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Spring Flooring Trends

Spring is just around the corner and here is the urge to declutter, renew, and update our homes. So it is safe to say that it is about time to consider what you want to accomplish for your home this season and what improvements you want to introduce to the place you live in. Of course, most of the people will satisfy the spring urge with a few new decorations, maybe a new sofa, or something similar. However, there is also a big group of enthusiasts rubbing their hands ready and just waiting for the next home improvement project. And when we talk about home improvement projects, it is often the floor that gets a lot of attention.

You would like to take care of your floor and do what it needs to make it look and feel like brand new. Sanding and refinishing for the hardwood floors, honing for natural stone ones, maybe a deep clean for the carpet. However, sometimes maintenance and renovation services are just not enough to bring back your floor to its initial glory and beauty, not to mention the condition may not be at its best shape after years of use and wear. In such cases, it is about time to consider investing in a few floors. If a new floor is part of your wishlist this spring, you will be lucky to stay tuned and find out what are the top flooring trends of the season.

Wood/Faux-wood Throughout

There is no doubt that real wood floors are one of the most desired features of any interior design that even increases the value of the property. It is easy to see why people enjoy them so much – wood flooring is beautiful and naturally elegant, durable, hard-wearing, long-lasting. In fact, people enjoy real wood flooring so much that they want it installed anywhere in the house. So it is about time to say goodbye to the wooden floor installed in the living room only or the bedroom only. The new season brings some extra love for wood flooring and requires us to have it installed anywhere and everywhere in the house. A wood floor in the living room is ok, bedroom too, maybe even the kitchen and dining room, you would say, but you may be doubtful for some more non-traditional locations such as the bathroom, conservatory, basement.

Wood flooring in bathroomYep, interior designers are including even these areas of the house in their quest of “wood flooring for everyone and everywhere”. Thanks to the progress of the industry, nowadays we have materials such as engineered wood that come with the classic beauty of wood, but can be installed in areas of high humidity, high moisture, and temperature fluctuations without the stress of possible damages and issues.

If your home improvement budget is more on the limited side, you can always satisfy your cravings for wood flooring by investing in faux-wood instead. There are many alternatives to consider, laminate and luxury vinyl being among the most popular. Don’t worry, faux-wood floors are no more the tacky wannabes of the near past. Today’s flooring industry succeeds at manufacturing faux-wood floors that mimic the real material to the tiniest detail.

Go Environmentally-friendly

There is no doubt that giving our fair share at helping the world and nature and living in a more sustainable and conscious way is a topic way more important than simply an interior design idea or suggestion. However, we have to start from somewhere, right, and elements of our interior design are definitely aspects that can be eco-friendly and contribute to this goal of living a more sustainable life and decreasing the impact we have on nature. One of the most common ways to incorporate your eco-friendly lifestyle in your interior design is by investing in an environmentally-friendly floor. There are so many guilt-free flooring options on the market nowadays, the most popular of them being bamboo, cork, and reclaimed wood.

Bamboo flooringCork is normally the key ingredient of eco-friendly linoleum. It is a non-toxic material, harvested in a sustainable way and sourced from sustainable sources. The same applies to bamboo flooring. Unlike trees, bamboo grows very fast and it is available at vast quantities. Being a rapidly renewable source, bamboo is a great eco-friendly alternative for flooring.

However, if you want to be eco-friendly, but you cannot resist the beauty and elegance of wood flooring, reclaimed wood is your best option. Often recycled from old farms, barns, and similar sources, reclaimed wood is not simply beautiful, it is salvaged material with history and character that brings in a lot of charm and uniqueness to your interior along with the long-lasting durability of wood.

Large Tiles

When you are at the showroom selecting new tiles for your bathroom, laundry room, or anywhere in your house where you find it a good idea to have tiles installed, don’t forget that this spring comes with the requirement of choosing, styling, and enjoying large tiles. Incorporating large tiles in the interior of any area of the house will allow you to make the area appear more spacious and airy. So if you are ready to start the tile quest, be sure to dive into a world of an impressive variety of textures, colours, and patterns, but don’t forget that this upcoming season you either go big, or you go home when it comes to tiles.

Mosaic Tiles

This season is challenging you not just to choose big tiles, but also choose mosaic tiles. Traditionally, mosaic tiles are used as a decorative flooring piece. Made out of small pieces of different materials such as stone or glass, mosaic tiles are considered to be a form of art and created by truly talented flooring experts with a lot of craftsmanship and attention to details. Mosaic floors date back centuries ago, but they definitely make a big comeback this year and we are glad to know we will seem them more and more often in the upcoming years. With their stunning beauty, true uniqueness, and the old-world charm they possess, mosaic tiles ensure you will enjoy a floor that quite literary no one else has. With mosaic tiles, you can either splurge and do an entire room, if your budget allows it, or keep it more limited to just a small area of the room or even as a decoration added to another more common type of flooring to create contrast and an exciting stylish twist.

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