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Can You Have Pets and Enjoy Parquet Flooring at the Same Time

Can you have pets and enjoy parquet flooring at the same timeAccording to popular opinion, beautiful parquet floors and pets in the house cannot co-exist together. However, is this the truth? Indeed, house pets like dogs and cats can cause some damage to your parquet floor. Our four-pawed friends and furry members of the family are surely going to scratch the surface of the floor, leave some marks, stains, and moisture damage, or find another way to destroy the beautiful and expensive parquet floor… Or not? Let’s find out more in this article.

It is not true that you cannot enjoy beautiful and luxurious parquet floors if you have pets at home. The truth is that both these can successfully co-exist together, the only thing is you need to take the required precautions and ensure the right maintenance and protection for the floor in order to preserve its great condition and appearance, while your favourite furry friends are running around the house carefree and happy. Your parquet floor is durable and strong enough to survive two pairs of happy paws, so there is not much for you to worry about. Of course, accidents may happen, but they will eventually happen in a pet-free home too. Therefore, good protection is always the key.

Here are some of the most effective ways to prevent accidents and imperfections caused by your pets and ensure your parquet floor is well-protected and looks perfect all the time.

The Right Parquet Flooring and Protection

Choosing the right parquet flooring depending on your lifestyle and the overall business of the house is the key. Having a pet does not necessarily mean you need the most hard-wearing type of parquetry, neither a commercial-grade floor finish. Some pets are really not that bothered to make your home a mess and they prefer to sleep most of the time. However, some pets may love to throw their style of parties at your home, therefore, you would need to consider a type of parquet flooring and finish that is very hard-wearing and resistant to moisture, stress, damages.

Furthermore, choosing the right parquet flooring design, colour, and texture can further help you a lot maintain your floor looking great even when it is not particularly clean and glossy. Parquet floors in light colours are more forgiving while choosing a floor that initially has a distressed look will work wonders at camouflaging all micro-scratches and stains on the surface of the floor left by your favourite pet.

Overall, choosing a high-quality, long-lasting, and hard-wearing finish is the best investment for a household with pets. The floor’s finish is its main protection, therefore it is important to choose one that will protect the wooden floorboards from deep scratches, permanent marks and stains and other imperfections. Make sure to stay away from highly glossy finishes since they are really bad at camouflaging scratches and dust on the surface of the floor.

Rugs and Mats

Cover your floor with rugs and matsCovering your floor with mats and rugs is a good protective strategy to make sure you will maintain it in good condition and prevent a number of potential issues such as scratching, stains, moisture damage. Now, you may be against this idea, because why you have invested in a beautiful parquet floor if you are going to now cover it with rugs. Well, when we talk about using rugs and mats, we mean placing them strategically, not covering every inch of the floor with them.

Place a rug or a mat in the area of the highest traffic of your home, under the cat toilet and under the food and water bowls of your pets. This will prevent food, water, dog and cat urine or poo from spilling and splashing and staining and damaging the floor. Placing mats at the entrance doors of the house is a good idea too.

This will trap the majority of dust and dirt from entering the house and scratching the floor and building upon its surface. Invest in high-quality and good rugs and mats and you will be able to protect your beautiful parquet floor from a number of issues and imperfections.

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