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What Vacuum Cleaner to use for Your Hardwood Floor?

What Vacuum Cleaner to use for Your Hardwood Floor?Cleaning hardwood flooring is among the most important aspects of proper maintenance. As you probably already know, proper and regular maintenance can help your favourite wooden floor last for decades, designed to survive up to a whole century and even longer. In order to help the durability and lasting power of your hardwood floor, you should definitely adopt an efficient yet easy and time-saving cleaning routine. And since water and wood flooring are definitely not best friends because wood is prone to moisture damage, the main focus of your cleaning routine would be thorough and efficient vacuum cleaning.

Vacuum cleaning is very important for keeping your wooden flooring not just clean but also well-protected. Dust and dirt particles that are not cleaned and dragged across the surface of the floor attached to the soles of the shoes are a common reason for the surface of the floor getting scratched. Therefore, the vacuum cleaner is your best friend and you can use it as often as you need to remove all dust, dirt, and grime and prevent dirt build-ups. However, choosing the right vacuum cleaner is also important. You don’t just want to ensure the vacuum cleaner efficiently cleans and collects all the dust and dirt while saving you time and energy. You also want to ensure you are using the right vacuum cleaner that will not scratch and wear the surface of your floor while you are cleaning.

Dry Cleaning of Hardwood Flooring: Vacuum Cleaner VS Broom

The two main ways of collecting all the dust and dirt from the surface of your hardwood floor are either by using a vacuum cleaner or a broom. Now, you are probably wondering, what is the most efficient way to collect all the dust? While grabbing the broom for a quick sweet is maybe the easiest way and takes less time, it is considered that vacuum cleaning your floor is more thorough and efficient. Since the dust on the surface of the floor is loose, the sweeping motion will the broom will only spread it further in the air in the room, and then it will settle again on the surface of the floor. However, a vacuum cleaner will immediately collect the majority of dust and will remove them thoroughly.

What to Look for When Choosing a Vacuum Cleaner?

Now, vacuum cleaning your floor is efficient and thorough, therefore it is recommended at least once a week. However, you are probably wondering what is the best vacuum cleaner available on the market. There is a really impressive variety of types and brands of vacuum cleaners available to you. Among the most widely known and popular brands of vacuum cleaners on the market are Dyson, Miele, Bosch, Siemens, Philips, Rowenta, and AEG.

In order to make sure you are investing in an efficient vacuum cleaner that will help you maintain your wooden floor in perfect condition, there are a few aspects to consider and keep in mind.

Suction power

The main function of a vacuum cleaner is suction and you want to choose a vacuum cleaner that has super suction power. From one hand, a very powerful suction will help you quick efficiently and very quickly since the dust will be sucked from a greater distance and even larger and heavier dirt particles like little stones will quickly be sucked by the vacuum cleaner. In addition, a vacuum cleaner with great suction power is also very efficient on all sorts and types of flooring, not just wood flooring. A powerful vacuum cleaner is equally efficient when cleaning tiles, vinyl flooring, laminate, carpet, hardwood flooring, etc. One more advantage of a vacuum cleaner with great suction power is that there is a lower risk of larger dust and dirt particles getting trapped and attached to the brush, which may cause further scratching when you continue cleaning the floor.

Floor nozzle

You need to use the right vacuum cleaner attachment for every type of flooring. For example, nozzles or attachments for hardwood flooring are designed to have a brush with soft bristles so there is no risk of scratching the surface of the floor and the finish. The brush of the vacuum cleaner school glides easily and smoothly on the surface of the floor. Most of the commercially sold and available vacuum cleaners usually come with a universal nozzle with a brush that can be folded in and out depending on the type of flooring you are cleaning. The advantage of this type of nozzles is that you can easily migrate from one type of flooring to another without the hassle of changing different nozzles or attachments. If you are investing in a more advanced or professional type of vacuum cleaner, it will most probably come with different attachments you can change depending on the type of flooring you are vacuuming, including a hardwood floor nozzle. This type of vacuum cleaner attachment is specially designed for reducing the risk of scratching the finish of the floor and has a soft, large-area insert.


Another reason for leaving scratches on the surface of the floor while vacuum cleaning is the wheels of the vacuum cleaner. In case the wheels of your vacuum machine block due to a piece of stone or something else wedged, this can definitely leave scratches and marks on the surface of the floor. Therefore, whenever you are purchasing a new vacuum cleaner, pay attention to the wheels and if they are made out of high-quality plastic material. There is also a vacuum cleaner coming with rubber wheels. In general, rubber is the type of material that is more gentle on the floor and the risk of scratching is lower.


Dragging your vacuum cleaner across the room while cleaning the floor may also leave scratches, dents, and marks on the surface of the floor. Therefore, when you are choosing a new vacuum cleaner, make sure to choose something lightweight that offers more mobility. However, do not pay too much attention to the weight of the vacuum cleaner as the quality of the wheels is what is more important.


Well, the volume of the vacuum cleaner is not something that can affect your floor in any way, however, the lower the volume of the noise is, the more convenient and pleasant it will be for you to use the machine and clean the floor regularly.

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