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5 Contemporary Hardwood Flooring Ideas For 2022

There are many kinds of flooring to choose from but few are as durable as hardwood floors. Its classic appeal makes it suitable for all types of commercial and residential purposes. When it comes to adding warmth and natural beauty to any interior – wood has always been up there at the top of the ladder.

A few types of hardwood floors however stand out every year and grab the attention of interior designers. Provoked by their contemporary appeal people gradually make them popular. Every year we observe a continuation of the style imposed in the year before. Check out the most appealing contemporary hardwood styles for 2022 before you start redecorating your home.

Assorted, Bright Colors

Assorted and Bright ColorsBrighter and bolder than ever one of the new hardwood floor styles is suggesting a combination of different colours and kinds of planks blended up together. You can either use reclaimed wood mix and finish it up with a bright look or simply choose from the variety of hardwood mixes. It always feels more satisfactory to bring out the best result after your time-consuming efforts add up more charm to your place. This particular hardwood style would shine up if installed in a sunny and spacious area where its details would be more visible. And something very important – a colourful beauty like that doesn’t need to be covered with area rugs and carpets.

Chevron and Herringbone patterns

Another unique and bold way to show off your new floor and impress the crowd is the patterned floor design. This may not suit every budget for it is more time consuming to install but its final elegant looks are worth every dime. 2022 trend in hardwood floor brings the Chevron and Herringbone patterns into kitchens, bathrooms and hallways. Basically, any space in your home can turn unique because the patterned wood floor designs are officially back!

If you are seeking an accent to add to your area you have found the most catching and appealing way to do that. Be sure that after installing patterned floors like Chevron and Herringbone the result will be astounding. Check out some great parquet flooring ideas with a diversity of options for colours and patterns and create a comfy and classic, yet unique and bold interior for your floors!

Rustic Finish

Rustic wooden floors call to mind nature and cosiness. Their surfaces and textures make them some of the most attractive floor designs suitable for homes. There are numerous different options to finish a rustic style wooden floor. The old planks can be brushed to bring out their texture or can be made of reclaimed wood that has not been used for flooring before.

Saw marks and nail holes, scratches and trails of old burns add character to the floor. Their unique and natural appeal is suitable for cottages and houses, lodges and huts and every type of farm space where a warm atmosphere and natural appearance are desired.

Wide Plank Floors

Wide plank floorsIn terms of width, planks tend to vary every year and often go in and out of fashion. However, one type of floor that has taken a place amongst the most popular floors is the wide plank floor. It has recently resurrected due to its multipurpose, practical but very appealing looks. They can be used for patios or large indoor areas for houses.

At the same time, they could bring a more homey atmosphere to residential areas. The wider the more visible the patterns of each piece of wood. The planks can be sanded smooth and contemporary or they can be rustic or reclaimed. Either way, wide plank floors are a durable and everlasting budget-friendly option.

Natural Colors

A sustainable lifestyle has changed the focus on contemporary interior design to its most natural and basic looks. Influenced by the idea of living closer to nature in a simpler and more grounded way is calling for one of the everlasting trends in hardwood flooring. Seeking ways to bring nature into interiors has made this classic look the winner of wooden floor styles in terms of simplicity and comfort that most people are aiming for.

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