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Best Wood Flooring For Pubs and Coffee Shops

Best wood flooring for pubs and coffee shopsWhen it comes to commercial settings used and visited by many people on a daily basis, such as pubs and coffee shops, real wood flooring is, without a doubt, among the best interior choices. Real wood flooring comes with a bunch of benefits and advantages, especially for commercial settings. Commercial places such as pubs and coffee shops have their specific requirements, which makes choosing the right elements of the interior extremely important, First things first, such establishments have to look great and attract clients and customers.

It may sound surprising to you, but a big contribution to the success of a business is the way it is represented and the first impression it leaves through the facility where the business is operated. Even more important for premises such as pubs and coffee shops, where people consume food and beverages and are perceiving fist through the visual impression the place leaves in their minds. Therefore, when choosing a flooring option for such establishments, it is important to make sure you choose a floor that makes the place look attractive and stylish, also professional, clean, and put-together at the same time.

Not just the appearance, but also the functionality and durability of real wood flooring makes it a perfect choice for establishments such as pubs, coffee shops, restaurants, and bars. Considering the amount of high traffic, heavy footfall, and wear and tear such floors experience on a daily basis, you are definitely looking for the most durable, hard-wearing, and long-lasting flooring option available out there, when considering the interior of such premises. This places real wood flooring, once again, among the top choices with its great stability and solidness. In addition, regular maintenance and wood floor sanding and refinishing can help every wooden floor to last for many decades and still look like brand-new even after years of use and daily traffic.

In the competitive environment, most of the businesses are operating in these days, you can enhance your business’ efficiency and success by standing out the crowd. The easiest way is to ensure a business facility that is attractive to clients and make them want to revisit again and again. A real wood floor creates a very specific and distinctive atmosphere that, according to studies, not only increases the value of a property but also leaves a great first impression and attracts people. So if you want a floor that stands the test of time and a floor that gives your pub or coffee shop a sophisticated and very professional appearance with attention to details, make sure to focus on real wood flooring options. However, there are many real wood floor options you can choose from. In this article, we would like to further discuss what is the right wood flooring choice for pubs and coffee shops.

Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood flooring for pubs and coffee shopsUnlike solid wood flooring, engineered wood flooring is a more advanced and innovative structure. While solid wood flooring is milled from a single piece of timber, engineered wood flooring has a structure of a number of layers that are glued together crisscrossed and topped with a hardwood lamella.

This pretty much means that engineered wood flooring looks exactly like solid wood when installed, which includes the amazing variety of wood species, colours, textures, but unlike solid wood, it is less prone to moisture problems and other issues related to humidity and temperature fluctuations. This pretty much means that engineered wood flooring is the perfect choice for pubs, coffee shops, and restaurants, where moisture, humidity and temperature issues are possible.

In addition, engineered wood flooring is highly stress-resistant and this makes it a good option for commercial premises with high traffic and a high level of daily use. Engineered wood flooring can also be re-sanded and refinished, however, not as often as solid wood flooring. Still, engineered wood flooring renovation services ensure the floor can look like brand-new over and over again and have its durability and solidness improved.

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating for pubs and coffee shopsOne of the most cost- and energy-efficient heating systems an owner of a pub or coffee shops can consider is underfloor heating. Underfloor heating ensures the comfort of all clients and employees without breaking the bank with too high heating bills.

The great news is that underfloor heating is a perfect match to engineered wood flooring. The best-engineered wood flooring option that allows the full efficiency potential of the underfloor heating system is the one with floorboards that are fifteen/four thick.

Besides the fact that such floorboards can stand up to four sandings, they are also thick enough to ensure great stability and durability, but also thin enough to ensure the efficiency of the underfloor heating system. Remember, solid wood flooring is not the best flooring choice for installation over underfloor heating.


Durability of the wooden floorNaturally, you are looking for high durability and great long-lasting power, when choosing the right wooden floor for your pub or coffee shop. Both solid wood and engineered wood floors can ensure great durability, hard-wearing, and long-lasting power. However, the more important aspect to consider, when thinking of wood flooring durability, is the wood species used for making the floor.

According to the Janka hardness test, different wood species come with a different hardness that highly determines their durability too. Some of the wood species are naturally harder and have a denser structure, which also makes them harder to install and re-sand, but also very long-lasting. On the other hand, there are wood species that are naturally more flexible and have a more porous structure that makes them easier to re-sand and refinish.

When the structure of wood is more porous, the finishing product is soaking more in-depth and adds protection and durability from within the floorboard, not just on the surface. Generally, the domestic wood species score a lower hardness on the Janka hardness scale, while more exotic wood species such as Brazilian cherry, mahogany, walnut, etc. have a denser structure and are harder. Usually, teak and walnut are considered as a good option for floors of pubs and coffee shops because they are hard enough to withstand the high traffic and heavy footfall.

Wood Floor Finish

Wood floor finish for pubs and coffee shopsAs much as the wood floor is important itself, the finish of the floor is equally important.

When choosing a finish for a commercial wood floor, you definitely want to go for finishes that are specially designed for commercial settings, which makes them more hard-wearing and long-lasting. This pretty much means that the main types of finishes you want to focus on, if you are going for durability and hard-wearing power, are varnishes and polyurethane.

However, try to choose finishes that are not that glossy, because they are really the worst at camouflaging even the finest and smallest imperfections such as scratches and marks.

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