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Classic or Contemporary Wood Flooring How to Choose?

If you are currently in front of a big dilemma – what type of flooring to choose for your next home improvement project? There are many factors that will determine this choice. First of all, you need to consider the specifics of the premises and what will best suit the lifestyle of the household and everybody living in the house. In addition, it is important to consider the look and appearance that will best fit into the overall atmosphere and interior of the house and will bring you joy. In terms of style, the main two categories of flooring you will choose from are the more classic, traditional type of wood flooring and the modern, contemporary type of luxury vinyl flooring that is nowadays designed to look like real wood or other natural materials. Today’s article is dedicated to helping you make the best choice when choosing between classic or contemporary flooring.

Wood Flooring: Hardwood or Parquet

Wood Flooring: Hardwood or ParquetWhen it comes to real wood flooring is normally considered to be the most classic and traditional flooring option, you usually can choose from a few types of real wood flooring, the most common ones being hardwood flooring and parquet. No matter what type of wood flooring you are going to choose, there is no doubt that real wood flooring is always a great option. There is no other type of floor that can bring so much cosiness, warmth and elegance to everybody’s home or office. In addition, real wood floors are very durable and hard-wearing, maintaining them in good condition is not that complex at all and you can enjoy them for up to a whole century if you ensure regular and proper cleaning and maintenance.

Indeed, hardwood floors also known as timber flooring a very popular for their classic beauty and the great variety of styles, colours, grains, and textures this type of flooring is available. However, be aware of the fact that hardwood flooring is usually the most expensive option on the market when it comes to real wood flooring options. In case your budget is limited but you still want to enjoy the natural beauty and elegance of wood, parquetry is another great option. Parquet flooring is a geometrical mosaic made out of wooden blocks that are arranged in a pattern. The most popular parquet pattern out there you can spot easily in a lot of houses around the world is the herringbone pattern which ensures a lot of charm and distinctive style to the room where the floor is installed. Parquet wooden blocks can also be made from different wood species and even from reclaimed wood which means you can get your floor at an even lower price.

Even if you choose the option of having reclaimed wood flooring, which means the floor will be made out of wood that has already stood the test of time and is acclimatised to the indoor environment, keep in mind that real wood flooring still requires specific maintenance that does not necessarily have to be complex, expensive or time- and energy-consuming. Some of the most common issues a wooden floor can experience and struggle with include water and liquid spills, increased moisture levels and humidity, scratching and denting, splitting and discolouration. Therefore, you need to make sure the risk of water or moisture damage is limited, there are some things you can include in your routine to ensure your wooden floor is well protected and preserved in its initial great condition. In addition, make sure the finish of the floor is not worn and keep it in good condition too so it can protect the floorboards.

Wood Flooring Upkeep

The first and most important rule when owning a real wood floor is minimising all risks of your floor getting wet, preventing the risk of spills and splashes. Moisture and water can make the floorboards contract and expand and this movement can lead to a number of issues such as cupping, warping, etc. Another issue you would like to prevent is scratches and dents. Such surface imperfections definitely impact the way your floor looks and make it appear worn and older. In the long run, even the small surface imperfections hide the risk of growing bigger and causing more serious issues. Therefore, it is recommended to clean the floor regularly in order to prevent dust and dirt particles from scratching the surface of the floor, stop wearing shoes inside the house, especially high heels, never drag unprotected furniture around the room in order to prevent leaving permanent scrape marks. Invest in protective felt pads you can easily place onto the legs of heavier furniture pieces and prevent them from leaving marks.

However, if you are not sure that your household and family will be good at keeping those beautiful and expensive wooden floors clean and protected, maybe you need to reconsider your decision and choose something else. Something less expensive, even easier to maintain and clean, something less prone to scratches and marks, something that won’t get destroyed by moisture and water. Something like luxury vinyl flooring.

Modern Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring installationGone are the days when vinyl flooring used to be considered tacky, ugly, and cheap-looking. We now can enjoy vinyl flooring from a new generation, one that is made and designed to perfectly mimic the look and beauty of authentic wood to the tiniest detail. Modern vinyl flooring does not just look like wood, it feels like wood. And just like a natural wood floor, vinyl flooring is also available in a pretty impressive variety of different designs, including different colours, textures, patterns and grains you will find in the real wood flooring category too.

Therefore, vinyl floor installation can also dramatically change the look and atmosphere of every room and make it feel cosier and more welcoming. Vinyl flooring is easy to cut in the desired shape, dimensions and size, which is a perfect solution for houses with weird angles and corners. In addition, modern vinyl flooring is pretty durable and long-lasting. You can easily maintain it looking brand new even after years of everyday use and high traffic.

Vinyl Flooring Upkeep

When you are looking for a floor that requires little to no maintenance and a simple and quick cleaning routine, choose modern vinyl flooring. This type of flooring is the perfect option for busy people and for big families with young children and pets. Most accidental bumps and drops won’t affect vinyl flooring and won’t leave scratches, scuffs, and marks. Since vinyl is hard-wearing, you can easily use different cleaning methods to keep your floor in tip-top shape, cleaning methods that are impossible to use for real wood flooring. Therefore, vinyl flooring can be simply vacuumed, washed with warm water and a detergent, mopped with cold water only, and even steam cleaned.

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