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How to Choose Between Wood Flooring and Carpet

How to choose between wood flooring and carpetIf the time came to replace your old carpet, you may find yourself in a dilemma – whether to opt for a carpet again, or choose real wood flooring. We can see why you may be wondering. You are already used to having a carpet and you know its advantages. On the other hand, you also know its disadvantages and you want to finally have and enjoy one of those wonderful and elegant real wood floors in your home. There are many factors that will determine and affect your final choice. Yes, hardwood floors are truly amazing, however, there could be pretty expensive, especially compared to carpets. Considering the fact that the price is one of the first things you will consider when making this choice and that your budget is very important when making this decision.

Besides the actual price of the material, there is important to keep in mind the price of installation too. In general, carpets are easier to install, therefore more affordable. On the other hand, a real wood floor, especially a parquet one, could take a lot of time and requires experience and craftsmanship. So, is it worth it to make this investment and purchase an elegant and beautiful wooden floor, or you better save up your money and get a fluffy carpet? Let’s find out in this article.

Lifetime Value

On average, you will be able to enjoy your carpet for about a decade if you maintain it properly and thoroughly. However, no matter what you do, you will need to replace the carpet after 10 years at the most. However, this is not the case for hardwood flooring. Proper maintenance and regular upkeep mean a real wood floor can last up to a whole century and even longer and still look amazing. A hardwood floor can be enjoyed by many generations. In addition, a real wood floor can be re-sanded a few times in its lifetime, which means you will be able to enjoy a floor that looks brand-new even after years of everyday use and high traffic. However, if we need to narrow it down to the cost of ownership, it can be concluded that owning a carpeted floor comes to the same price as owning a hardwood floor. Yes, the carpet will be replaced every ten years, which is the main cost of this type of flooring. However, despite the fact that a hardwood floor is an extremely long-lasting type of floor, you will still need to invest in wood floor sanding and refinishing services every now and then.

Return of Investment

A point some people consider when thinking of what type of flooring to invest in is the fact they are not planning to live long-term in the same house, therefore, investing in a hardwood floor is not worth it. Why pay all the money for a high-quality wooden floor when you won’t enjoy and use it all the time and you are planning to sell or move out of the house soon?

Well, one very important thing about real wood flooring worth mentioning is that this type of flooring significantly increases the value of every property. So if you are planning to list your property on the real estate market soon, you can be sure that potential buyers show more interest in houses with real wood floors and real wood floors help sell a property pretty quickly and easily for a better price. So even if you are not planning to live in the same house forever, investing in a hardwood floor is still a smart decision as it ensures a return on investment.

Hidden Costs

Maintenance is one of the main aspects of the overall price of a floor. When it comes to carpet, you need to ensure good, proper, and regular maintenance, in order to be able to enjoy your carpet for as long as possible and make sure it is not filthy, soiled, and nasty. Therefore, professional deep-cleaning service is a must and experts agree that your carpet must be cleaned by professionals at least every two years. When it comes to hardwood flooring, professional wood floor cleaning is not a necessity.

Hardwood floors are naturally hygienic and a simple and effective cleaning routine every week is more than enough to keep them in perfect condition. However, with wooden floors, you need to consider the cost of refinishing and re-sanding every few years. Taking into account the average cost of all these professional cleaning and maintenance services, it can be concluded that owning a carpet is significantly more expensive than owning a hardwood floor.

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