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Why Quarter Sawn Wood Flooring is Great for Over Underfloor Heating

Why quarter sawn wood flooring is great for over underfloor heatingA home renovation project in line or even something bigger – building a new house? Well, this is the perfect time to consider and think of the best flooring that will fit your space and ensure enough comfort, functionality, and attractiveness. Indeed, wood flooring is a great choice for most rooms of the house, most styles of interior and whatever your requirements and needs are. No matter if you want to renovate your floor together with the home improvement project or opt for a new floor, this is the best time to consider all improvements, one of them being the installation of an underfloor heating system.

Of course, before making a final choice for your home, you want to consider all options available so you know what will best fit your home. This is a good stage of the process when you may want to discuss your plans with a wood flooring specialist and get professional recommendations on what will best fit your space and ensure the most comfort while contributing to a beautiful and cosy interior. Without professional advice, it will be hard for you to understand the small differences between different types of wood flooring and these details can really make a huge difference once the floor is installed. For example have you ever considered if you need quarter sawn wood flooring? What about if this type of wood flooring is a good match for installation over underfloor heating? Let’s find out more in this article.

What Is Quarter Sawn Wood Flooring?

What is quarter sawn wood flooringIn a nutshell, quarter sawn is a technique used for cutting wood floorboards. Using this technique means the floorboards are cut so the direction of the grain is vertical. This type of wood flooring is gaining more and more popularity nowadays, not just because of the way it looks but also because of the fact it is suitable for installation over underfloor heating. In this article, we will explore more about why quarter sawn wood flooring is a great option for fitting over underfloor heating and all the benefits you will be able to enjoy when choosing this type of flooring.

Quarter Sawn Flooring and Underfloor Heating

The quarter sawn wood flooring production is based on a technique where the logs are sawed at a radial angle. Using this technique means the floorboards come with four quarters. The main idea behind this technique is to ensure more exposure to the beautiful and unique natural wood pattern, especially the pattern of the tree’s growth rings. This is a very attractive look for many fans of wood flooring because it ensures a very authentic, rustic, charming and distinctive look for every wooden floorboard and a unique appearance for the entire floor.

Because of its unique and attractive look, quarter sawn wood flooring is very popular nowadays. It gives a lot of character and genuine beauty and creates an atmosphere of cosiness and comfort. To add even more to the feeling of cosiness, you can match your quarter sawn wood flooring with an underfloor heating system. Quarter sawn wood flooring is a cost-effective option when matched with underfloor heating, ensuring efficient transfer of the heat to the room while the good insulation of this flooring stops the cold air from outside to enter the room through cracks and gaps in the floor.

Quarter Sawn Wood Flooring for a Smooth Surface

A floor with a smooth surface is definitely a pleasure to the eyes but also to the touch. Quarter sawn wood flooring is smoother to the touch because it has a less distinctive grain. In addition, quarter sawn wood flooring will keep the smoothness of its surface even after years of use and high traffic. One common issue with underfloor heating is that due to the temperature fluctuations it causes, it may be the reason for changes in the structure of the floor’s surface and cause unevenness and chipping of the finish. However, the risk of something like this happening with your quarter sawn wood floor is significantly lower.

Quarter Sawn Wood Flooring for Lasting Uniformity

One of the major benefits of quarter sawn wood flooring is that it ages evenly, which means you will be able to enjoy the lasting uniformity of your favourite wooden floor that will look new for longer. One major problem with the installation of not that high-quality wooden floor over underfloor heating is the fact they age unevenly due to the impact of temperature and moisture content fluctuations. However, there is no such risk with quarter sawn wood flooring that will ensure a nice and well-maintained look for decades.

Quarter Sawn Wood Flooring and Enhanced Paint Retention

Another beneficial aspect of quarter sawn wood flooring is the fact it offers very good paint retention compared to other wood flooring options available on the market, as well as other types of flooring used together with underfloor heating. The good paint retention of this type of flooring means you don’t have to think and invest in re-painting and refinishing services way too often and that your floor will look like new and the colour will be intensive and with good coverage for way longer.

Quarter Sawn Flooring and Moisture Impact Resistance

Of course, one of the main advantages of quarter sawn wood flooring and a reason why so many homeowners opt for this type of flooring is the fact it has better resistance to cupping, warping, and twisting due to the impact of increased moisture content and water damage compared to other wood flooring options available on the market. Since quarter sawn wood flooring is less prone to water and moisture damage, it is a long-lasting and hard-wearing product that will last for decades when installed and won’t pressure you to invest in expensive and time-consuming repair, renovation, or replacement projects.

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