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Protecting Floors with Doormats and Rugs

Use doormats to protect your floor

There are various reasons why the surface of hardwood flooring becomes worn and distressed - stains, spills, dents, scratches, etc. However, all of those things are the result of a single thing –  floor traffic. Naturally, as the floor suffers increased amounts of movement, its condition slowly worsens until we eventually have to sand it. Also, there are parts of the floor which take more traffic than others. For example, areas close to a door will be used a lot more frequently than those near the corners of a room. A living room will be busier than a bedroom. With all the movement going on, it makes sense to ask ‘What can I do to protect my floor?’ You can probably guess the answer – use mats and rugs!

About Mats

Most hardwood flooring manufacturers will recommend the use of mats and area rugs. Why? Having a good floor covering can make the floor safer and more comfortable while reducing maintenance costs. It can be used not only in homes but for businesses as well. Right now you can find rugs and mats which reduce fatigue if you need to stand for prolonged periods, mats designed for wet areas where moisture can be a problem, entrance floor mats capable of reducing the amount of dirt reaching your floor and even speciality mats which serve a specific purpose.

Mats can be made from various materials including vinyl, rubber, foam or plastic but we recommend using vinyl non-slip protectors beneath rugs and furniture instead because they won’t discolour the wood. Having an adhesive carpet tape is also a bad idea because it leaves a residue on the surface of the floor which can potentially damage the finish. Its removal can also be a long and annoying process.

Rugs Have Their Uses

Rugs come in two main variations – hand-knotted and machine-made. The hand-knotted rugs are more expensive but will last longer and the quality they offer is higher. They are the better choice especially if you look for cost-effectiveness.

Rugs can be made from either cotton and wool or silk. As you can probably guess, silk rugs are more elegant but also fragile and won’t be able to withstand much wear. Cotton and wool rugs are an excellent choice for high traffic areas like, for example, hallways.

Sunlight, Rugs and Hardwood Flooring

As you can see, rugs can offer significant benefits for your wooden floor. They can trap dust and prevent it from doing any future harm. Besides, if a mat receives some damage, it is easy and cheap to replace. Much better than having your floor take the punishment which will probably lead to further complications and unnecessary money squandering.

It is not all moonlight and roses, though.  Rugs have a negative side when used in certain circumstances. Wood is a natural material. If left exposed to direct sunlight for a prolonged period, it can experience changes in colour. Most types of timber begin to fade while some turn darker. If you have rugs or pieces of furniture near the affected areas, you will notice the disparity between the bare and the covered parts. It is for this reason, that you must be careful how and where you use rugs. Of course, you can simply get window coverings and finish with a UV protection to prevent such type of damage as well as move the rugs and furniture a bit now and then. Additionally, leaving the floor for prolonged periods without any coverings whatsoever may also be a good idea.

Regardless of how you decide to protect your floor, having rugs in front of the doors where you have a hardwood installed can be very beneficial.  They are a cheap, affordable and reliable way to preserve your hardwood floor.  There is simply no reason not to use them.

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