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How to Choose Reclaimed Wood Flooring

How to choose reclaimed wood flooringMaterials and products sourced from old buildings have a story to tell, they can add so much character and charm, so much thrill and excitement whenever incorporated into modern and contemporary interiors. This is the main reason why more and more people are interested in older and recycled materials for their homes, as well as furniture pieces, decorations, all sorts of knick-knacks. Naturally, reclaimed wood is gaining so much traction nowadays, mainly because it is one of those sorts of materials that comes with a story and character, however, even after decades of use, it still looks great and is extra durable. Reclaimed wood is used for the manufacture of all sorts of things for your interior, however, the most beautiful and amazing out of them being reclaimed wood flooring.

However, beauty and character are not the only reasons why people are nowadays opting more and more for reclaimed wood flooring. As the green movement are gaining more and more traction, naturally more and more people will be interested in the idea of leading a more sustainable and conscious life. Of course, recycling is a big part of sustainability and it often means giving a second chance to items and materials that can be used again. Therefore, the concept of reclaimed wood flooring is perfectly fitting into this concept and winning over the hearts of all people who prefer to live their life with sustainability. As a result, the wood flooring industry is making its best to meet this demand while sitting in a strong position of sharing the age-old story of beautiful wood that can live its second primetime incorporated into the interior of a modern home.

Besides the fact that wood flooring is already considered an eco-friendly and more sustainable option because wood flooring is the only renewable type of flooring available on the market, wood flooring can also be recycled, reused, or reclaimed, which makes it even more popular among homeowners and all people planning a floor installation project, honestly. However, besides being a sustainable choice, reclaimed wood flooring is unique in the way it comes with its own story, which adds additional value to the wooden floorboards. Reclaimed wood is normally sourced from pretty old buildings, sometimes even historic ones. Thanks to its origin, reclaimed wood holds a historic significance, coming with a unique and specific patina that creates a very special and one-of-a-kind atmosphere and adds so much character to every space. Reclaimed wood cannot be mimicked or replicated by anything else. It is simply unique, every piece has its very own charm.

What Is Reclaimed Wood?

So, you are probably wondering what does the term "reclaimed" actually stand for and here is the official definition. In a nutshell, there a three main generally accepted definitions that explain and help identify the term and how reclaimed materials are actually used.

Post-Consumer Recycled/Antique Reclaimed Wood

In this category, wooden material or wood fibre has been sourced from an end-user after being used for its original and intended purpose. End-users could be individuals, households, and even industrial and commercial users.

Salvaged Wood

This category includes wood materials and wood fibre that come from logs and timbers that have been salvaged from sources including post-agricultural, urban forests, waterways, and other sources that are not intended to be harvested.

Pre-Consumer Recycled Wood

This category includes wood materials and wood fibre that are created as a by-product of a secondary manufacturing process. Typically, this material is not used on-site in the same process that generated it, however, it can be used for other projects such as the manufacture of wood flooring.

Despite the existence of three different categories, the most popular idea we have when speaking of reclaimed wood is the type of wood material that has already served a purpose previously and is now being put into use and given a second chance to serve a purpose in your home. This type of wooden material is typically sourced from old buildings, old barns, boxcars, snow fences, warehouses and textile factories, old bridges, railroad tiles, even places as unexpected as dismantled mines.

 Another important and interesting detail about this type of reclaimed wood is that wood species vary and despite being most often native and domestic to the area of origin, you may be also able to find some exotic and more rare wood species of reclaimed wood. However, keep in mind that when we speak of reclaimed wood, it is not the exotic wood species that make this type of recycled material special and unique, it is its age, pattern and patina, colour and texture, size and length, etc. that turns it into real treasure and give you the chance to create and enjoy a truly unique floor once you decide to repurpose the reclaimed wood. Some of the most common wood species reclaimed wood comes in include American chestnut, oak, elm, maple, pine, fir, cypress, walnut, etc.

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