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How to Protect Your Wooden Floor During a Home Refurbishment Project

Right now, in this second, dozens and dozens of people in the country are planning or already realizing a home refurbishment and renovation project. And as you can expect from a project dedicated to upgrading, improve, repair, and renovate a home, there are at least thousands of things and details you have to think of and consider. Indeed, a home renovation project can be a lot of hassle and stress and here is one more thing we add to the list of things you need to think of – how to protect and take care of your wooden floor. That is right, in the middle of a home renovation project we often forget to make sure that the expensive wooden floor we have invested into a few years back is actually in the risk of some serious damages. So if you want to learn how to make sure you are protecting your floor and avoiding it getting damaged, make sure to read some further. 

No matter if you are improving a modern home or totally renovating and refurbishing an older property, it is important to be careful with your wooden floor and preserve its condition and appearance. It is always highly advisable to take some preventive measures and precautions in order to ensure your wooden floor is well-protected. In the process of home refurbishment, a wooden floor can get easily damaged, scratched, stained, if you fail to protect it properly and in-depth. It is always worth to pay extra attention to make sure your favourite wooden floor doesn’t get damaged in any shape or form. 

Home refurbishment project

So if you want to learn how to protect your floor properly, here we will share some ideas and helpful tips with you. One of the first things you are going to do when starting a renovation and repair project in a room is moving out all furniture pieces and other decorations, etc. In this case, you should make sure to never drag furniture and other heavy objects over the floor, otherwise, you are going to scratch the surface of the floor, damage the finish, leave dents and marks. Always make sure to lift the heavy objects. If you don’t want to or you just can’t lift these heavy furniture pieces, you can always put a thick rug or blanket under the item and this method will enable you to slide the objects across the floor and this way prevent damaging your floor. 

Internal scaffolding and ladders are often used for a home improvement and refurbishment project. In case such equipment is needed for you renovation project too, the best thing to make sure that these will not leave scratches, dents, and marks are to put cushioned pads or cups on the legs of scaffolding and ladders. This is the best way to avoid damage, despite it may be annoying to do and require some additional efforts and time, however, it is very important to do. 

Hardwood flooring protection

Painting is yet another renovation process that hides some serious risks for the wooden floor. Splashes and spills of paint will most certainly leave permanent stains that sometimes cannot be removed even with the help of sanding on the surface of the floor. Therefore, you should make your best to prevent such cases. Protect the floor from spills and splashes by covering the entire surface with a thick plastic protective sheet. Use a plastic sheet only in cases when the job won’t take too much time. However, if the painting process takes longer, make sure to choose a breathable fabric or material instead of plastic sheets. Using a breathable fabric makes sure the floor won’t get stifled.

Finally, if you are planning a very heavy-duty, extensive, and big renovation project around the entire house, maybe the best way to make sure your floor won’t get damaged is to lift the entire floor and store it safely until the whole restoration job is finished. This may sound like too much hassle and stress but it is not only the best way to ensure the safety and protection of your expensive wood floor. It is also a great way to save yourself some stress, hassle, energy, money, and time from dealing with possible wood floor damages in the middle of the renovation process.

Once the whole home refurbishment project is finished, you can consider a budget and some additional time for taking proper care of your wooden floor. Plan a re-sanding and refinishing project to ensure a sleek, completed and uniform look for the entire house and the best maintenance possible for your favourite wooden floor.

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