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Top Benefits of Natural Oil Floor Finishes

Top benefits of natural oil floor finishesThere are a lot of aspects and factors that go into considering what is the best finish choice for your wooden floor. You should think of the type of floor you have, the wood species it is made of, its texture, etc. You also should consider your lifestyle, whether it comes to a commercial or a domestic floor, the traffic expected, the specific environment of the floor and where it is installed. Depending on all these aspects, you would be able to at least narrow down your choice to the top finishes that can best work with your wooden floor and ensure lasting protection, improved appearance, additional benefits. At the end of the day, the main job of a wood floor finish is to protect the floor and its integrity from a wide variety of possible issues and problems, prevent the worst scenarios, help the floor withstand all the lemons life may throw at it.

When it comes to choosing the right finish for your floor, you want the perfect balance between performance and appearance. Most wood floor finishes come with a long list of benefits and advantages, however, it does not mean that each and every out of them is suitable for each and every floor. Finding the right finish for your floor is as important of a decision as it was to find the perfect hardwood floor. Today we would like to discuss one of the most popular floor finish types available on the market - natural oil finish.

Why Choose Natural Oil Finish?

Compared to other conventional wood floor finishes, natural oil finishes have the amazing ability to penetrate deep into the wood's pores and structure and by this, these finishes add extra protection and durability not only on the surface of the floor but also right in the heart of its entire structure. Natural oil finishes are also highly recommended by flooring specialists for a bunch of other reasons. Let's explore some of them further.


Extra protection for the floorOf course, the main purpose of a natural oil finish is to keep the wooden floor protected from a number of potential issues and preserve its natural colour, texture, good condition. Natural oil finishes increase the protective performance on another level when compared to a number of other wood floor finishes. Thanks to their penetrating properties, this type of finishes add extra protection and make the floor more durable and hard-wearing, helping it withstand a lot of threats that may cause serious damage. With a natural oil finish, when in good condition and well-maintained, you can protect your floor from scratches, dents, marks, stains, dirt build-up, fading of the colour, darkening, or yellowing, and so much more.

Look and Feel

However, protection is not the only job of a finish. A good finish will also improve the look of the floor and highlight its natural beauty, make its natural colour and texture stand out, compliment them. Natural oil finishes bring out the essence of wood, its distinctive character and natural elegance and beauty. This type of finishes allows the natural texture, colour, and look of the floor to stand out by enhancing them even more. Oil finishes are used for achieving a very natural look of the wooden floor with no significant changes in its colour or texture, giving it a low of warmth and smoothness.


Eco-friendly option

The upkeep of a natural oil finish is very simple and does not require too much time, energy, money, or elbow grease. If you make sure to maintain the finish properly and regularly by following the manufacturer's recommendations and the overall advice for taking care of a hardwood floor, you won't even need to go for sanding the floor anytime soon. One of the main advantages of an oil finish is that it can be recoated easily once it starts wearing off and you don't even need sanding to prepare the floor.


There is no doubt that natural oil finishes are among the most eco-friendly and sustainable choice if not the best one for the environment. As the name suggests, the origin of this finish option is natural and its list of ingredients features natural oils and waxes. With no harsh chemicals included, there is no negative impact on the environment but also this is a healthier and better option for the household.

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