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Vinyl flooringOwning your own home or even if you are renting a place but you feel it like a home – is all about preparation. First things first, seasonal changes are a big thing in your home and you should prepare it for that by ensuring the right, smooth, and convenient transition through proper maintenance and an in-depth cleaning routine. Next, you often prepare it for guests, family members and friends stopping by with a reason or without any.

However, why keep preparing your own home for other people, when the most important ones enjoying it are your family and you?! This is why, when speaking of preparing your home, you should always consider preparing it for yourself so you can enjoy it the most. Preparing it so you can enjoy comfort and convenience, lack of issues and stress, beauty and visually pleasing ambience and setting. Of course, preparing the home for a professional vinyl floor installation project is important, beneficial, and essential.

Be ready to enjoy beautiful and lasting vinyl flooring in your home from this season on. In addition, preparing for the installation of such flooring option will, later on, make the entire process significantly more effortless, easier, faster, more stress- and mess-free than ever. Especially if you hire a professional company to do all the job and handle unexpected situations and sometimes challenges.

Vinyl flooring is a popular option for many people in the country and there is no wonder why. Vinyl floors are not just attractive, beautiful, hard-wearing, and convenient, but also a budget-friendly and very affordable option for everyone who doesn’t want to break the bank. In addition, many homeowners opt for vinyl as it is the perfect solution for kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas that may struggle with indoor humidity, high moisture levels, and enough high traffic that makes the installation of real wood floorboards impossible. However, why miss on the beauty and trend of real wood flooring appearance, when you can get the look but for a fraction of the price and without worrying about common floor issues.

With vinyl flooring, you don’t have to worry about the damaging effect of moisture and humidity. Forget about the scratches and dents, marks and stains, water damage and leaks, forget about everything you will be otherwise concerned with when owning a beautiful but rather sensitive real wood floor. For its cost, vinyl flooring is also a very durable and hard-wearing solution you will be able to enjoy a lot, especially enjoy its advantages in commercial and high traffic areas.

One of the best things about vinyl flooring and considering its installation in the house or the office is that it mimics perfectly the appearance and unbeatable style of real wood, stone, or tile flooring. This pretty much means that you can play around with styles, create unique interior designs, and enjoy a modern setup for any room without spending a little fortune.

So whenever you desire the beauty and functionality of vinyl flooring in your home and you are in need of a reliable vinyl floor installation and supply contractor, make sure to contact us. We will be able to help you with the entire process, from A to Z, from choosing the best option for your needs and having it delivered to your home to the professional, time- and money-saving vinyl floor installation process.

Why you would like to consider a professional vinyl floor installation contractor and supplier?

  • Vinyl flooring is heavy and the fitting process can be pretty challenging and difficult because of that.
  • It is also labour intensive and exacting.
  • Vinyl floor installation is not a suitable option for DIY projects.
  • Installation is a process that requires years of experience, knowledge, a lot of skills, and in-depth education and training in order to achieve outstanding and lasting results.

Subfloor preparation before vinyl floor installation includes:

  • If the installation is over a wooden or plywood subfloor, the fitting of an underlay before installation of vinyl is required.
  • Installation over concrete does not require an underlayment, but it may require levelling, drying, and thorough cleaning of the concrete.
  • In case underlayment is required, make sure to pay attention to the height of the appliances to counters and cabinets in the kitchen.
  • It is strongly required to have the existing flooring removed before the installation of the vinyl floor to ensure proper high quality and stability.

The different vinyl floor installation methods include:

  • Full spread – when the adhesive is applied over the entire subfloor.
  • Perimeter adhered – when the adhesive is only applied to the perimeter of the flooring and also at the seams.
  • Floating – when vinyl flooring is not bonded to the subfloor by any adhesive.

Obviously, the installation of vinyl flooring is pretty effortless, stress-free, easy, and quick as far as the customer’s point goes. However, in order to ensure that the whole process will be as enjoyable and time-saving as you expect it to be, make sure to contact a professional vinyl floor installation company like ours!

Make sure to choose from a wide range of different vinyl floor products including Ambient Click and Ambient Click Plus, Balance Click and Balance Click Plus, Deco Click, Deco Tile, Pulse Click and Pulse Click Plus, and more in a number of styles, colours, patterns! In addition, you have the great opportunity to purchase products and materials from leading companies such as Chene, LG Hausys, Quickstep (plus the new Livyn range), for the lowest price available on the UK’s market.

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