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Can You Steam Clean a Hardwood Floor?

Can you steam clean a hardwood floorOwning a wooden floor means you want to ensure perfect upkeep and maintenance for it so you can make sure you enjoy your favourite floor for decades and still in the perfect condition and appearance it was installed with years ago. Now, real wood floors are definitely an investment, therefore it is understandable why you want to ensure the best for your floor. Of course, a big part of the wood floor maintenance is the good, proper, regular, and thorough cleaning of the floor. While a good wood floor cleaning routine does not require too much of your time, energy, or money, it is certainly something that has specific guidelines you want to follow for ensuring perfect results and a durable, beautiful, and long-lasting floor. However, is a lot of cleaning sometimes too much cleaning? And where do you draw the fine line between taking proper care of your hardwood floor and honest over-cleaning?

Some people just love to make sure that every nook and corner of the house is extra clean and perfectly disinfected. Soon or later, each one of these people would get a steam cleaner. Indeed, a steam cleaner is a reliable, hard-working, and efficient helping hand in your cleaning routine. You can use your steam cleaner for taking care of practically everything in your home. Or is it anything and everything? In this article, we will discuss more whether you can and should use a steam cleaner for your hardwood floor, stay tuned to learn more.

Can You Use Steam Cleaners For Your Hardwood Floor?

The short answer to this question is yes. Yes, you can use a steam cleaner for cleaning your wooden floor. However, a steam cleaner is not recommended for use on every type of wooden floor. In fact, steam cleaners can only be used on fully-bonded, hard-sealed wooden floors. In case your wooden floor does not fit the description above, unfortunately, you do not have to use a steam cleaner and using pressure steam can lead to a number of major issues with your hardwood floor.

A hard-sealed surface is a necessity if you want to use a steam cleaner on hardwood flooring. For example, oil and wax finishes have a pretty natural effect and they pretty much leave the surface of the wooden floor open-pored, so the steam can penetrate into the wood’s structure and lead to extreme expanding and contracting of the floorboards as this is the natural reaction of wood to increased humidity, moisture, and temperature fluctuations. As a result, this “movement” of the floorboards can lead to a bunch of potential issues and problems you definitely do not want to experience and deal with.

What to Consider when Steam-Cleaning Your Hardwood Floor?

However, even if you have a hard-sealed wooden floor, which means a floor that is lacquered or varnished, there are still some things you want to consider before you decide to clean the floor with a steam cleaner. First of all, in order to clean a lacquered or varnished wooden floor, you want to make sure the surface is in absolutely perfect condition, which means that no parts of the finish are worn and completely gone. Only a small patch of worn finish is enough for steam and moisture to penetrate the bare wood’s structure and cause contracting and expanding. In addition, no cracks, dents, or deep scratches must be present and if there are any – make sure these are repaired by a professional before you continue with the steam cleaner.

Before you start steam cleaning your hardwood floor, make sure the surface is thoroughly vacuumed and all dirt and dust particles are removed so you can reduce the risk of scratching the floor’s finish while working with the steam cleaner.

Since the excess amount of moisture should not be used for cleaning a hardwood floor, make sure the steam cleaner is set on the setting for the lowest amount of steam and lowest pressure and the cleaning pad is only slightly damp, never wet. Therefore, if you want to steam clean your hardwood floor, make sure to invest in a steam cleaner that can be regulated or a product that is specifically marked as suitable for hardwood flooring by the manufacturer. If the pressure and steam of your cleaner cannot be regulated, you better don’t try to use it on your hardwood floor.

When it comes to the cleaning process, make sure to carry it out as quickly and as evenly as possible. Use multilayer wipe covers if possible as this will make sure that less water and moisture is left on the surface of the floor. Do not pause for too long in one spot or area as this increases the moisture levels in a certain area and could affect the condition of the floorboards in this area. However, if happen to pause the steam cleaner in one area for longer, make sure to wipe the area dry as soon as possible.

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