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Seven Fundamental Elements of Scandinavian Style

Seven fundamental elements of Scandinavian styleThe Scandinavian trend in the interior design field gains more and more popularity in recent years. People are going mad for the minimalistic, simple and sophisticated yet very distinctive and unique atmosphere and beauty of this interior style. A Scandinavian interior will be all about organic and natural beauty, earthy tones, sleek and clean lines, simplicity, comfort and functionality.

It is easy to see why so many people are opting for this style of interior design. A big part of this interior style plays the flooring choice. It is almost impossible to envision and imagine a real Scandinavian design setting without a real wood floor. In fact, wood is a very fundamental material and texture for this style. Today we have a look at some of the basics of the Scandinavian style and how you can easily achieve it at home.


Of course, simplicity and minimalistic beauty are the epitome of the Scandinavian style. The concept of less is more is certainly the basic of this interior style. Functionality and simplicity as well as comfort are favoured by the Scandinavian style. Despite the fact that some Scandinavian interiors feature a pop of colour or accessories and decoration that stands out, the basic line of this style is all about simple, sleek, and clean lines and understatement. As you can guess, a real wood floor suits this concept of the Scandinavian style. A wooden floor is not only visually appealing and perfectly suitable to the natural and simple concept of the interior style, but also it adds a lot of functionality and comfort to every space.


The Scandinavian interior style does not rely on eccentric details and pops of colour. This design and style is all about taking the best from natural resources and natural light is not an exception. Natural light is widely used with this style and more specifically the way it is reflected by the simple and clean lines of the interior and how all this can make every room appear even more spacious. Natural light creates a fresh and cosy atmosphere, while the interior is kept decluttered so the light can fill up these nooks and corners and add an airy feel to the room.


The Scandinavian style tries to say and do as much as possible with as little use of details and accessories as possible. Therefore, when choosing details and décor to suit this interior style, you want to choose pieces that stand out without creating too much contrast and without looking too eccentric. It is a pretty challenging and tricky task, indeed. The most effective way to achieve all that is by choosing the right furniture pieces from the right era that best fits this style, usually from the fifties. The rounded shapes and lines of furniture from this era is very suitable to the entire quest of cosiness and warmth the Scandinavian style is revolving around. Walls should be painted in white, but you can add a twist of excitement by adding a few cushions in earthy tones and intriguing patterns or unique textures here and there.


Scandinavian style is all about two main concepts – beauty and functionality. With a Scandinavian style you are going not just for a beautiful and appealing interior, but also one that is extremely cosy, functional, comfortable, and practical. You should feel comfortable enough when at home but don’t forget that everything should be put at its right place and kept tidy and clean.


Of course, wood is one of the fundamentals of the Scandinavian style and it can be found widely used not just for wood flooring but also different furniture pieces, décor, accessories, and what not. Wood flooring suits this style perfectly with its natural look and beauty, simplicity, durability, and comfort and functionality it ensures. All wood species, wood colours and textures are widely used throughout a Scandinavian interior. In case you are not such of a big fan of wood or you simply don’t want to have it anywhere around you, make sure to at least invest in a wooden floor. A real wood floor comes with a long list of benefits and advantages.

White and Light

Of course, white and light shades and tones perfectly suit the Scandinavian style. This concept is also reflected by the wood flooring chosen by the homeowner. Wooden floors are often preferred in naturally light colours or additionally treated, stained, and finished in a way to make them look very simple, clean, a bit vintage.


One of the main advantages of light coloured wood floors is that they make small and narrow rooms and areas look more spacious and airy. Choose a glossy finish for the wooden floor and the floor will reflect more natural light and contribute to the spacy feeling and appearance of the room.

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