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Daily & Regular Wood Floor Care

Daily cleaning routine for wooden floorsThe elegance, versatility and inherent beauty of natural wood flooring make it one of the most popular options for today’s homeowners and a good reason! In addition to the high aesthetic value, the real wood is hypoallergic, doesn't have the unfaltering love for dust and other debris that carpets do and doesn't feel "cold" and artificial like tiles. Moreover, natural wood never goes out of fashion and fits perfectly no matter the home interior.

It should come as no surprise that wood has overwhelming popularity over all other flooring options. Despite being widely admired, accepted and sought after, most people just don't know how to maintain their beautiful floors. It's quite easy actually, once a professional has told you what to do. Please, read on to find out more about how to properly maintain your floor and stick as close to our simple tips as possible.

Daily Wood Floor Maintenance

The overall ease of daily maintenance is one of the reasons behind the popularity of real wood flooring; a quick sweep with a soft broom or vacuuming with a soft, bristle-protected nozzle takes only a few minutes and allows your floor to shine.  

  • Avoid using wet mops or over-waxing; they're not only messy but can dull the shine of your floors or even cause discolouration.
  • Never use vinyl or tile floor care products on wood, because they damage the surface and the protective finish.

Preventative Wood Floor Maintenance

Keeping your floor looking its best also means knowing what not to do! If you happen to live in areas where excessive dust and sand are occasional, please, do take some time and consider purchasing floor mats and small area rugs to reduce the amount of grit and dirt being tracked into your house. Not only will it keep your home cleaner, but help avoid scratches.

Other preventative measures that are easy to implement include wiping up spills before they stain; using a dehumidifier during dry spells, lifting rather than dragging heavy furniture, not allowing cleats or other impact prone shoes into the house etc.

Professional Cleaning, Polishing & Maintenance

It's only natural that the wood becomes a bit dull, scratched or just in need of a quick refresh to leave them looking like new again. Having wood floors properly re-finished used to be a major ordeal, but modern technology has made this easy! Today, wood floor cleaning is as simple as having your carpets cleaned we can handle carpets and wood floor cleaning needs with just one call.

Professional wood floor cleaning and polishing is advised in case of:

  • Dull finish
  • Cloudy surface due to built-up wax
  • Cuts, holes or stains
  • Scratches or heel marks
  • Noise when walking
  • Other problems

Our wood floor care specialist will examine your floor to determine exactly what is needed then clean and wax the floors restoring them to the beauty, shine and natural warmth associated with real wood installations. Avoid the hassle, mess and costly mistakes by having your floor professionally serviced by a reputable nationwide company like FlooringFirst! at the same time that you have the carpets cleaned. There’s no need to schedule separate visits or risk trying to do it yourself and ruin a major investment like your home when the alternative is so easy and cost-effective.

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