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What Is the Cost of Parquet Flooring Installation

What Is the cost of parquet flooring installationEveryone enjoys parquet flooring. Indeed, it can be confidently called the most beautiful flooring option on the market out there. Parquet flooring has been around for centuries now and it is nowhere near going out of style ever. With an impressive variety of patterns, colours, textures and designs, there is the right parquet floor for every interior, for everyone’s requirements, needs, and preferences. However, many people opt for other types of flooring, despite the fact they want a beautiful parquet floor installed in their home because they assume that parquetry is way too expensive and they cannot afford it. Is it the truth? Is parquet flooring with as a luxurious price tag as its luxurious look? Let’s find out in this article.

With its amazing durability, timeless beauty and appeal, parquet flooring complements both modern and more classic settings. It is also a great option for both domestic and commercial premises as it is hard-wearing and long-lasting and successfully withstands high traffic, heavy footfall, wear and tear. Take proper and regular maintenance of your parquet floor and you will enjoy it for decades. And there is a lot to be enjoyed – parquet flooring adds this luxurious feel and a very unique atmosphere wherever it is installed.

However, because of how outstanding and luxurious parquet flooring looks, people assume they cannot afford this type of flooring that is reserved only for the wealthy ones. Centuries ago this used to be the whole truth – parquetry was installed only in the homes of wealthy royal families. However, this is not the truth anymore. Thanks to the progress and development of the wood flooring industry nowadays, everyone can enjoy a beautiful parquet floor with a reasonable price tag attached to it.

Still, purchasing parquet flooring is not an investment you would make impulsively. Indeed, it is not the most affordable type of flooring out there, not even the most affordable type of real wood flooring. Parquetry may not be everyone’s cup of tea in the context of budget and price. However, it is important to say that when you invest in a beautiful parquet floor, every penny is worth it.

There are many specific parquets only that contribute to the overall cost of having this type of flooring installed. Before you commit to the idea and plan of a parquet floor fitting project, make sure you have considered all these factors and you are happy and comfortable with the final price and what you will get for your money. Some of the main factors taking part in forming the final price for a beautiful parquet floor include the type of product you select, wood species, the size and shape of the parquet floorboards, the pattern of your choice, the type of finish, the size and shape of the room where parquet will be installed, the condition of the subfloor, other specifics related to the project and much more.

All these will have a sizeable effect on the final cost of a parquet floor installation project. Therefore, make sure you have considered all these factors before making a big purchase. Here is a short but helpful rundown of the main expenses you are expected to be ready for when considering a parquet floor installation project.

What to Consider When Planning a Parquet Floor Installation?

In a nutshell, the final price of a parquet floor installation project will be affected by these main factors.

Type of Product

First things first, when choosing a parquet floor for your home or office, you would like to consider whether you want to go the traditional way with classic timber wood floorboards or choose the more innovative product – engineered wood floorboards. Besides the differences in the structure and function of the floorboards, there is also a difference in their price.

Indeed, when installed, both engineered wood and timber wood floorboards look practically the same and it is hard to notice the difference even for experienced wood flooring specialists, so you will be able to get the same stunning effect and aesthetic. However, timber wood floorboards are cut from single pieces of timber, which makes them a bit pricier compared to the engineered wood option, where the floorboards are assembled from a core of plywood or other wooden materials and with a hardwood top layer.

Wood Species

No matter if you go for timber wood parquet flooring or engineered wood, you will also have to consider the wood species. Some wood species, especially the more exotic ones that are sourced not domestically and are imported, tend to be more expensive than the domestic wood species that are locally sourced and manufactured.


Well, this one is pretty self-explanatory. The size of the room where the parquet floor is installed determines the number of floorboards you will need to cover the floor. The bigger and wider the room is, the more floorboards you would need, which means that the project will be more expensive. One more thing – the bigger the room is, the more time it will require for the entire floor to be installed, which also means that the installation service will cost a bit more.

The Shape of the Room

The shape of the room also affects the final cost of the project. Oddly shapes rooms take significantly more time when it comes to the perfect fitting of the floorboards. The oddly shaped room normally requires cutting and additional work with the floorboards, which requires more time and additional work for the wood floor installation specialists.

Condition of the Subfloor

One of the keys to a successful installation project and a long-lasting and durable parquet floor is the good condition of the subfloor. No matter the type of subfloor, it should be dry, clean, and levelled for the project to continue. If your subfloor is not already in such condition, it will additionally need to be dried, cleaned, and levelled, which means additional treatments by your service provider, extra time, and overall a higher cost of service.

As you can conclude, it is pretty much impossible to give one single and very correct estimate of how much does a parquet floor and its installation cost. The project and its final price definitely depend on a bunch of factors, each of them very specific and affected by the specifics of the project as well as your personal and individual preferences and requirements. Make sure to contact your local parquet floor installation service provider and have them inspect on-site and discuss your plans in order to be able to get a better estimate.

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