation as this will create an interesting and eye-catching contrast.

Double Herringbone Parquet Pattern

Double herringbone is pretty much the same approach to arranging the floorboards in a herringbone pattern, but with a little twist to make the pattern of the floor even more interesting and engaging – it doubles up the floorboards. In this case, the wooden floorboards are laid in pairs lengthwise and this creates an even more intricate look. The double herringbone pattern is a great choice for rooms that are larger and wider. Probably not the best interior element for smaller rooms as the pattern is so intriguing and engaging that it can make a smaller room feel more cluttered.

Brick Bond Parquet Pattern

Brick bond parquet patternThe brick bond pattern is another classic in the world of parquet flooring. As the name of the pattern suggests, it is inspired by the layout of bricks on a building. In this arrangement, the wooden floor blocks are laid in a way they overlap one another by half their length. As a result, you get a layout that looks like brickwork. If you are looking for a more simple yet beautiful and intriguing pattern for smaller rooms and more cluttered spaces with many details – this is the idea parquet pattern.

This pattern is pretty simple and blends beautifully with the interior, making it stand out without making the space feel cluttered and too engaging. In addition, the brick bond parquet pattern is an ideal choice for industrial and more modern interior styles thanks to its contemporary aesthetic.

Stack Bond Parquet Pattern

Looking for something similar to the brick bond pattern but a bit more different and interesting? Then the stack bond parquet pattern is just for you. In the case of this pattern, the wooden blocks are laid side to side lengthwise, overlapping on their short side or their width. It still looks pretty simple and not cluttered, however, it is a bit more unconventional and interesting choice. Once again, thanks to its contemporary aesthetic, this type of pattern is very suitable for modern interiors inspired by the industrial, urban or Scandinavian minimalistic style.

Basket Weave Parquet Pattern

Basket wave parquet patternOne more pretty simple and geometric parquet pattern that is very popular. Once again, as the name suggests, this parquet pattern is inspired by the way the panels of a basket are interwoven together to create a beautiful style.

This is an intricate and interesting yet pretty simple pattern that works perfectly with different interior designs both more traditional or more contemporary.

The installation method of this pattern is pretty simple – the squares are laid in a way that looks like they are overlapping one another.

In case the basic basket weave pattern is not exciting enough for you, you can always play around with different sizes of wooden blocks to create a unique appearance for your floor or even use wooden blocks in different colours and shades that will create a very interesting and intriguing contrast.

Chevron Parquet Pattern

Chevron parquet patternChevron pattern is one more classic in the world of parquetry. It looks pretty similar to the herringbone pattern, this is why people often mix these two, but it is different.

The main difference between these two very popular parquet patterns is the angle at which the wooden floorboards are laid. If you are going for a real zig-zag pattern, chevron is the better choice than herringbone.

In the case of the chevron pattern, the wooden floorboards are laid parallel to one another, however, the floorboards are cut at a 45-degree angle and they create a V-shape with the floorboard that is laid perpendicular.

The chevron pattern looks perfectly matched with a wide variety of interior styles. However, people often choose it for more modern and contemporary interiors.

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