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How to Protect Hardwood Floors During a Move

How to protect hardwood floors during a moveMoving out and into a new home is a very exciting, still very overwhelming and stressful process, indeed. There is the excitement and the joy for the new beginning, the positive change. However, there is also the overwhelming thought process for so many things you need to think of, consider, and do. Indeed, the list of things you need to do before you move out of your current home and move into the new one is as long as you can imagine. Somewhere along the process, the protection for the wooden floors remains left off and often missed or neglected. However, by the end of the day, you want to still make sure you are not causing any damage or wear and tear to wood flooring.

Both the wooden floors of the home you are moving out from and, of course, the wooden floors of your new home. A move can cause a lot of permanent damage and imperfections if you are not careful enough. Therefore, it is important to always keep in mind the safety and protection of wooden floors. At the end of the day, a damaged wooden floor in the home you are moving out from might mean you are not getting your deposit back or you need to spend extra money on fixing the damages. Yet damaging the wooden floors of your new home is definitely not something you want to do too. Therefore, you need to be careful. Here are some effective and useful tips and tricks that will help you no wooden floor will get damaged along the moving process.

Use runners and protective mats to cover the floors

Now, a moving process is definitely a time of higher traffic in your home. You will be going from room to room, collecting your belongings. There will be big and heavy boxes filled with your belongings and other heavy objects being moved from one place to another in your home. The same applies to your new place – a lot of high traffic, heavy footfall, heavy objects, furniture pieces and more being moved from one place to another, from one room to another. The whole process can easily leave the floor worn and torn. Scratches are something common in this case, however, there are also more serious damages to the surface of the floor like marks, dents, stains, and more. If you want to prevent all that, the solution is pretty simple – all you need to do is covering your floor with mats and rugs to protect the surface from issues and imperfections.

Place doormats as the first thing in your new home

Place doormats as the first thing in your new homePlacing doormats strategically in front of the entry doors is very important and it should be among the first things you do when moving into your new home. Since there will be a lot of high traffic in your new home, you can expect a lot of dirt and grime entering your new home attached to the soles of the shoes. Taking off shoes is not always an option and if you are using the help of a moving service, you cannot ask the service providers to take off their shoes every time they are entering your new home.

Therefore, placing doormats immediately is a great solution. It will catch the majority of the dirt, dust and grime, allergens, germs and bacteria entering your home attached to the shoes of everyone getting in. This means you will be able to keep your floor cleaner and hygienic while you will be able to also prevent micro-scratches on the surface of the floor left by the miniature particles of dust and dirt.

Make sure to never drag heavy objects across the floor

Moving around heavy boxes and furniture pieces? Forget about dragging them across the floor as this is a guaranteed way to damage the surface of the floor. Heavy objects being dragged around will not only leave scratches on the surface of the floor, but it will also most probably leave permanent marks and can even cause dents. Therefore, whenever you need to change the location of a heavy object, make sure to have someone’s help to lift it up and relocate it that way.

Use furniture slides

If some pieces are too heavy to be lifted and relocated even by a few people, you can opt for using furniture slides. Furniture slides are flat pieces of strong plastic and they are used for moving around heavy objects without damaging the surface of the floor by minimizing the friction between the heavy object and the floor.

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