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Why Using Bona Sportive System On Sports Halls Sanding

Bona sportive finishes

The Bona Sportive System

Bona Sportive Finish

Bona is a big name in the wood floor renovation, maintenance and floor care since 1919. This Swedish company introduced waterborne finishes to the world in the not so distant 1979. Even today they are notorious for their high-quality products and the Sportive system they released does not disappoint.

Now, what is the Bona Sportive System? It is a series of products specifically designed for the installation, renovation and maintenance of wooden sports used for sports. The system consists of the Bona Sportive Finish, Hardener, Paint, Primer, Cleaner and Cleaner Plus. Now, let’s take a look at those products and see is there anything that makes them special.

Bona Sportive - What Is It Made Out Of?

Application of Bona Sportive FinishThe sportive finish is the perfect product for sports hall sanding. It is a 2-component waterborne, 100% polyurethane finish for the surface treatment of wooden sports floors in both specialist and multi-purpose environments. It meets the slip resistance requirements of DIN 18032:2. Bona Sportive finish has a high resistance to wear, scuff marks and scratches. And it was chosen for the Beijing Dong Jiong badminton club, which was renovated in 2006, stripped using Bona Belt and Mini-Edge and treated with a buffing machine and Bona Sportive Finishes.

Bona Sportive Cleaner

It is a concentrated, slightly alkaline detergent, specifically designed for the frequent cleaning of finished wooden sports floors. Along with the sportive finish, the primer and the cleaner from the same range are all designed for great durability and maintaining good anti-slip qualities of the finish, ideal for floor sanding of all kinds of sports halls and sports facilities.

Bona Sportive Cleaner Plus

This product is similar in many ways to their original sportive cleaner. The main difference is that Plus is a bit more specialised. It can not only clean but also remove build-up body fats (usually from sweat). Besides, it can also be used to treat scuffs and high heel marks.

Bona Sportive Paint

This is a single component paint intended for use with a finish from the same range. It comes in eight colours – white, yellow, green, orange, red, light blue, dark blue and black. The paint itself has good opacity and can be used for decorative purposes.

Bona Sportive Hardener

Finally, we have the hardener which like most of its categories, can strengthen the weakened fibres of the wood as well as seal and protect it from certain kinds of damage. As part of the Bona Sportive System, the Hardener benefits from the same high quality we are used to expecting from the brand.

Bona is not a company that has the habit of failing its customers. Its water-based lacquers continue to be leaders on the market and their sportive system seems to uphold that reputation admirably. If Olympic medalists like the Beijing Dong Jiong Badminton Club recognise its quality, who can say that this line of products is bad?

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